Your worst and best GPU pruchases and why.

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by vestibule, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. haz_mat

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    1070 FE
    Worst: 6800 (non-ultra) - the crap heatsink it came with and neutered pipeline just didn't cut it. Shoulda went for the GT...

    Best: 290X - that beast lasted me longer than any other GPU so far and I got it at a great price for the time.
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  2. scrapser

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    EVGA GTX 1080 SC
    The best was probably my first 3D graphics card...a Matrox Millenium using 3DFX. Seeing 3D for the first time after 15 years of 2D graphics. Today it's so taken for granted and many are simply unaware of the way things used to be. I still have a Win98SE computer set up to run 3DFX (Voodoo 2 Diamond Monster cards in SLI) and the software that it supported such as MicroProse's European Air War, Fleet Command or the original Battlezone. I haven't really had a worst card to speak of. Once I bought a used GeForce4 Ti4400 off eBay that was new around early 2002. It arrived with a capacitor broken off so I took it to a local TV repair shop and the service guy soldered it back on for $5. It works great to this day.
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  3. Cryengine

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    Strix 1080 Ti oc
    Worst : Asus GTX 480 hotter than the sun itself
    Best : ROG Strix Asus GTX 1080Ti coldest gpu ever.
  4. phatbx133

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    MSI GTX 1050ti 4GB
    Worst - PNY GTX 7900 GTO or GTX. I don't remember maybe bad thermal paste between heatsink, Sold it.

    Medium - GTX 560 - Good for 720p high setting or 1080p low settings.

    Best - GTX 1050ti - BF1 with 1080p high setting run great that reason I bought this.

  5. stereoman

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    Palit RTX 3080 GPRO
    Worst - S3 Virge: Was the first graphics card I bought, it was dirt cheap but I remember thinking it was going to be amazing when I got home only to be disappointed

    Medium - Geforce 460 SLI, back when SLI actually worked and Nvidia cared, it was the first time you could get serious horsepower from two budget cards.

    Best - Voodoo 2: connected it to my S3 Virge and fired up Quake, Mindblown!
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  6. Stickynote

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    Iris Pro/128Mb
    My best is maybe the one I'm using now, Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200. Anyone has the same?
  7. SerotoNiN

    SerotoNiN Ancient Guru

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    EVGA RTX 2080
    Nothing can beat the 5800 Ultra. That thing hit 105C normal load after 10 minutes. Lmfao. Witnessed this first hand. I remember the Doom 3 pre-alpha leak pushing it to 120C. Killed demo and sold card next day.
  8. Venix

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    Palit 1060 6gb
    I loved all my cards they are my babies! Although the worse will be albatron 6600gs ...rma ....dead again free update to 7600gs since warranty was covering me and 6600 was out of the market and then the 7600 died again and i got a free replacement to an ati saphire 1650x seriusly 3 out of 3 albatron cards died with in 6 months !
    Before that geforce 2ti from pixel view was on the favorites and on 2007 with the new system the 7900gs from msi everyone was geting the 8600 while the 7900 was ofering more for much cheaper, 4850 saphire was also superb followed up by a gaineward 460 to my current gigabyte 770 ! Warm fuzzy feelings filled me typing this post!

    Yeah? Did the 5800 had a bbq grill on top of it though? The thermi 480 wins :p
  9. zipper

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    GTX 680M
    Go5700! The first drivers announced 135C max(!), later dropped to 125C max. My go5700 fried in 11 months even never reaching 100C. But was a happy overclocker...
  10. nz3777

    nz3777 Ancient Guru

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    Gtx 980 Strix
    Worst- Radeon 6570 1gb DDR3. Why well at the time I was just starting out in pc gaming and I talked to a guy at Micro center asked him whats the best card to get, He tells me are you going to play online? Well sure I would like too lol. Ok then get this! It had some kind of clear plastic with blue fans on it HIS ice q I think it was called (LMAO) Mind you at the time I had a 720p monitor started reading about Crossfire so I got another one ( double lol) I guess it was ok just very cheep but did not know any better at the time.

    Best- Nvidia Gtx 980. Why well cause its Nvidia baby what else is there to say?! The king of gaming since Gtx 500 series.

    I had......Gtx 580, 660ti, 770,780,980. Would NEVER go back to Radeon after team Green sorry.

  11. TDurden

    TDurden Ancient Guru

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    Sapphire R9 390 Nitro
    I had a few memorable purchases..

    S3 Virge VX 4MB VRAM PCI
    This was my first GPU (wasnt called GPU back then) and literally the first 3D deceleration card :) 3Dfx Voodoo was to expensive, a wet dream and like most wet dreams at the time it was just that haha
    With default setting games worked faster in software (Pentium 166 MMX) then in hardware.. later I learned Virge weaknesses and strengths (hey! it supported 24bit 16.7m colors) and was able to actually play games with hardware acceleration at an acceptable frame rate/resolution. For example Tomb Raider II worked fine with texture filtering and perspective correction disabled. Basically PlayStation 1 level, so not bad at the time. Not all games ran good and were configurable enough though.

    GeForce 256 32MB SDRAM AGP
    This was a bit of disappointment to. While technically it was the most advanced GPU at the time (minus the cheaper SDR version I had) and actually it was THE first GPU, the first to implement T&L and thus a full rendering pipeline (thus now GPU and not just an "accelerator"), I went with a slower CPU at the time (Pentium III 450) due to budget reasons, thinking TL will compensate for it, was not the case (not much support yet) and the end result was somewhat slower then expected. I remember nVidia detailed car demo (Boxster) and how awesome futuristic it looked then - "some day games will actually have cars like that" :)

    GeForce 2 GTS Pro 32MB DDR AGP
    Literally produced zero more fps in 3DMark and most games. Probably a bottleneck of the then same PIII 450 CPU..

    GeForce 6800 GS 256MB DDR3 AGP
    Half-Life 2 - WOW, fantastic. Far Cry - OK. Why one of the worst then you ask. Because at the time HDR games started to come out and it fell flat with HDR enabled. Also PureVideo "acceleration" reminded should have been called PureVirge lol as any real acceleration was practically non existent so forget watching higher res videos. Also Oblivion was too much for this card even without HDR.

    And now the best:
    Radeon 1950 Pro 512MB DDR3 AGP
    WOW what is this sorcery! This was my second Radeon card and basically convinced me how awesome Radeons can be. The difference from GeForce 6800 was night and day. Oblivion maxed out with HDR and AA (only Radeons where capable rendering both HDR and AA at the time) AND mods - FLAWLESS. DiRT - what is this epic can-almost-taste-dirt-in-my-mouth thing! Everything I threw at this card worked and worked perfectly. On top of that it was an AGP version (with an oh so hot, literally, bridge chip) so I could reuse my old Athlon64 AGP system. Plus awesome Arctic Cooling aftermarket cooler.

    Radeon HD3850 512MB DDR3 AGP
    What? AGP again? yes, probably the most powerful AGP consumer card ever. My journey from AGP to PCI-E took a long time at the time due to budget reasons and Radeon 3850 was again a perfect companion. I even played through Crysis with it, admittedly slightly lower settings of course, but it never felt like I am only getting half of the game. And Crysis was well Crysis, other games were much easier on it. I felt this card together with 3870 were undervalued even though they couldnt quite match nVidias 8800GT at the time. Oh and they supported tesselation - nice forward looking feature by ATI albeit probably no game actually used it.

    Radeon R390 8GB DDR5 PCI-E
    Current card. No complaints really. Feels like an equivalent of US muscular car - takes lots of fuel (power), may get hot, but also delivers. 512bit memory sounds nice :D also full 8GB and not 3.5GB + 0.5GB contraption. requires good cooling though, previous Asus solution was disappointing. Overall no complaints and just continues my experience with AMD GPUs being reliable and fast :)
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  12. SerotoNiN

    SerotoNiN Ancient Guru

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    EVGA RTX 2080
    I'm sensing a bias here... lol :p
  13. f14dude

    f14dude Member Guru

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    eVGA 2070 Super 8GB
    For someone who only buy the midrange level card, I think the worse card I ever owned to was the Geforce FX5600. I got it on the first week that was released and found out later that it is no more faster than my old Geforce 4 4200 TI which the FX5600 was intended to replace. Being an idiot that thinking newer is still the best so I was stuck with it for another two years before getting the 8800 GTS.

    The best card was probably my current 1070 but I was very impress with the performance of of my previous 1060 card.

    Worse video card I ever owned on a laptop with a dedicated graphic was the old Dell Inspiron 6000 with the ( ATI X300) which I couldn't even run WoW higher than 1280X800. Somehow I had to raid a few times on that laptop and did ok. lol

    Best is my current gaming laptop with the old 960m which I'm going to upgrade very soon (when Coffee Lake based laptop is out). Still run everything good except Final Fantasy 15 which is not doable.
  14. Mufflore

    Mufflore Ancient Guru

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    Aorus 3090 Xtreme
    Crossfire ATI 5770.
    Not only was crossfire almost impossible to use, AMD drivers were so bad that someone chose to mod them to enable functionality that should have been working.
    That was on this very forum.
    Even then it was hard work, only one game was any good with crossfire, Dirt 2.
    Everything else was either a jerk fest or didnt work with crossfire.
    I was left gaming on a single 5770.
    The cure was a GTX580.

    2nd worst but must be mentioned:
    AMD 290x
    This card would have been fine but for problems with AMDs drivers again.
    When I first installed it I always had a black screen on boot.
    I tried an NVidia card and that was fine.
    With no drivers installed the 290x was fine but as soon as the driver was installed, black screen, no matter which display or port.
    Driver uninstallers didnt help.
    The only cure was re-installing windows with the card fitted.
    That ticked me off because my OS setup takes a long time to get right.

    The deal breaker was a problem getting it to detect my monitor, TV and AV system correctly over HDMI.
    Sometimes it would detect them as connected over DVI even when direct HDMI connected, disabling sound entirely!
    What was also odd, I connected my monitor over DVI and when detected as HDMI sound would work.
    It seems AMD defined sound capability by using either DVI or HDMI but was unable to properly detect correctly.
    It was random what the displays would be detected as, with a 90/10 chance they would be detected as DVI meaning most of the time I had no sound and could spend ages rebooting to try and get sound working.
    Even on the same boot it would change its mind. After watching a film, leaving the PC on overnight and then trying to game, my AV system would change from an HDMI device to a DVI device.
    This wasnt much fun when friends are round trying to watch a film or play a game.
    I put up with it for 1.5 yrs in the hope it would get fixed but in the end decided it was my last AMD card.
    The cure was to buy a 980ti which was like a breath of fresh air.
    Suddenly I liked my PC again.

    Best card:
    Speaks for itself, mental card.
    Doesnt overclock much but its so quick, no complaints.

    2nd best card:
    In its day it was just as fantastic as the 1080ti.
    The only thing that couldnt quite run maxed at 1080p with fluid 60fps was Witcher 3s hairworks.
    Everything else was amazing.
    And it overclocked like a nutter.
  15. SpookySkeleton

    SpookySkeleton Member Guru

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    RTX 3090
    Mine is more bad decisions.

    Best: gtx 970 was a good gpu for the prices even with the vram fiasco
    worst: Intel HD 530, i sold my 970 because i was not satisfied with the performance in some games at ultra settings and some said it was because of the vram, but i not realized that i sold mine in a bad time where new gpus are so procreating expensive, now i pass every day fighting with the tempation of buying a 1080ti for 1000 usd, and afraid of used market because miners and increase of scams.

    Lol silly me.hoping i don't explode soon

  16. M300

    M300 Member

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    R9 Fury
    Best purchases.

    9800GTX+ 512MB (Ran everything even BFBC2 at almost max settings 1920x1080)
    GTX 480 1536MB custom cooler ( standard EVGA model, overclocking monster, beastly performance for the time and would prove to last longer and dominate the ATi 5xxx & 6xxx line)
    GT 230M 1GB (It was only capable of playing Crysis on medium at 1366x768, but it ran quiet, cool and had great performance for what i paid)
    GTX 670 2GB (Only just put this as a good buy, it's cooler was obnoxiously loud, but it's performance was undeniable and solid.)
    GTX 580 1536MB (No noticeable improvement over a GTX 480 overclocked, and worse OC potential however it was still solid)

    AMD / ATi

    Radeon HD 4670 1GB / 512MB (bought several of these for builds and they worked a charm every time, not great for max settings at the time but performance was excellent at reduced settings / res, great cheap card)
    Radeon HD 5850 1GB (I ended up buying one of these, a Powercolor variant to replace my failed GTX 480 which died, was a quick replacement and it ran everything slower but did so without issue, quiet and very cool running card)
    Radeon HD 4570M 512MB (What a slow mobile GPU, it was horrendous, but i paid 50 for the laptop and managed to OC the memory on this card, it gained massively with a memory OC since it had only a 64 bit bus, played CS at 1920x1080 with framerates above 70!, played Skyrim at 480P on max with 20-30FPS, Bioshock inifnite on high at 480P 20-30FPS .. not much to moan about for 50 quid)
    Radeon HD 7770 1GB (low power consumption, great performance for the price, excellent drivers, no cons to this card)
    Radeon R9 Fury 4GB (My current GPU, runs with an OC of 1124mhz which is very high for Fiji, out paces stock Fury X and was bought for 250 when a 980Ti would cost me 400)

    Bad purchases.

    GTX 480 1536MB Stock cooler (There is nothing hotter, nothing louder, and nothing more obnoxious than this stock cooler!)

    AMD / ATi

    HD Radeon 4870 512MB (terrible stuttering in almost every game, driver crashes, poor overclocker, not a good card)
    HD 5770 1GB Sapphire model (I had 3 arrive DOA and gave up altogether)
  17. metagamer

    metagamer Ancient Guru

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    Palit GameRock 2080
    Worst - I don't think I've ever bought a complete dud but I bought a "gaming" rig once that came with a Nvidia FX 5200. I knew it was terrible but the price for the entire rig was great so I bought it and then replaced the gpu

    Best - Difficult to pick one... From AMD probably the x1800xt, 4870 or the 7950, from Nvidia the 6600gt, 8800gt or the 1080. But if I had to pick one gpu that I consider the best gpu I've ever purchased, it would probably be the original 3Dfx Voodoo 4mb. That card revolutionised PC graphics more than any other imo.
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  18. BangTail

    BangTail Ancient Guru

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    EVGA 2080 Ti XC
    Best: 3Dfx Voodoo:

    Revolutionary for obvious reasons.

    Worst: AMD RADEON HD 5970

    Most t00fer cards came with their own unique set of problems but this thing was a f*cking disaster for me, bad drivers, lack of support with extra loud and hot.
  19. RzrTrek

    RzrTrek Ancient Guru

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    RX 580
    My worst GPU experience: HD6970 2GB ($400) ran hot (+90c) was extremely loud and the drivers remained donkey balls until AMD pulled the plug in 2015.

    My best GPU purchase: GTX 760 2GB ($80) bought used from a friend, it ran silent and was a great change over my previous graphics card.

    My most treasured GPU: GTX 580 1.5gb ($50) also bought used from a friend and outperformed everything at the time.

    I would probably have picked my current AMD graphics card as the "worst GPU experience", but that wouldn't be fair, since it's still in use.
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