XGI's graphics cards en route to US resellers

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    Chicago (IL) - XGI's Volari graphics cards could become available on a broader base in the US as a result of a distribution agreement the manufacturer signed with US distributor D&H.

    A few days ago, we heard that XGI was in negotiations with a number of US distributors to increase the pace of Volari products in North America. Today the company announced that it signed an agreement with Harrisburg-based D&H to market and sell the Volari series in the US market. According to XGI, D&H will distribute Volari board products to "a broad base of value-added resellers, system integrators and system builders." The product line will cover the models V3, V3XT, V5 and V8.

    Pricing of the boards have not been announced yet, but we believe that Volari graphic cards will show their presence in the entry-level and mainstream market. Users however should expect the cards to surface in a range between $30 and $130, D&H said.

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    XGI's cards are a great addition to any HTPC.

    Native 1080i out, onboard MPEG2 decoding, silent operation, and almost no heat generated... you can't beat that.
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    In reality, for gaming - these cards do kinda suck - but they have good ideas, and I HOPE that people support em. It would be interesting to see what thier nextgen hardware is like. Lets face it - the current line of products is pretty old now.
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    Very brave of them to even try to break into this market where practically all the market is owned by ATI and nVidia

    I also hope they do well. Would be nice to see some extra competition anyway - more choice, and also lower prices. Would be great...

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