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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by BLEH!, Feb 23, 2017.

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    Deliding Ryzens doesn't really yield any real world improvement anyway, so nobody really has to do it. I would still go with the best cooler one can afford, but that goes for every cpu nowadays.
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    I believe he's talking about the 7700K.

    @BLEH!: I would suggest waiting a bit for the Ryzen gaming performance fog to clear, so that we would know whether the issue is in hardware or not. Those 8 cores would be really sweet for your work, and you'd get quite higher performance than any of the Intel 6-core processors.

    The 5820K / 6800K don't overclock very high as it is and they offer only 28 PCI-E lanes. Do those 8 extra lanes matter over Ryzen's 20 lanes? If so, then losing 2 cores in order to gain higher clock frequencies, extra PCI-E lanes, and quad channel memory might be worth it (price is almost the same).

    However, if you do go for Ryzen (that's what I would be leaning to given your workload), I'd go for at least a DDR4 3200MHz dual-channel kit given how sensitive Ryzen seems to be to memory.

    If you care a bit more about gaming performance and still need more than 4 cores but cannot afford to wait for Ryzen's gaming issues to be (hopefully) sorted out, then the 5820K / 6800K seem to be a good choice. The 6800K has slightly higher IPC to offset the lower clock speeds so you might want to look into that direction.

    I'm pretty satisfied with my 5820K, nothing I can't throw at it, gaming or otherwise.
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    Exactly, the 7700K should come with solder, not crappy TIM

    . It's the (relative) poor gaming performance and low OC headroom that's worrying me. If the Windows fix helps, then I might look at it, but given you can't OC individual cores to higher levels, that's a put off.

    I wouldn't delid a ryzen anyway, pointless.

    Haswell-E looks like the best solution to me, but as you said, let the fog clear before buying anything. My current rig works, but the itch to upgrade is growing stronger...
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    So here is a pic of my 1700x build with Asuss Crosshair Vi Hero, 32GB Trident RGB Ram, 500GB M2 drive, 2x 500GB SSD drives, and a GTX 1070 all running under watercooling.

    First the temps are all over the place. Right now under Asus newest Bios my idle temp is reported at 60C, but the BIOS this came with it showed about 30C... so what to believe? AMD says it's not a big deal and subtract 20C from whatever is reported. I say WTF.....

    The system takes about 45 seconds just to post when you turn the power on and sometimes the self check will go through several times so I get to enjoy that wait.

    Then the other random issues like CPU Voltage being reported as 1.438V even when idle which shouldn't be.

    I could go on for a while. If anything wait for the platform to mature. I dumped $3000 into a build I should have honestly went with a 7700 and called it a day especially since the price drop makes it comparable in price and performance to the 1700x and it's a mature platform without any problems.


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