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    So I had recently changed my TM822G to a TM1602A modem to see if puma 6 issue was fixed, it wasnt.

    OpenDNS worked fine on the 822G and the 1602A when I changed they next day I put back the 822G and now OpenDNS show its block pretty much all sites, and if it not block it give site is insecure error.

    Now IF i use OPENDNS servers threw router all devices connected to it will have this issue, IF i use OPENDNS on indivual systes on that system will have that issue.

    IF i let DNS server be set automatically by ISP all is fine. This whole issue started when I put back the original 822G modem.

    Anyone else ever seen issue like this?? I am thinking OPENDNS loged the mac of 1602A and locked it? and there limit to how offten the modem mac can change? I not sure seeing I sent back the 1602A around.

    it been 3 days since started and it still happening

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