Yet another physx problem (cant enable it).

Discussion in 'Videocards vs General Purpose - NVIDIA Ageia PhysX' started by Thug, Sep 19, 2008.

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    I have had a Physx card for a year or so now, and it worked great.
    A while ago i put a new 1TB hard drive in and reloaded Vista (and everything else), but left my card in whilst i did this.
    I now dont get any option for turning my physx on on the nvidia app. I can using my 8800, but not my physx card.
    I have tried removing it and putting it back in, and tried different ports, but still no good.
    I'm sure its because i left it in when loading vista up, and its not recognised now for some reason.
    It isnt even in device manager, as if it isnt even connected.
    I dont have the luxury of testing it in another PC unfortunately.

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