XFX 7970 PCB revision heatsink positions?

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    Hi everybody!
    A few weeks ago I decided to buy a second 7970 for use in crossfire. The plan was to find a reference card and stick an Accelero Xtreme 7970 on it, just like my other card (a reference Sapphire).
    After a quick google search I saw that the XFX Double Dissipation cards still use the reference PCB so that's what I bought. Turns out a bit more googling would have been better.

    So, I now have a card with a revised pcb, however, the position of the gpu and the mounting holes hasn't changed so I figure there's no reason why I can't still fit an accelero on there.

    Basically I would like some help figuring out where to stick the heatsinks on this thing, before I go ahead and void the warranty...

    This is the reference one that I've already done with the heatsink positions in pink:

    And this here is the new one:
    And a LINK to the image without overlay, if that helps.
    (Image found on the EKWB page)

    Now I know where most of them go, the pink ones, it's the ones highlighted in yellow that I'm not quite sure about.


    P.S. I'm sorry my first post around here is me asking for help. Been lurking for a few years but never got around to actually creating an account :lurk:
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    in that 2nd pic you dont need sinks on any of the yellow, nor the the two above the yellow marked as number 2. Really the only things that get hot is ram chips and the vrm, the very far purple on the right is the vrm controller, it doesnt really get hot either

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