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Xperia's battery acting funny

Discussion in 'Tablets and Smart Phones' started by antiseptic, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. antiseptic

    antiseptic Member

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    Nvidia 750
    So, I have a Sony Xperia C5, https://www.gsmarena.com/sony_xperia_c5_ultra-7463.php, and I went out running in the rain and the digitizer didn't survive. I bought a new LCD on ebay, installed it and everything seems to be working. Well... except the battery.

    The battery acted fine after the rain and before installing the new LCD. The battery appears to hold charge, but as soon as it gets to 15% it gives me a warning like it usually does, but then dies about 10 seconds later as if 15% now means <1%. IDK, if this means the battery's measurement system is borked, or if the battery itself is. I was considering getting a new battery, but ebay chinese battery's I hear are ify.

    Again, I'm not convinced that the battery is gone. I think it's just not measuring correctly, and am wondering if there is an app that corrects for this? Or maybe somebody has another opinion.
  2. Extraordinary

    Extraordinary Ancient Guru

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    GTX980 SLI
    Google for a method to reset battery calibration, might be one of those *# numbers here # from the dialer to access engineer menu

    Might also have a short inside the phone from the water residue (Even when dry the impurities in the water remain causing problems), Isopropyl alcohol wash can fix it
  3. DustPilot

    DustPilot New Member

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    intel hd 630
    Yep, my girlfriend has Sony Xperia C5 as well and she is experiencing battery problems as well, even though there was no contact with water. Maybe there is a battery defect in all phones of this series?

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