LG Makes a Bold Claim 1ms IPS Gaming Monitors

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jun 12, 2019.

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    @Silva oh the menu most likely is not the capacitors , you do not need skills to change capacitors you can spot the faulty ones often they are bulging on the top and even leak at times , in general they seem to use the cheaper capacitors they can get away with, and the monitor you have to pry open ... carefully from the front you rise and twist the besels ! No matter how hard i try to explain there are a gazillion youtube videos to see how to open one will be much much more enlightening, it is how i open my first one !
    Funny thing is i even accidentally rip off a connection port , but fear not i soldered the cables right where i broke the port ...and works still!

    About the sumsung you do not loose much to recap it from what i understand is either caps , bad connection on the lamps that also some solder can fix but if the lamps are dead you are in a much more tricky situation , now if the backlight is led often they are connected in an array and if one led burns then everything goes dark ....and again you are kind of ascrewed sadly :(

    Do not open monitors that are in warranty or a proper technician can fix it for a reasonable price! But if the repair cost does not worth it and you have nothing to loose go for it !
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    For me Samsung got the best picture quality from all brands, its like Samsung q-led vs LG oled tv.

    Higher brightnes better hdr support, pure whites :) LG is like above crushed blacks, bad qaulity control, and burn ins, and whites that look like vanilla.
    LG is garbage.

    Samsung even surpass Asus en Acer on the monitor market, they might be expensive but i want quality not quantity. Thats why Samsung is live xD

    Samsung Fridge
    Samsung Qled TV
    Samsung Was Machine
    Samsung Q-led monitor

    Love them :)
    Many non europeans underestimate samsung they really doing well on the digital market.
    O-led is also not made for gaming and oled is going to die slowly as well. Qled is the future.
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    great, now let's buy an RTX 4080Ti Super to take full advantage of that monitor
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    They've also used PVA, horrible panel for gaming. If I recall correctly PVA panels were from Samsung. I haven't kept up with them as of late though. They were once the go to monitors back in the 16x10 days. But not any more.

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    U3277PWQU--runs 3840x2160 @ 60Hz in 10-bits without compression. Not sure why a few sites list it as 8-bits + FRC, they are likely guessing, but here are the specs on the screen the AOC uses:

    http://panelone.net/en/31-5-inch/INNOLUX_M315DJJ-K30_31.5_inch-datasheet straightup 10-bit panel, but, yeah, 144Hz is not in the picture. The monitor handles vsync-off well, though.


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    I've had an LG monitor for 6-1/2 years and it was refurbished even at the time I bought it. It is still working as good today as when I first bought it.

    My point is that it's anecdotal evidence. Perhaps you have just not been "Lucky" with "Goldstar"* :)

    * For those who don't get it, LG stands for "Lucky Goldstar", no, not "Life is Good". The company's former name was Goldstar, who made some of the lowest-priced electronics usually sold at places like Wal-Mart.
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    I'll probably buy the 27" version. It doesn't look like high refresh rate 4K screens are going to be a real option anytime soon. On top of that GPUs need to improve a lot.

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