XOC bios support for 2080 Ti

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    Dear Unwinder

    As you probably know an XOC bios was released for RTX 2080 Ti series featuring an extended power limit of 1000W at 100%. It's still safe to use because lower values can be set manually in MSI AB. For example 41% PL results into 410W and it's working as intended in heavy load, dropping clocks and voltage after reaching this limit.

    Bios can be downloaded here:



    With XOC bios the only problem in MSI AB Beta 16 is that V/F Curve and OC Scanner window won't open after pressing Ctrl+F, so fine-tuning of OC is not possible.

    Can you please add support for V/F Curve in the next update?
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    No, it doesn't depend on me and if there is no VF curve support then it is not supported at NVAPI level for that card. That's the only case, there is nothing special to be done to make it "supported" from my side, sorry.

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