Every game freezes after few min of playing.Then runs normal pls help.

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    RX 5700xt Nitro+
    I never had this issue.
    Any game that i play in first 10 minutes of gameplay i get freeze for 5 or so seconds and after that i have no performance issues after that all runs normal as before.This started happening to me about a week ago when i updated my win10 to 19.09 version and i updated my radeon drivers to 20.2.1,so after that i did a clean install of windows 10 and i downloaded the radeon 20.2.1 again and the issue was still here.So i used ddu in safe mode i uninstalled the radeon 20.2.1 and installed 19.12.3,still same issue tried 20.1.3 still same.So i was like how did everything worked so nice for more than 2 months and this happend.I tried latest chipset but after that i got the older chipset from mobo site,still same issue.
    So used DDU and i ve put my gtx 960 nvidia in and the issue was still the same so i think that gpu is fine(rx5700xt)
    Reinstalled my games on nvme nothing.I checked cpu temps they dont go over 70c,gpu temps are usually at 60c.

    Playing with vsynce 60fps 1920x1080p

    Used few benchmarks and they dont freeze.like games Ran memory diagnostics 0 errors

    MY PC: R5 3600 stock
    Rx 5700xt sapphire nitro stock,only fan curve edit
    X570 gigabyte aorus pro latest bios
    Seasonic 750w gold,new,yes im using 2 pcie cables to power gpu
    adata 256gb nvme win10 on it
    Hdd 7200rpm wd blue
    Windows 10 pro 1909

    I have a few picture as exemple https://ufile.io/4uk0zk22
    As you can see in picture frames drop to 0 almost,gpu usage same,clock also and power.
    Please if anyone has any ide i will be grateful.
    ps. sry for english,cheers.
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