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    Okay, so this thread can become an "if this propaganda/conspiracy thread" or it can stay as "how to keep things the way we like" thread.

    So this week i noticed youtube is linking accounts, not forcefully yet, but its a sign it will be mandatory very soon.

    I dont like that because of few reasons(other people have different reasons)
    * And id like to know how can i prevent that, or start looking for some other solutions.. The most upsetting "feature" is their spying where they "know" those two accounts are from the same person. They dont even question if its another family member.

    Also its already troublesome where you listen to youtube, and give a seat to anyone to go to their facebook or just check email which immediatly opens my email and forces them to log out of "my email" which shouldnt load in the first place.
    It also logs out of youtube and makes you juggle by repeatedly login in/loging out of email youtube.

    Okay, so this thread might be locked very soon, but i still want to see other people reason, thinking and at least a small usefull discussion on this topic.

    If anyone wants to answer my question hides in my post search for * :D

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