Worldwide PC Shipments Grew For the First Time in Six Years in Q2 of 2018

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    "PC shipment growth in the second quarter of 2018 was driven by demand in the business market"

    This makes a lot of sense to me. IT is becoming more and more important in the business market, while less and less people buy new pc's on a regular basis. I wouldn't be surprised if the increase of demand for pc's in the business market is now more significant than the decrease in demand of new pc's for people.
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    I’ve also noticed that brick and mortar stores are also finally carrying more pc components/peripherals like how it was in the early 2000s (not quite as much but a heck of a lot more then it has been for the past decade). Walmart and Best Buy actually have things like keyboards, video cards, power supplies, high end monitors and I actually saw motherboards and processors on the shelf at Best Buy, what the what!? I feel like consumers see stuff they can use to actually “accessorize” and replace pc components more easily also helps the sell.
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    I work at a place that sells laptops, all in ones, desktops, monitors, and tablets.

    In the last year i have sold only 1 tablet myself, hundreds of laptops, a 20-30 all-in-ones, and probably around 10-20 desktops with monitors.

    Obviously i'm only one data point, however in contrast to 2012-2015, where it was hard to convince someone what they needed to do would be easier to do on a laptop, instead of a tablet, and outsold tablets to laptops/desktops/etc. immensely.

    Things have gone backwards so much so that instead of having twice to three times the amount of tablets then we do laptops on display and for sale, we now only have 3 tablets on display, and around 20 laptops on display, 8 all in-ones, and 6 desktops.

    And it's not that we don't have a lot of choices that they are deciding not to buy either, if i even look and say "here's your laptops, and your tablets over here" they more often then not don't even look over at the tablets, or say they are simply not interested.

    Now, i personally believe this has more to do with phones, people found they were still using their phones even if they had a tablet and probably kept asking themselves "Why do i even have this?", tablets, when it comes to smart phones being a norm for a cellphone, more often then not simply do not make sense.

    But people are still buying PCs, because they need what the PCs have that the phones and tablets can not do, or do not do as easily or as well. So it won't surprise me if this increase becomes a trend.

    You think a hardware survey from a program that does not test all machines at any given time, happening to test more intel computers this last month due to its inherent flaw that doesn't even remotely make the monthly numbers mean anything, is important? That 0.11%? That percent thats so small, any legitimate testing facility would consider it a margin of error that doesn't mean anything?

    And you're here trying to tell people that the AMD fan-base has become "obnoxious" with statements like yours that mean nothing?

    Here, i'll paste what you seem to think is "important" for the rest to see.


    Yeah, don't mind the overall trend you see there, the one that actually matters, the one that shows from February to June shows that AMD has captured almost twice the market share they had before. Lets not pay attention to that, lets only pay attention to you tooting Intels horn about its margin of error 0.11% increase.

    Next you'll be telling me that Single core CPUs are on the rise the next time it shows a positive, which it had a few months ago, based off these already known to be flaws in a system that does not check all computers and has no realistic way to know if a bunch of new ryzen or intel computers are being used and not some old, already recorded information.

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