your favorite childhood movie characters

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    there is in all of us the child that we still remember ourselves when we were very very young, i always liked what movies offered us as imagination, i personally take The never ending story as one of my childhood movie fascination, because of the amount of creativity held into that film, gives you inspiration and imagination at the same time.
    It's amazing how one gets involved into the story. While watching the movie, one can feel deeply involved in the story as much as Bastian does. It's impossible to ignore it because it captures one's attention and heart.
    it's one of those movies that stays with you no matter how old you get.
    i have to say that my ultimate fascination and this is my personal opinion, would be Falkor from the never ending story, i am at awe by the idea of having a flying giant dog like creature that can take you anywhere and show you everything, it is just a wonderful concept and idea to begin with, for me comes at nb1 for sure.
    so for me here goes my favorite childhood characters:
    1-Falkor from the never ending story.
    2-the alien from ET
    3-Number Johnny 5(short circuit)
    4-ralph maccio(the karate kid)
    5-ethan hawke(flight of the navigator)
    give me your opinions boys and girls.

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