Woman's Day

Discussion in 'The Guru's Pub' started by anticupidon, Mar 8, 2021.

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    understood - I have changed 'want' to 'need'.
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    You don't hear me disagree here. Coincidentally, there were a lot of program directors who made good money off of strong female leads as well.
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    There is hardly a day that goes by today it's always gender rights. Political moves.
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    My hopes for what might be brought to mind on "Women's Day" do not include any thoughts, for example, of getting female hands on the controls of government, business or industry. At least, to certainly not being awarded any special considerations in the mistaken belief that we, as women, are any less likely to screw things up to more-or-less the same degree as our male counterparts. The notion that it's time for such-and-such an institution to be placed under female leadership for no better reason than that concept being some sort of feminist fever-dream never made any sense whatsoever to me. That was pretty much the "feminist" mind-set that was both prevalent, and very much encouraged, at college. And, I couldn't escape it fast enough.

    No, my hope for a day commemorating women would include the contemplation of the fact that, as I type this, only the Creator knows how many thousands of females of all ages are getting the absolute living daylights beaten out of them, all around the World. In part, or in whole, for simply having the unfortunate luck of being smaller, lighter and physically weaker than their assailant. Sometimes, beaten to death. And, then there is the practice, in some societies, of either aborting females once their sex is determined, or terminating them after they are born for being perceived as less desirable or somehow simply less deserving of life.

    I am not a victim of physical abuse. My personal circumstances are good, so I'm not saying this for my own benefit. Rather, I would very much wish, on behalf of those females who do experience violence in their daily lives, and for those who don't even get the chance to have a life, that any sort of Woman's Day commemoration would serve as a reminder of this very sad, and heartbreaking reality. Whatever any of us could do to help would be a very fine thing to do.

    That is all I wanted to say about Women's Day.
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