ZeroCore broken?

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    So I've used the second 11.2 drivers AMD put out for the 7000 series cards, the 12.2 pre-cert, 12.3 beta and the recently released/leaked "12.x" drivers and have had the same issue with all of them. I install the drivers (clean, driver sweeper and all) and upon starting up ZeroCore works fine. At the desktop the second 7970 is off, after I idle until Windows shuts the monitor down, the first 7970 shuts off as well. Absolutely flawless.

    However, after a reboot... nothing. Both cards idle at 300/150. Nothing shuts off. I thought, maybe it's MSI Afterburner, so I booted into safe mode and purged it from my system via Revo Uninstaller. After starting into Windows, still the same issue, no ZeroCore.

    Is this just a buggy/broken thing with the current state of 7xxx drivers or am I screwing something up?

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