Your WORST 5 hardware purchases!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by moab600, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. kanej2007

    kanej2007 Ancient Guru

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    MSI GTX 1080 TI 11GB
    Looks like you've had some $hit luck running SLI. :D
  2. fantaskarsef

    fantaskarsef Ancient Guru

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    2080Ti @h2o
    790 SLI? What's that? :D Or do you mean the chipset?
  3. sheepdog26

    sheepdog26 New Member

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    GTX 690
    Embarrasing . . . .

    1. AMD Phenom II X4 955 AM3 CPU (Just . . . . Intel :) )

    2. PC Power and Cooling 760W 80+ Silver NONMODULAR Power Supply :puke2:

    3. Apevia X-Plorer 2 Computer Case (had no cable management back to store cables away, and that was with the PC Power and Cooling PSU!!)

    4. R9 290 Reference Cooler Graphics Card (Heat + Fan noise + Power Hungry = NO).

    5. 3x NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Cards when they were $1,000 each + 3x XPSC WaterBlocks (not enough computer power :pc1: :pc1: :pc1: . . . . . . . . . but seriously, WORST PURCHASE OF MY LIFE!!)

    The first three things were all in my very first computer build that I have ever done in July of 2011, and it took me 13 hours to build the darn computer (I was a big newb at the time. Even now, I still learn new tactics on building a computer desktop).
  4. Veteran

    Veteran Ancient Guru

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    2xTitan XM@1590Mhz-CH20
    Titans you need to put them under water and overvolt them to get the best out of them. Not many people know how to overvolt them and many that do are afraid to do so.

  5. Ch0plol

    Ch0plol Member Guru

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    ASUS GTX 770 4GB
    Hmmm, that's kind of a hard question as I usually research what I want to buy for weeks-months before I actually buy it. But I would have to say

    1. Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music (the first gen one) - caused multiple bluescreens, terrible driver support, and the infamous "squeal of death". Took me FOREVER to diagnose the cause as I had no idea the sound card could be causing this.

    2. RAM of unsupported speed (when I was still very new to PC building, I just trusted the guy at the store who of course knew nothing.)

    3. Biostar P43D3 Motherboard (not so much a bad purchase, but this was when they weren't really making this socket anymore so I had to buy whatever was left at the store - which left me unable to use SLI anymore.) - Also, spectacularly failed one night years later with a loud bang and smoke.

    4. Nvidia 8800 GTX x 2 - They were great cards and having SLI at the time was definite nerd points, but I should have let the technology mature further as there were a bunch of pitfalls as an SLI early adopter.

    So really, other than #1, no real "bad" purchases or ones that I regretted, but these are some of my blunders.

    EDIT: Just read some other poster's reply about buying a nonmodular power supply, that would have to be one of my past mistakes too. Huge wires everywhere, crammed into tiny spaces.
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  6. FarCryDX

    FarCryDX Member

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    EVGA Ref GTX 980
    Radeon 9600se...

    Geforce FX 5200...

    Radeon 9200..

    MSI 865PE... RMA'd twice.
  7. vbetts

    vbetts Don Vincenzo Staff Member

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    GTX 1080 Ti
    Pentium D 820, no matter how much overclocking I got on it it didn't do jack crap.

    Intel Core 2 Duo E7200, didn't overclock for crap for me...=[

    Radeon X1800 XT, paid some money for it but wasn't very fast.

    AMD 5800k, this was not a bad APU in the slightest but I didn't use it for what it was intended for. I had it running the IGPU for awhile, then did CrossfireX with it, then moved to a 7790. I put more money into that system than what it was worth.

    Some crappy HP LCD that did 1080p, bad colors and only lasted a little over a year. Just outside of warranty, like a weeks worth of time! HP refused any warranty claim.
  8. snip3r_3

    snip3r_3 Ancient Guru

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    Gigabyte FX5700 - Slow, expensive, and VRM burned out.
    C2D 6550 - Didn't check up that these were terrible to OC due to high FSB, low mult.
    Seagate 2TB drives - 2/2 dead
    XFX 7950 DD - 4 fan replacements so far.
    MSI X99S SLI - killed a 5820, 1 stick of RAM, 2 weeks no reply from MSI support.
  9. Cartman372

    Cartman372 Maha Guru

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    980 FTW
    Sapphire X1050. Back when I was a dumb kid, I purchased an X1050 to replace my busted Radeon X800 XT PE thinking it was better. Boy was that a dumb mistake.
  10. sykozis

    sykozis Ancient Guru

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    MSI RX5700
    I'm surprised nobody has added a GTX970 to their list yet given the threads created to bash it and NVidia.

  11. Dragondale13

    Dragondale13 Maha Guru

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    GTX 1070 AMP! • H75
    I can better that.I sold my X800 Pro to buy the X1300 Pro, lol!!! Thought the higher numbers were all that mattered.Felt like crying when the smoke from my RX-8 in Most Wanted caused my frames to plummet, lol!!!!!
  12. DrFreeze

    DrFreeze Ancient Guru

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    MSI GT740 2GB
    Most recently a Palit/Xpertvision GTX660. I got enticed into buying a 660 instead of a 750Ti by one shop offering this card for a very low price, and they claimed to have it in stock. First it took nearly three weeks before i got my card (and customer service was absolutely useless, only reason i didnt cancel my order was i knew it would take ages to get my money back), when the novelty of a high performance card had worn off a bit, it was just too loud and hot for my mITX rig.
    So i stuck my old gt630 back in my rig, i didnt game as much as i thought i would anyway, and the 630 was good enough for KSP, sold the 660 at a pretty big loss. A few months later i heard from the buyer that he had to RMA it, cause it broke.

    Lessons learned:
    1) for mITX rigs, get a low power card, sacrifice some performance if needed
    2) only buy from reputable shops that i have history with, id rather pay an extra €10 and get it the next day than deal with this ****
    3) only buy from reputable well known brands, again, id rather pay an extra €10 than get a card with a **** cooler and have it break.
  13. Cap

    Cap Member

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    Asus R9 380 4Gb Stx
    Matrox m3d powerVr
    Pentium 4 3.06 one week later the price was cut in half and it was hot has hell
    Asus A8V deluxe VIA chipset was very bad for overclocking
    Maxtor hdd
    KINGSTON HyperX 4gb kit ddr3 1600 dead after 2 years but they gave me my money back.
  14. DiceAir

    DiceAir Maha Guru

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    Galax 980 ti HOF
    Club3d r9 280x Although it's actually the whole r9 280x I should've bought the sapphire toxic cards cause the cooler on these cards suck. It can go as high as 90C with very good airflow in case

    Corsair M65 RGB Comfort level is unbearable

    Canyon headphones. Was cheap and small for my head. Wanted it so when I go to my friends place or lan I can just bring them instead of my hd598's

    Seagate hybriddrive it's not as fast as everyone say it is.

    amd 3000+ Was a bad cpu at it's time. Even slow intel was same price or cheaper and perform better.

    So I learned my lesson. there's a reason why stuff are more expensive but you must also not just buy stuff because it's expensive you must also read reviews but good product normally cost a bit more than the average product. You get the exception. One example is that I can get a galax 980 hof edition cheaper than many other brands here but I don't know galax and if it's really good.
  15. reix2x

    reix2x Master Guru

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    HIS 4870 1GB
    omg you make me laugh like an hour thinking on that chopper.

    1) Asus Server Motherboard (2013) (many problems with ram modules, no support in my country)

    2)TP-Link Wifi PCI card (Giant, expensive and powerless)

    3) WD 80GB Sata 2 HDD (guaranty service send me a new one (after 5 months) i just store it for 2 months more then it was dead)

    4)Generic 4x4cm Fans (those things doesn't blow a thing) i just dump them.

    5)BenQ CD-ROM drive (just die cause i never use it)

  16. thefunkyone

    thefunkyone Active Member

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    2x MSI Geforce 670 SLI
    The worst hardware i bought would have been two geforce 6600GT's for SLI... The SLI performance was rubbish and created graphics artifacts with my LCD monitor at the time... I ended up ditching them for a Geforce 7800 GT :D
  17. otaku

    otaku Ancient Guru

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    8800,640gts sli
    asus p5n sli mobo. had to send it back 3 times. you could either use sli or change bios settings but not both.

    a dvd drive that wouldnt recognize any windows disk (cant remember the brand)

    any cheap mouse ive had

    a bio star ideq thing with a nf2 chipset. you could change one setting at a time in the bios. if you dared go for two settings most of the time it meant 30mins trying to get it to boot again

    a multi remote that glowed blue in the dark. it was cool but used 6 high end aaa batteries in 2 weeks
  18. zimzoid

    zimzoid Maha Guru

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    2xEVGA980TiSC+(H20) Swift
    GeForce FX 5800 Ultra ran really hot and sounded like a vacuum cleaner ended up selling it and getting a much better Radeon 9800 Pro.
  19. Chess

    Chess Master Guru

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    ASUS GTX1080Ti Stri
    My CPU/ Mobo.
    3930k with X79 were the shizzle if you need the raw performance, cores and quad memory channels.
    If you game however, get a 3770k with Z87 mobo for like half the price.
    No difference what-so-ever was ever seen.
    Runs cooler and has better enegry efficiëncy as well.

    I really like efficient systems now, but then? nooooooo I HAD to get the new shiney 6-core and quad memory because I believed Arma 3 would make use of it. Did I ever play Arma 3? the rather short story, yes. Multiplayer, what it was for? NO!
  20. boerenlater

    boerenlater Master Guru

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    Gigabyte 610 silent
    Corsair X64 ssd
    Died 4 times on me!

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