Worldwide PC Shipments Show 5.7 percent decline in Q3-2016

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Oct 12, 2016.

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    i guess it's kind of normal also. buying a pre-built pc is SOO expensive for what you get compared to making your own build. for 2000$ "CDN" you get a O.K pre-built PC. but for 2000$ i can BUILD a REALLY good pc :S
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    i believe the impact is not only to pre-build PC but more to overall pc hardware sales

    the main reason obviously lack performance improvement (cpu) over last few years which holding people upgrading

    when people dont upgrade cpu -> they also dont upgrade mobo + ram most of time ... so it rather linked together

    probably only gpu and storage sales still stable
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    A lot of this has to do with the crap economy the past 7 years where the average person hasn't seen wage increases and where the only people making money are in the stock market which itself has only done well because the Federal Reserve has been printing upwards of $40 billion per month which in the long run will cause massive inflation. The fact of the matter is the United States has been in recession for 7 years and i dont care about the fake GDP numbers showing 1-2% growth each year because its a fact that in 2010 the Obama Adminstration altered the way GDP is calculated which most experts at the time said would add an additional 1-3% to GDP figures.
    And while this thread is discussing global sales, the fact of the matter is many other governments are printing money as well. The EU has lowered interest rates so low that some countries have cooked up a scheme to have negative interest rates. While i know people wont like hearing this, they need to be aware because in the end this will all end badly.

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    There are many reasons.

    1) Tablets and portables have largely taken over for small tasks such as web browsing, emailing, netflix and mobile games. More people have invested in this form factor over workstations, which makes perfect sense since most people don't need or want a standalone tower. Even laptops are made obsolete for basic stuff in many cases.

    2) Economy: People are spending less on items that are simply "nice to have" and buying more toward what they need to conserve money. when you tack on #1 above and realize how much cheaper it is to get a tablet to do 80% of what you were doing on your PC, its pretty self-explanitory

    3) the people who still do purchase workstations for design, gaming, multimedia etc have seen pre-builts become more costly over the years while not offering the best in terms of value or performance. With videos and guides literally all over the internet, people have just taken to build their own systems for less money which end up being far better than any pre-built.

    I expect to see the numbers dive even more, probably more in the enterprise sector once more companies leverage virtualized systems. The pricing in the enterprise sector for workstations that I have seen have been extortionate for what you get.. I don't see many companies continuing to support it frankly.
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    A lot of people are holding in till Cannonlake. There's no real need to trow money away right now. Also games are still just console ports. There hasn't been much power needed those last year. Just some games here and there but nothing worth throwing thousands of euros away.
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    People who don't play games or work with demanding software simply have no reason to upgrade anymore. I don't think this can be fixed with faster offerings by hardware manufacturers. If they want to improve sales, they have to make demanding software everyone wants/needs in their everyday life.
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