Xbox One X - question about monitor, games , 4k and fps.

Discussion in 'Consoles & console games' started by qwe123, Nov 13, 2017 at 2:43 PM.

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    Hello. Maybe i will buy Xbox One X but first want to know some things.
    And this monitor:

    So. If i run on this monitor 4k how much smooth will be games,like GTA V and Assasin Creed Origins or Call of duty? I care only for smooth gameplay. I can live with 30 fps but this will be smooth on this screen? Thanks
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    I can't really speak for 4k on a actual monitor as i only have a 4K via a 43in TV, but games on the Xbox Slim upscaled to 4k with HDR on this are awesome, and i was blown away by Foza 7 on the xbox slim, so i can't imagine what these games will look like on the XBX.

    4k displays seem to me to at a basic level to make lighting and colour just pop in a way i have never seen with 1080p, and i assume it is because they have more pixles and colour options over the old 1080p standard.
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    XBX is pretty smooth sailing, I haven't run across any FPS issues as of yet.

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