X980 Upgrade?

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards Intel' started by Foonus, Nov 4, 2016.

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    Nvidia 2070SC
    Older CPU but still running solid overclock at 4.3G (4 years OC no trouble lol)
    6 Core, lots of cache...

    Used as a gaming PC with GTX1070 still seeing no bottleneck with this CPU, getting over 144FPS (refresh rate limit) solid in games like overwatch with most everything on 1080p..

    CPU/system over 4 years old now only upgrade was GTX580SLI's for one GTX1070 and few ssd's. It still maxes out refresh rate of 144 with no fps dropping below?

    Old board has Intel RAID I have made my own BIOS and updated (in x58 days old ROM would not detect SSD over 60G intel tried to tell you new mainboard was answer instead of just updating ROM on their old raid controllers...) to run 3 SSD's in RAID getting 750-800MB transfers even with the sata II bottleneck (using 3x ssd's), so not in rush to upgrade for storage speed...

    Whats with the everyone's rush to get newer CPU, honestly can't see need for it when already maximum settings in game 1080P? Or is it just an epeen thing to post better benchmarks in synthetic benchmark apps to boast?

    This is not a troll post, Its coming from a gaming perspective. I am not using this PC for anything else (pr0n doesn't count :pc1:) so high values for synthetic benchmarks or compressing 3d rendering software are irrelevant.

    Has time come to upgrade, and if so for what reason if all the games I play already top settings at my 1080P with 144Hz refresh limit?
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    RTX 3090 NvLink
    Hi there

    My reason for upgrading is I do lots of rendering and if i7-5820k hasn't been faster than my old X5670 then I wouldn't upgrade,tried i7-4790k for rendering and this has been one big mistake,sold it and bought E5-2683v3 ES Xeon its great chip and renders everything twice faster than my older X5670,then RAM limit on X58,48GB has been enough for me for time being,but I do lots of rendering and 64 or like now 96GB is for me sweet spot

    Why you should upgrade,not sure,if you are happy with yours,as I said in games I've been very happy with X5670 paired with Titan X,previously have run GTX970 or R9 390X etc on mine and no issues in games...

    On X58 I've been for very long time and I needed get something to try and to compare there

    Hope this helps

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    EVGA GTX 980 Ti ssc
    If it's running ok for you then you don't need to upgrade no matter what anyone tells you.

    After all it's your PC not ours.

    Upgrade when you think the time is right.

    On another note. I kept my old Q9650 @ 4GHz as my main gaming PC from 2008 up until mid 2014. At that time the Q9650 was starting to struggle with some games that came out at the time. It was ok, I was going down to 40FPS though is some games and for me that's as low as I can bare so I upgraded to the 4690K I have now.

    However some more recent games have ran really well on the Q9650 (I still have the PC up and running with GTX970). Doom on vulkan is amazing, maxed out at 1080p it gets over 100fps in most situations.
    I'm now beginning to regret upgrading when I did as there is still plenty of life left in the Q9650 and I could have held out a little longer and bought something newer and better.

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