WipeOut and the unwary PS4 Pr0 purchase

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Have you ever bought a well-known remake/update of a game, only to remember that you hated it?

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  1. YES (give details)

  2. NO, I am a perfect consumer and this has never ever happened to me!

  3. Not that I can remember, but I will ask the nurse...

  1. Loobyluggs

    Loobyluggs Ancient Guru

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    So - I made a mistake and wished to pose a question:

    Ask you can guess from the title, I bought Wipeout for the PS4 Pr0 - as I had this game down as one of the 'one to own' titles for the PS4 Pr0. It ticks a lot of boxes, 60fps, Pr0 optimized, HDR etc etc etc and yes, the game is definitely smoother than a Puma, with visuals to delight - but after about 4 corners, I remembered from playing the original wipeout on the PlayStation, that I truly hated this game!

    I have spent the last hour slamming into corners, unable to accurately judge all corners and bends, generally coming last place in every game.

    I can't stand it!

    This, to me; is one of those games that I totally respect in every respect, but just cannot play it at all - even though I should be amazing at racing games, as I have got my racing skills down pat. Wanna race me on any 'normal' driving game, and I will probably win, but this floating-nightmare of a game, I cannot win.

    I can't be the only one, can I ?
  2. XP-200

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    Make sure you pick the right craft for the right track, a fast craft will be no good on a bendy weaving course because all you will do is bang from wall to wall on the track........slow and steady on a bendy wins all the time, long winding course and you can try a fast craft over stability craft....takes practices to match the craft to the track but you will get there.....plus learn were the booats are, and weapons.

    Oh and this game is out if this world in vr, it becomes a whole new experience. Ha
  3. tsunami231

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    secret of mana remake, After play the remake I remeber why I hated the original and stop playing it, it wasnt the actual story I hated it was how broke the game was gameplay was and last i check all those issue got directly ported into the remake.

    There was one extra patch made to remake that got download after I stop playing it, so i dont even know combat issue were even resolved. but wacking away at enemy just just to see it act like the enemy isnt even there was why i stop playing the original. there should "#" indicating hit amount when it hits and "miss" when it missed the target but more time then not it didnt even register the enemy as even being there

    It might look nicer but all the original game issue remained intact I know they add some QOL fix in the patch that listed atk damage on weapons and armor in stores that original didnt have. along with some other QOL things.

    But not fixing the combat which pretty big issue compared to the other stuff, Maybe the issue was fixed and i just dont know? forget about how offten the remake actual crashed I never seen ps4 game crash let alone as often as secret of mana did. think i had 1.2 when I stopped there was 1.3 after I stop playing

    I bought on day 1 release on physical disc, thinking it would be hard to find on disc after word. last I check you still find disc copies new for whole lot less then 59.99 i payed
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  4. boodikon

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    Air brakes and a ship with best handling also since the ps1 original 25 years ago my reflexes have faded a bit.

  5. Netherwind

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    The initial difficulty is very very high. I've let three different friends try the game and they always came in 7th or 8th place. It takes a ton of tries to get to 1st place and this includes finding and taking all the shortcuts. I've tried to get Yellow medal on every track and it's a huge challenge. Later episodes are even worse.
  6. SerotoNiN

    SerotoNiN Ancient Guru

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    I love the wipeout series. I was disappointed by this game because it's just another remake, nothing original. The controls can be frustrating at times, it depends on what ship you have. If I remember correctly, right/left triggers help with turns.

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