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Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA Modified Drivers' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jul 21, 2005.

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    ** Drivers - TweakRus

    From this point onwards Guru3d.com will no longer support ** drivers anymore.

    A while ago one of the programmers called us thieves after we simply hosted the driver (JRd1st). Next to that the sole mission for him was to plug the ** website consistantly here on the forums in threads, users carrying ** website signatures, www buttons while God forbid, they refuse to return that favor. At that point we decided to pro-actively clean up the links everywhere and to remove them from the signatures. In the end JRd1st eventually got banned for his twisted attitude.

    Out of respect for Daishi (who I figured was a nice guy) I decided to simply keep the support here ongoing and help out by mirroring these drivers. Although with these relations a bit dodgy I left things as they where.

    Today I found out that everyting that entails Guru3D.com is blacklisted at the ** website. Links towards Guru3D.com are censored towards forums.!#@%3D.com They'll pretty much make sure that no-one knows what Guru3D.com is.

    Next to that JRd1st compares yours truly to Adolf Hitler in his forums.

    On top of that today I found this post from Daishi regarding the ** forums, which i didn't think was his style:

    There's a lot of blacklisting, backwash and hatriat towards Guru3D.com on that site. Suffice to say that I'm done with the ** drivers. We will return the favor by blocking their links and halting the ** discussion on this site.

    We will continue our full support for NGO, zer0point, Omega, DNA, Z-Tweaked and SavageXP drivers.
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