x86 w10 on x64 EFI atom tablet

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    hello gurus, I've been trying to install x86 w10 on this nuvision TM800W610L machine but so far seems impossible, apparently the UEFI spec dictates that firmware bit depth be matched with OS bit depth, hence win efi x86 will only boot on x86 efi firmware and vice versa for x64

    now for some reason this OEM made this tablet with an x64 efi so it can only use x64, a non-upgradeable 2gb ram device with 32gb storage... let that sink in for a moment. I can't even begin to comprehend the reasoning behind this :bang:

    but then I tried booting kali linux x86 and guess what, it worked, I checked the install media and it has both x64 x86 efi boot files, but the OS itself is x86, is there any way to do this on windows? I would really appreciate any ideas

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