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    The only 5 year old I see is you who gets butt hurt every time someone points out how incompetent AMD's driver team is and reports a legitimate issue that should be addressed.

    It's understandable that all you do with your computers is gaming.. but you are aware that there are other uses for computers except for gaming and being used as HTPC.. right?

    Some people use computers to make a living. They pay for hardware out of their own pocket in the hopes of reliably putting them to good use for earning their livelihood. Some of them actually make money off of their computers (while maintaining their hobby/leisure) and furthermore, even the people who bring you your "Games" make a living from their computers.. by not just using them as toys like "some" do.

    The aforementioned people who use computers for their useful purposes expect some decent manufacturer software support, and when they run into issues and look for appropriate forums to share their experiences and report their findings (to no avail most of the times) they are often obstructed by rabid fanboys like you who points his finger and yell how "undeserving" they are to expect a manufacturer to support a 5 year old graphics card and should build up the habit of spending more (needlessly for their purposes) every six months for solely fulfilling a hobby that probably doesn't bring in a single dime. (Unless you're PewDiePie)

    You know, instead of telling people to get off their computers (which they probably use for a living or various purposes) why don't you try using your computers for productivity purposes, and see how your experience changes with drivers?

    Oh wait.. what's that, you don't care about using computers for productivity purposes?

    Then don't bother people who does, and has issues working with AMD's drivers that aren't addressed properly. There's a reason nvidia has the largest market share, and it's because when you go into their forums (one that's actually useful) and ask for help on something specific, they don't tell you to "STFU GO BUY AMD" or "it's software lolz it'll have bugz chill da fug out we'll fix it in a year or so" like you do.

    Not nvidia nor AMD are here to play the role of charity, they are here to make money and neither of them are saints and not even close to being perfect, but anyone who has bought their products have the right to demand proper support for their uses and has every right to share their experiences with the software support and report issues they encounter. You've no right to tell them to get off their PCs or to tell them "not to cry" as you've put it whenever they run into issues, unless you've paid for the products they're complaining about. This doesn't make the experiences of consumers better, nor does it help to improve the support these manufacturers provide. You should stand with people to see their issues get fixed, not charge at them like a bull seeing RED.
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    The problem with hardware is that it really doesn't age well. In fact, it ages very poorly. It's not like a car, or a fridge or air conditioning where as long as the unit is working, you will get the expected benefit out of it and that's about it. A fridge from 5 years ago and one from nowadays will do basically the same exact thing: make things cold.

    With PC hardware it's not like that. The industry of games, office programs etc are constantly demanding more and more out of your system, and you gotta follow this trend if you wanna take advantage of all that.

    That's why an old AGP card can run CS 1.6 or CoD 1 just fine but it will struggle after each generation of games until it gets to the point where it's just unplayable.

    I don't mind when people have old hardware because they can't afford any better or just think that what they have already fulfills their needs, but what bothers me is when someone has a GTS 450 and expects that nvidia CONSTANTLY boost their fps in every major driver, forever, and be able to play every game of the year with 60+ fps.
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    Well for sure hardware cannot age smoothly forever. But, expectation to work properly is justified and needed. It gives it to my nerves sometimes that I encounter bugs even with on-line surfing web browsing or HTPC usage or Productivity. Believe me with AMD I have not a single problem in gaming. In fact I enjoy my card even if it is more than 2,5 years old. At least for the games I play and they are far more than 100. I can't accept anyone from any forum even from "gurus" here, that I don't understand what a bug is or instability. I will not give the holy grail to neither AMD nor Nvidia. Facts are facts. I cannot accept toxicity against AMD users who do not give indulgence for ATI's weaknesses. The smart and educated customer always has a love hate relationship with products and services. It will not change from fanboyism and fanaticism.
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    @Romulus_ut3 Well..
    I approve what you say regarding work and all.
    I have 2 PCs, one mainstream laptop with a i5 4200U 8GB DDR 3 and a GT 740M 2GB and also this desktop on my profile.
    Since I use my desktop mainly for gaming and light video editing, I do avoid using my desktop for work, that includes programming.
    Visual Studio, java, Android Studio and all this kind of IDEs generates tons of garbage so I avoid using it on my desktop to keep my desktop clean for gaming.

    As for my laptop I do use it for all that kind of programming stuff, and some light gaming when I need to be out of the house.

    Altough, my experience so far it has been very very very bad with my laptop, not about the performance of it, but yet driver problems.
    Since W10 was released there was at least 3 or 4 months where I just got random BSODs pointing out to the Nvidia drivers..
    This was severelly discussed on the Nvidia forums, and the behavior that you see with the AMDIDIOTS calling out telling us to GTFO was also present there.
    I was called a noob, an idiot, and to get rid of my crappy laptop and that the drivers were golden, and nvidia had the best drivers in the world.
    The thing is, it was eventually fixed after 4 months!!
    4 Months where I got 2 BSODs during presentations on conferences..

    So.. Both teams have problems.. and both team have people yelling at people reporting problems.

    The fact that nvidia has more market share comes exclusivelly with the marketing, I do run an amateur youtube channel, and the marketing over nvidia is so big, that a lot of retarded kids already called me fake on my channel, because my HD 7850 was (logically) delivering more frames than my GT 740M, because they were told AMD sucks at gaming.
    And yes, lately IMO there are no AMD GPUs that I would recommend over Nvidia in my country, since all AMDs are bad priced in here and Nvidia makes much more sense.
    AMD have more problems? yep, it has, but Nvidia when it comes to problems, there are bugs that lasts for months and months until we just don't care anymore, just like people here that has the UVD bug on the GCN 1.0 which fortunaly I can't reproduce it.
    Laptops do use much more nvidia than AMD, but I think that is good, since AMD drivers can be even worse than Nvidia regarding to laptop support.

    There is also the thing that happened to me when I moved on to ATI/AMD to try out (I always used nvidia, and had much more nvidia cards than AMD/ATI).
    Every problem that happened with my PC, the first thing I have done was to blame the AMD Drivers, because we all have some sort of habit of blamming AMD drivers for everything, and at least most of the problems came from other software.

    And to finish off the post, when I discovered about the AMD DX11 overhead comparing to nvidia, I was one of the first to create a youtube video and post many proofs here, and in TPU and AMD forums, I even got a nvidia card, so I could compare the overhead, and even with proofs, the AMD community attacked me, I was nearly banned in here without hurting anyone.
    I'm pretty sure this would happen the same way if I attacked nvidia in the nvidia forums

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    Going by numbers (I have debugged machines into the 6 digits for people online, the bulk of it over about 2 years starting with Windows 7 betas but I keep up with things too) - it is not just likely, but EXTREMELY likely your NVIDIA stop error was caused by a different driver, poor hardware settings, or faulty hardware, in that exact order - despite what WhoCrashed or WinDbg had to say about it.

    Even the most non-technical among us or any group can use common sense and realize that if there really was a BSOD issue from NVIDIA (like not just for SLI or something not common), the internet would be blown up more than what that wh0re tried to do.

    Keeping tabs on this sort of thing (drivers with bad dates from any respective corporation) was the #1 thing we did (or debuggers do.) USASMA was the king of keeping this online on his site. I was the king of keeping it in my head (as just one of the various skills I would employ.) heh heh

    For anyone interested, just reading a little here or there - even 5 minutes at a time - can strengthen your overall knowledge. This is USASMA's site and the index I wrote about. His methods were a little long-winded (more work than might be necessary) but you couldn't have ever been in better hands as far as not harming your stuff, and I cannot recall a poor suggestion he has ever made. An all-star in my book:

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    AMD RX 570 4GB

    Not nvidia nor AMD is directly responsible for driver issues for their laptop products and most of the time they'll advice you to download drivers from the laptop manufacturer's site.

    I do however, know from my own experience is that the GT 740M drivers were dodgy on Windows 10 at first. In fact, nvidia's initial Windows 10 drivers were a tad dodgy. There are plenty of discussions on nvidia's official forums regarding these issues, but as far as I have seen, none of them have people calling BS on others who claimed to have the issues. I'd appreciate if you could link to the said discussions where you were picked on? I specified nvidia's official forums because they really like to keep a clean environment.

    There are rabid Fanboys from both camps, I am not denying that, but the official nvidia forums has a bit more decency compared to most other sites/forums when it comes to this particular aspect.

    There was a time if someone mentioned their problems on a driver release thread in the official nvidia forums, ManuelG would've asked for appropriate crash reports/logs/DxDiag info, etc. to be sent to him via PM and I have seen them make quick work of it. All we've seen over the years on Guru3D is two of AMD's representatives disappearing. and one of them making outlandish claims of R9 280X possessing magical scaling capabilities not present in HD 7970 cards, etc.

    A GT 740M is not even a gaming card.. not sure how wise it is to compare it to a HD 7850.

    As for the rest of your post, I agree, mostly. I myself have said that neither company is perfect.

    Having old hardware that's simply uncapable of providing an enjoyable gaming experience is one thing, and artificially rendering older hardware unusable is another. This has been the biggest issue with both manufacturers.
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