Zone of Enders 2nd Runner

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    I saw Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner for the PS-2, on a TV game show. I’m impressed! I love Anime Battle Mechs like Robotech. Is this game better than Robotech Battle Cry for the PS-2 & X-Box? In Robotech, the graphics of the PS-2 version did not impress me much and the music disappointed me, since the classic Robotech music themes were only played in the intro & not through out the whole game! Is the X-Box version any better?

    I don’t have a PS-2, X-Box, or GCube, but is Zone of Enders 2nd Runner worth buying a PS-2 for?
    Is this also released for the X-Box, GCube? What other Cool Mech games are out?
    Are the gameplay, game Music & story worth it? I give a lot of emphasis in these factors.

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