Does Anyone Else Find AMD Presets and Monitor Arrangement Problematic?

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by Espionage724, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. Espionage724

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    I only use the presets for when I want to change between Eyefinity and standard Multi-Monitor display modes, and it's probably the most erratic thing I've seen.

    Sometimes, the Eyefinity preset will be setup properly, and then the Standard preset won't. Sometimes it's the other way around. If I manage to get it working properly, sometimes switching to different presets will just kill my 2 other display and make me have to start the entire process again.

    There's also a weird inconsistency with display arrangements in Catalyst vs Windows. My monitor order is 2,3,1 and Windows will display this, and Catalyst will display 1,3,2 or something.

    I recall this happening with a few different drivers already, so I doubt it's one of those beta driver issues. As nice as Eyefinity is though, I can't say it's worth having to spend an hour "hoping" to fix it.

    Any ideas as to what's up?
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    Windows tends to assign numbers to the monitors as it likes. Common problem even since Windows 7 (or even before).
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    Same problems over at a friend's place :(

    Thought we had found out how to make it work consistently, worked well through three reboots, but then it didn't anymore. Now we're back to fiddling every time after switching. We kinda gave up on it.
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