YouTube Enlists ‘Trusted Flaggers’ to Police Videos

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    Google has given roughly 200 people and organizations, including a British police unit, the ability to “flag” up to 20 YouTube videos at once to be reviewed for violating the site’s guidelines.

    The Financial Times last week reported that the U.K. Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit has been using its “super flagger” authority to seek reviews – and removal – of videos it considers extremist.

    The news sparked concern that Google lets the U.K. government censor videos that it doesn’t like, and prompted Google to disclose more details about the program. Any user can ask for a video to reviewed. Participants in the super flagger program, begun as a pilot in 2012, can seek reviews of 20 videos at once.


    Isn't this exactly what the likes of SOPA, PIPA, CISPA and ACTA have been trying to achieve? It makes me wonder which organizations have been given the "trusted flagger" title - We'll probably never know.

    A few days ago YouTube deleted an account belonging to an American author, political activist and conspiracy theorist named Mark Dice. His channel includes the usual controversial topics of conspiracy such as 9/11, Bilderberg and Illuminati, and has become a prominent name amongst the YouTube conspiracists with some 250,000+ subscribers. When he made the public aware, or namely his followers of what had happened via Twitter, YouTube restored the account shortly after.

    Was this an attempt to shut down a channel based on (controversial) opinion, and free speech? I wonder what the outcome would have been if not for the support of his thousands of subscribers. Channels with less people power might not be offered the same consideration.
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    Expect more accounts to be closed for false copyright infringement claims. What's happening to Youtube is a blueprint for what Trans Pacific Partnership is going to do to the internet. You said SOPA, ACTA and others were trying to do this. Well TPP has the same language from those bills in it and it's going to do exactly what those proposed bills were trying to achieve. Censor internet and shut down groups and sites that spread information that can damage corporations and government. TPP is trying to make all ISPs "internet police". This will of course increase internet price since how in the hell can ISPs do such a thing? You may think this sounds like a conspiracy theory, but wait a couple years. The strict enforcement that has been happening on Youtube is going to spread throughout the internet if there is no fight or backlash from the people.

    For those who want to know more about TPP head over to wikileaks.
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    We need a NewTube...competition is good for the consumer :)
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    Almost completely done with youtube, im only still using it to subscribe and support some of the genuine workout channels (Elliot Hulse is a boss) and imo, the honest game reviewers/playthrough'ers.

    Seen some of my fav channels closed coz of this ****

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    Police should be outside policing not sitting behind a desk reporting videos or looking for stupid Twitter comments. What a waste of tax money
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    I have not seen a YouTube video in several years now.

    I have as many of their server IP addresses (and a lot of Google's addresses, for that matter) as I can find in my firewall block list.

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