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  1. dudecat64

    dudecat64 Ancient Guru

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    xfx 5700xt 8gig
    Mx 440 pci
    PNY FX5200 PCI
    Geforce fx5900xt
    Geforce fx5900ultra
    Geforce 6800gt - one great card of its day
    Geforce 7800gt's in sli - yeah not as great as i thought it would be the x1950xt was faster.
    Ati x1300
    Ati x1650 pro
    Ati x1950xt - still own
    Ati 2900gt - worthless
    Ati 3850
    Ati 3870 - xfired with 3850 ok performance
    Ati 4870
    current card 5850.
    Might have missed a few in there can't remember though.
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  2. Sir Galahad

    Sir Galahad Master Guru

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    EVGA GTX 980 Classified
    ATI radeon 7500LE 64MB DDR AGP bought in 2001
    PNY Nvidia 6200 256MB DDR2 AGP bought in 2005
    BFG Nvidia 7600GT 256MB GDDR3 PCI-e bought in early 2006
    EVGA Nvidia 7950GX2 1GB GDDR3 SC PCI-e bought in late 2006
    PNY Nvidia GTX 460 1GB GDDR5 OC PCI-e bought 2 weeks ago

    I think the 6200 was the best card I’ve ever bought, it was a huge jump up from the ATI 7500LE and at the moment is still working happily in my back up computer. Second best has to be the 7950GX2 followed by the 7600GT then the GTX 460 leaving the 7500LE as the worst I’ve ever bought but it’s the worst of a very good bunch and still have happy memories of playing the likes of Giants: citizen kabuto, Unreal and the original Half-life on it.
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  3. CasperTm

    CasperTm Master Guru

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    MSI R9 270X OC 2GB Gaming
    Some s3 trio like PCI
    The previous card + Voodoo 2
    Geforce 2 MX
    Geforce 4 MX
    Geforce FX 5900
    Geforce 7600 GT
    Geforce GTX 460

    I still have that s3 trio like PCI and the voodoo 2 PCI.... :) Will never sell those beauties... :D
  4. TriGGlety

    TriGGlety Banned

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    HD6870 1G -(1680x1050)
    Wow. Since 1997.

    Matrox Mystic II.
    Voodoo 1.
    PCI GeForce 2 32mb.
    AGP x4 GeForce 2 32mb(silly purchase - no real improvement)
    AGP x4 GeForce 3 64mb , then mates 128mb GeForce 3.
    AGP x4 5600 (crap card)
    AGP x4 (never really used x8 - no real speed increase) 9700 Pro 128mb (what a card!)
    AGP x X800GTO 128mb.
    PCI-E 1950 Pro 256mb. WOW PCI-E a real end to lag and frame skip. I loved PCI-E.

    PCI-E 9800 GT 512mb
    PCI-E 5770 1G wow DX 11. The nicest.
    PCI-E 6870 1G (woo t a freeekin card! a proper Dx 11 experience)

    Apart from the 6870, all those purchases have been betweem £80 and £120, brand new.
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  5. maleficarus™

    maleficarus™ Banned

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    ASUS GTX460 800/1600/4000
    Since I started back in 1995:

    ATi Rage II 4MB
    3dfx Voodoo3 3000 16MB
    GeForce2 MX 32MB
    GeForce4 MX 440 64MB
    GeForce5 FX 5700 128MB
    GeForce7 7600GS 256MB
    GeForce9 9600GT 512MB
    GeForce10 GTS250 1GB
    GeForce11 GTX460 1GB

    Out of all the above cards the one card that gave me the most enjoyment was the Voodoo3!! The only ATi card I have ever owned was that POS RageII and I swore I would never buy anything again with an ATi logo attached to it. I never have to this day heh...
  6. Mr.Joe

    Mr.Joe Master Guru

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    GeForce 6200 AGP
    GeForce 7300 GT AGP
    RADEON x1650 PRO
    RADEON x1650 PRO CF
    HD 3870 @ 960/1300 ^^
    HD3870x2 (piece of ****) but ok performance
    HD4870x2 (hot as hell) but outstanding performance
    5850 CF (tri-for-a-day) :p
    and finally
    6950@6970CF :]
  7. OvR|<|LL

    OvR|<|LL Maha Guru

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    Trident 1meg
    diamond viper 550 with canopus 12 meg add on 3d accelerator
    voodoo banshee
    voodoo 3 2000
    voodoo 3 3000
    voodoo 3 3500
    voodoo 5 5500
    geforce 2 mx
    geforce 3
    ati 9000
    ati 9700 pro
    ati 9800
    6800 gt
    x1900 xtx
    gtx260 SLI
    gtx260 tri sli
    ati 4890 XXX BE
    ati 4890 XXX BE xfire
    ati 5870
    ati 5870 Xfire
  8. paulonone

    paulonone Master Guru

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    RTX 2080
    TNT 2
    Geforce 2
    FX 5600
    FX 5700
    FX 5700 Ultra
    6600 GT
    6800 GT
    7900 GT
    8800 GTX
    GTX 280
    GTX 480
  9. Zodgrod

    Zodgrod Member

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    ASUS 5770 1GB DDR5 x 2
    ATI Rage 128
    Voodoo 2
    Voodoo 4400
    TNT 2
    Geforce 2
    Geforce 4600
    Geforce FX 5200
    Geforce 6300
    Geforce 7600
    Geforce 8800 GTS
    ATI 3650
    ATI 4850x2
    ATI 5770 x2
  10. SkyR34

    SkyR34 Active Member

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    GeForce GTX1080
    Voodoo 3 2000
    Geforce 2 MX 400
    Geforce 4 MX 440
    Geforce 4 Ti4200
    Geforce 6800GT
    Geforce 8800 Ultra

  11. Moshing

    Moshing Master Guru

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    EVGA GTX580 BOE@900core
    My VGA history:

    1. Hercules 256K VGA card, ISA bus
    2. Diamond Speedstar 1mb, VLB
    3. Trident 2mb, PCI
    4. Diamond Stealth 4mb, PCI
    5. Diamond Monster Voodoo Graphics 4mb, PCI, Dx 6/Glide (run beside Diamond Stealth above)
    6. ATI Expert@Play Rage Pro Turbo 4mb, AGP 1x, Dx 7/OGL
    7. 2x STB Blackmagic Voodoo 2 12mb SLI, PCI, Dx7/Glide (using ATI card above for 2D)
    8. Guillimot Phoenix Voodoo Banshee 16mb, AGP 2x, Dx7/Glide
    9. 3dfx Voodoo 3 3000 16mb, AGP 2x, Dx7/Glide/OGL (on 4x slot)
    10. 3dfx Voodoo 3 3500 16mb w/TV tuner, AGP 2x, Dx7/Glide/OGL (on 4x slot)
    11. ATI Radeon ViVo 64mb DDR, AGP 4x, Dx7/OGL
    12. Asus V8200 Deluxe Geforce 3 64mb DDR, AGP 4x, Dx8 (OGL implied in all from here on)
    13. MSI Geforce 4Ti 4400 128mb DDR, AGP 4x, Dx8
    14. ATI Radeon 9700 Pro AiW 128mb DDR, AGP 8x, Dx9
    15. Sapphire 9800 Pro 256mb DDR2, AGP 8x, Dx9 (R360 core, flashed to XT successfully)
    16. ATI Radeon 9800XT 256mb DDR2, AGP 8x, Dx9 (real deal XT)
    17. PNY Verto Geforce 6800GT 256mb GDDR3, AGP 8x, Dx9
    18. BFG 7800GT OC 256mb GDDR3, PCIe x16, Dx9
    19. EVGA 7950GT KO Edition 512mb GDDR3, PCIe x16, Dx9
    20. EVGA 8800GTS Superclock 320mb GDDR3, PCIe x16, Dx10
    21. EVGA 8800GTS Superclock 640mb GDDR3, PCIe x16, Dx10
    22. ATI Radeon HD4870 512mb Engineering Sample, PCIe x16, Dx10.1
    23. Diamond Radeon HD 5870 1Gb GDDR5, PCIe x16, Dx11 (died in a week)
    24. 2x HIS Radeon HD 5870 1Gb GDDR5, PCIe x16, CrossfireX mode, Dx11
    25. EVGA GTX 580 Black Ops Edition 1.5Gb GDDR5, PCIe x16, Dx11

    Not quite as long as my 30 item CPU list, but still impresses myself at least :D
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  12. p0ppa

    p0ppa Master Guru

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    GTX970 G1 SLI
    2000-2004 onboard vga 4mb GRAM :(
    2005 fx5200
    2006 6600gt
    2007 7600gt
    2009 gtx 275 :D
    2010 gtx 580
  13. dshramek

    dshramek Ancient Guru

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    Gigabyte GTX 1070
    let's see...
    nvidia mx440
    nvidia 5200
    nvidia 5700le
    nvidia 6800nu (unlocked)
    nvidia 7800gt
    nvidia 7900gt sli
    nvidia 8800gts 320
    nvidia 8800gt 512 sli
    nvidia gtx260
    nvidia gtx275
    ATI 5770 xfire
    nvidia gtx470
    nvidia gtx480

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