[WIP] ATX PSU Maximum Combined 12v Ratings

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    I can't guarantee that these are all correct. Sometimes the information provided is wrong. The declared 12v ratings for the units listed are reliable to the best of my knowledge. Usually when they over-rate a unit they do it with the total watts figure and not the 12v amperage. Some of the more unscrupulous brands will use peak values rather then continuous values to rate their units and may or may not indicate which it is. Units from Powmax, Deer, L&C and their various "nom-de-plumes" will not be listed because of their proven track record for not being capable of outputting anything near what they claim in total watts or 12V amps. Those units would most likely all be listed here as NG for Not Given anyway. Certainly I may have gotten sloppy and made errors too. Also some of these figures (the Antec Smartpowers and all the non-Wintech Apevia units) are extrapolated from limited information provided and are merely the known minimum and I should have put an asterisk next to those but I didn't. The Smartpowers probably are capable of significantly more...the Aspires probably not.

    All calculations have been rounded DOWN to the nearest whole integer. Most of the data is from websites and datasheet .pdf's not the labels. If they disagree I personally tend to put more stock in what's on the label.

    None of these figures is exactly "carved in stone". Very low AC input voltage and high ambient temps in particular will have a measureable effect. Bear in mind that not all power supplies are rated at the same temperature and not all companies will truthfully disclose what temperature they rate units at. Even those who do give a rating temperature don't disclose where the temperature measurement is made or what the airflow was. Also, some units rated at 25°C will still output their full rated amounts at °40+ and others will begin to sag at any temperature increase. Some units will derate at a modest 1 watt per 1°C and some will drop at more significant levels of 5-10 watts per every 1°C temperature increase...or more. So there's no hard and fast rule and there's no standardized rating procedure or PSU guideline requirements and there's limited disclosure for this possibly important factor. I wish there was so I could add it here and make the listing more relevant, but you'll have to do your own research on individual models in this regard.

    A PSU about which little is known is likely to be low quality and begs the question "what are they hiding?". The list is not comprehensive and never will be, but it's a lot closer to it than anything else you'll find elsewhere. If anyone has different information than I've posted, feel free to enlighten me and I'll fix it. This is a work in progress so if anyone wants to tackle some of the missing brand/models feel free!

    I'd like to thank Bigpipe, Kwak, Obus, Stefan555, cmrosado, dagwoood and hondacity for making major contributions to the list :)

    Scroll down to the bottom of the list to see the methodology.

    NG=Not Given or not found or somesuch lack of disclosure. OEM: Unknown means that I don't know, not that it's generic or a big mystery.

    Infrequently the specifications will change while the model name and number remain the same (there may or may not be a revision number added). The specs listed here were accurate at the time of posting.

    In order to provide the community with one regularly updated list and also to ensure that any questions, comments, additions and corrections be made directly to me and acted upon here I ask that you not publish this list elsewhere without my permission.

    I haven't figured out a good way to handle a certain OEM/brand name other then to spell it out here. Sirtec and High Power were basically the same company for a long time. Then Sirtec/Taiwan broke up and became Sirfa(ctory)/China and now Sirfa seems to be moving towards calling themselves High Power.

    To view brand names J-Z scroll down to post#4 or click here

    2the Max http://www.2themax.com/
      GS-420 ~22A
    • OEM: HEC
      SV-350 ~NG
      SV-400 ~NG
      VP-350R ~NG
      VP-400R ~NG
      VP-450R ~NG
      RF Extreme 750 ~60A
    • OEM: Channel Well Tech
      RF-305 ~20A
      RF-355 ~27A
      RF-405 ~32A
      PM-350B ~18A
      PM-400B ~22A
      PM-450B ~24A
      PM-500B ~26A
      GPV-300 ~14A
      GPV-350 ~17A
      GPV-400 ~20A
      GPV-450 ~24A
      GPV-500 ~28A
      GPX-600 ~48A
      GPX-750 ~60A
      GPX-850 ~62A
    • OEM: Super Flower
      XG620 ~38A
      XG740 ~46A
    • OEM: Topower
      AL-450 ~25A
      AL-550 ~33A
      SP-900 ~72A
      SP-1000 ~75A
      SP-1100 ~80A
      SP-1200 ~84A
    3Y Power http://www.3ypower.com/
    • OEM: 3Y Power
      500W YM-8501AAR ~38A
      600W YM-8601BAR ~40A
      600W CP-1102R2 ~45A
      600W YM-7601CAR ~45A
      700W YM-8701AAR ~50A
      850W YM-8851AAR ~66A
      1000W YM-8102ACR ~70A
      1200W YM-A122AAR ~90A
    Ablecom/Supermicro http://www.supermicro.com/
    • OEM: Lite-On
      PWS-1K22-1R ~100A
      PWS-1K01-1R ~83A
      PWS-801-1R ~66A
      PWS-711-1R ~59A
      PWS-465-PQ ~35A
      PWS-0060 ~46A
      PWS-0059 ~24A
      PWS-0056 ~46A
      PWS-0046 ~40A
      PWS-0045 ~34A
      PWS-0038 ~30A
    ABS http://www.abs.com/
    • OEM: Topower
      ITZ700 ~56A
      ITZ800 ~64A
      ITZ900 ~70A
      ITZ1100 ~80A
      ITZ1300 ~92A
      BZ700 ~56A
      BZ800 ~64A
      BZ900 ~70A
      BZ1100 ~80A
      BZ1300 ~92A
    • OEM: ATNG
      Dark Beret DB850-M-BRZ ~64A
      Dark Beret DB1000-M-BRZ ~75A
      Majesty MJ1100-M ~83A
    • OEM: Enermax
      SL SL850 ~70A
      SL SL1050 ~87A
    AcBel Polytech http://www.acbel.com/
    • OEM: AcBel Polytech
      ATX-450A2 ~25A
      ATX-500CA ~27A
      E8 Power PC7017 ~18A
      E8 Power PC7018 ~18A
      E8 Power PC7019 ~20A
      E8 Power PC7020 ~20A
      E8 Power PC7004 ~26A
      E8 Power PC7005 ~26A
      E8 Power PC7006 ~30A
      E8 Power PC7007 ~30A
      R8 Power API5PC36 ~25A
      R8 Power API5PC37 ~30A
      R8 Power API5PC38 ~37A
      R8 Power PC6024 ~44A
      R8 Power PC7030 ~54A
      M8 Power PC6022 ~43A
      M8 Power PC6018 ~52A
      Intelligent Power PC7008 ~20A
      Intelligent Power PC7009 ~20A
      Intelligent Power PC7010 ~26A
      Intelligent Power PC7011 ~26A
      Intelligent Power PC7012 ~30A
      Intelligent Power PC7013 ~30A
      Intelligent Power 5PC04 ~35A
      Intelligent Power PC7014 ~39A
      Intelligent Power PC7016 ~42A
      Intelligent Power Gold API4PC23 ~27A
      Intelligent Power Gold API4PC24 ~30A
      LCD Power API5PC03 SLI ~34A
      LCD Power API5PC04 SLI ~35A
      R88 Power 500W PC7061 ~38A
      R88 Power 600W PC7062 ~45A
      R88 Power 700W PC7063 ~52A
      R88 Power 900W PC7052 ~71A
      R88 Power 1100W PC7054 ~89A
      e8 Power PC7055 390W ~NG
      e8 Power PC7056 470W ~34A
      i8 Power PC7057 390W ~NG
      i8 Power PC7058 470W ~34A
      ME2 Power PC8059 300W ~20A
      M88 Power PC8037 750W ~NG
      M88 Power PC8039 1100W ~88A
      R8II Power PC9015 300W ~NG
      R8 II Power PC9016 350W ~NG
      R8 II Power PC9020 400W ~NG
      R8 II Power PC9025 500W ~34A
      R8 II Power PC9026 600W ~NG
      R9 Power PC8054 900W ~71A
      R9 Power PC8055 1100W ~88A
    A.C. Ryan http://www.acryan.com/index.shtml/
      Ryanpower2 ACR-PS2094 ~26A
      Ryanpower2 ACR-PS2100 ~30A
    A-Data http://www.adata.com.tw/
    • OEM: CWT
      Horus HM-550 ~44A
      Horus HM-650 ~53A
      Horus HM-750 ~60A
      Horus HM-850 ~70A
      Horus HM-1200 ~100A
    Aerocool http://www.aerocool.com.tw/
    • OEM: HEC
      Eco-Friendly Series E85-550 ~40A
      Eco-Friendly Series E85M-550 ~40A
      Eco-Friendly Series E85-700 ~54A
      Eco-Friendly Series E85M-700 ~54A
      V-Ultimate Gaming VXT-600 ~42A
      V-Ultimate Gaming VXT-700 ~54A
      V-Ultimate Gaming VXT-800 ~65A
      V-Ultimate Gaming VXT-1000 ~80A
    • OEM: Topower
      AeroPower II AERO-320P4 ~15A
      AeroPower II AERO-370P4 ~16A
      AeroPower II AERO-420P4 ~18A
      AeroPower II AERO-470P4 ~28A
      AeroPower II AERO-520P4 ~28A
    • OEM: Andyson
      Aeropower B/S 350W ~22A
      Aeropower B/S 450W ~26A
      Aeropower B/S 550W ~30A
      Aeropower II+SE 350W ~20A
      Aeropower II+SE 450W ~25A
      Aeropower II+SE 550W ~30A
      Zero dba-S450 ~28A
      Zero dba-S500 ~30A
      Zero dba-S550 ~30A
      Zero dba-S620 ~30A
      Turbine Power 450 ~26A
      Turbine Power 550 ~32A
    • OEM: Channel Well Tech
      Horsepower 400W EN53068 ~31A
      Horsepower 500W EN53075 ~33A
      Horsepower 650W EN53082 ~52A
      Horsepower 750W EN53099 ~60A
      Horsepower 1020W EN53112 ~72A
    Aikuo http://www.aikuo.com
    • OEM: Huntkey
      BF430-LEGP ~17A
      GR530-V2 ~33A
      GR560-GP ~31A
    Akasa http://www.akasa.com.tw/
    • OEM: Enhance
      Paxpower AK-P400FG ~NG
      PaxPower AK-P040FG7 ~25A
      Paxpower AK-P050FG7 ~35A
      Paxpower AK-P550FF ~38A
      Paxpower AK-P460FG ~NG
      Power80+ AK-P040FG8 ~33A
      Power80+ AK-P050FG8 ~35A
      Power80+ AK-P060FG8 ~48A
      Power+iQ AK-P550FH ~38A
      Power+iQ AK-P650FH ~42A
      PowerPlus AK-P650FF ~42A
      Powermax AK-P085FG-BK ~64A
      Powermax AK-P100FG-BK ~70A
    • OEM: Super Flower
      Freedom Power AK-PSS075FGM-BK ~60A
      Freedom Power AK-PSS100FGM-BK ~80A
    • OEM: Topower
      PowerXtreme AK-PS120FG ~94A
    Amacrox http://www.amacrox.com/
    • OEM: FSP Group
      Warrior AX350-PN/AX350-PNF ~NG
      Warrior AX400-PN/AX400-PNF ~NG
      Warrior AX450-PN/AX450-PNF ~NG
      Warrior AX500-A ~NG
      Calmer 400 AX360-PFL01 ~22A
      Calmer 2 AX560-PEL01 ~NG
      Free Earth AX550-GLN ~44A
      Free Earth AX650-GLN ~52A
      Free Style AX750-EP ~NG
      Free Style AX1000-EP ~NG
      Free Earth 88Plus AX500-88FE ~NG
      Free Earth 88Plus AX600-88FE ~NG
      Free Earth 88Plus AX700-88FE ~NG
      Free Style 85Plus AX550-85EP ~NG
      Free Style 85Plus AX650-85EP ~NG
      Free Style 85Plus AX750-85EP ~NG
      Free Earth 85Plus AX450-85PLUS ~NG
      Free Earth 85Plus AX550-85PLUS ~NG
      Free Earth 85Plus AX650-85PLUS ~NG
    AMS Mercury http://www.amselectronics.com/
    • OEM: Jou Jye
      PP-44603EPS ~30A
      PP-4603EPS ~30A
      PP-5503EPS ~35A
    Andyson http://www.andysonet.com/
    • OEM: Andyson
      B Series 450W AD-5480N2-36 ~30A
      B Series 500W AD-5520N2-36 ~32A
      B Series 550W AD-5580N2-36 ~34A
      B Series 600W AD-5620N2-36 ~36A
      G430 AD-5360N2-72 ~24A
      G480 AD-5420N2-72 ~26A
      G530 AD-5480N2-72 ~28A
      G Series 300W AD-5320N2-08 ~23A
      G Series 350W AD-5360N2-08 ~27A
      G Series 400W AD-5420N2-08 ~32A
      G Series 450W AD-5460N2-08 ~36A
      F550 AD-F520A2-36 ~33A
      F650 AD-F620A2-36 ~42A
      F500M AD-520N2-36 ~33A
      F600M AD-620N2-36 ~42AA
      F Series 350W AD-F360A2-36 ~24A
      F Series 400W AD-F420A2-36 ~26A
      F Series 450W AD-F480A2-36 ~28A
      F Series 500W AD-F520A2-36 ~32A
      F Series 550W AD-F580A2-36 ~34A
      F Series 600W AD-F620A2-36 ~36A
      Nuclear N850 AD-E750AE-A5 ~54A
      Nuclear N950 AD-E850AE-A5 ~61A
      Nuclear N1150 AD-E1050AE-A5 ~76A
      Nuclear N1300 AD-E1200AE-A5 ~85A
      E Series 750W AD-E750AE-YY ~54A
      E Series 850W AD-E850AE-YY ~61A
      E Series 950W AD-E950AE-YY ~68A
      E Series 1050W AD-E1050AE-YY ~76A
      E Series 1200W AD-E1200AE-YY ~85A
      L Series 700W AD-L700AE-YY ~NG
      L Series 850W AD-L850AE-YY ~NG
      L Series 1000W AD-L1000AE-YY ~NG
      K Series 850W AD-K850AE-YY ~70A
      K Series 1000W AD-K100AE-YY ~83A
      K Series 1200W AD-K1200AE-YY ~100A
      Vanguard V880 AD-M0800A2-63 ~66A
      Vanguard V1080 AD-M1000A2-63 ~83A
      M Series 800W AD-M0800A2-71 ~65A
      M Series 900W AD-M0900A2-71 ~73A
      M Series 1000W AD-M1000A2-71 ~82A
    Antec http://www.antec.com/InternationalWelcome.php
    • OEM: FSP Group
      Basiq BP350 ~23A
      Basiq BP500U ~35A
    • OEM: Delta
      Basiq BP430 ~30A
      Basiq BP550Plus ~32A
      EarthWatts Green EA-380D ~28A
      EarthWatts Green EA-430D ~32A
      EarthWatts Green EA-500D ~37A
      Earthwatts EA430D ~30A
      Earthwatts EA500D ~34A
      Earthwatts EA650 ~45A
      Earthwatts EA750 ~56A
      CP850 (not ATX) ~64A
      CP1000 (not ATX) ~70A
      Signature SG-650 ~43A
      Signature SG-850 ~65A
    • OEM: Channel Well Tech
      Phantom 500 ~32A
      SmartPower 2.0 SP-350 ~17A
      SmartPower 2.0 SP-400 ~21A
      SmartPower 2.0 SP-450 ~22A
      SmartPower 2.0 SP-500 ~25A
      TruePower TP-380 ~24A
      TruePower TP-430 ~26A
      TruePower TP-480 ~28A
      TruePower TP-550 ~30A
      TruePower 2.0 TPII-380 ~28A
      TruePower 2.0 TPII-430 ~30A
      TruePower 2.0 TPII-480 ~33A
      TruePower 2.0 TPII-550 ~35A
      TruePower 2.0 Truecontrol II-550 ~35a
      TruePower 2.0 TP2-550 EPS12V ~36A
      NeoPower 380 ~26A
      NeoPower 480 ~32A
    • OEM: Seasonic
      AR-350 ~25A
      Neo Eco 400/400C ~30A
      Neo Eco 450/450C ~34A
      Neo Eco 520/520C ~40A
      Neo Eco 620/620C ~48A
      EarthWatts EA380 ~27A
      EarthWatts EA430 ~30A
      EarthWatts EA500 ~34A
      SU-380 ~28A
      NeoHE 380 ~28A
      NeoHE 430 ~32A
      NeoHE 500 ~38A
      NeoHE 550 ~42A
      NeoHE 650 ~52A
      NeoHE 650 Blue ~52A
      TruePower Trio TP3-430 ~32A
      TruePower Trio TP3-550 ~42A
      TruePower Trio TP3-650 ~52A
      TruePower New TP-550 ~45A
      TruePower New TP-650 ~54A
      TruePower New TP-750 ~62A
      TruePower New TP-750 Blue ~62A
    • OEM: Enhance
      Truepower Quatro TPQ-850 ~64A
      Truepower Quatro TPQ-1000 ~70A
      TruePower Quatro TPQ-1200 ~100A
    Aopen http://www.aopen.com/
    • OEM: FSP Group
      AO350-12ALN ~25A
      AO700-12ALN ~50A
      AO1050-12ALN ~75A
    Apevia/Aspire http://apevia.com
    • OEM: Deer
      Turbolink ATX-CW500WP4 ~NG
      Aqua ATX-AQ700W ~44A
    • OEM: Youngyear
      Concord ATX-MR500W ~23A
      See-Through ATX-AS500W ~23A
      Tri-Fan ATX-AS520W ~25A
      Chameleon ATX-AS550W ~27A
      Dark Side ATX-AS600W ~25A
      Beastw/PFC ATX-PFC680W ~27A
      Beast ATX-AS680W ~27A
      Iceberg IB680W ~27A
      Quartz ATX-LCD650W ~25A
      Quartz ATX-LCD750W ~33A
    • OEM: Wintech
      Java WIN-500XSPX ~26A
      Warlock ATX-WA750W ~48A
      Warlock ATX-WA900W ~59A
      Warlock ATX-WA1100W ~75A
    Apex http://www.apextechusa.com/
    • OEM: SolyTech
      SL-8550EPS ~35A
      SL-8600EPS ~40A
    Arctic Cooling http://www.arctic-cooling.com/
    • OEM: Seasonic
      Fusion 550R (500W) ~34A
    Asus http://www.asus.com/
    • OEM: Bestec
      X-30GP ~18A
      X-35GP ~22A
      X-40F ~22A
    • OEM: Enhance
      A-36H ~18A
      A-36F ~18A
      A-30F ~18A
      A-30H ~18A
    • OEM: Delta
      A-35G ~18A
      A-45GA ~NG
      P-55GA ~30A
      U-65HA ~NG
      U-75HA ~54A
    • OEM: AcBel Polytech
      A-50GA ~27A
      A-55GA ~30A
    Athena Power http://www.athenapower.com/
    • OEM: Topower
      AP-P4ATX80FEP ~NG
      AP-P4ATX85FE ~48A
      AP-P4ATX90FEP ~NG
      AP-P4ATX95FEPC ~NG
    • OEM: Sun Pro
      AP-P4ATX75FEP ~NG
    Athenatech http://www.athenatech.us/
    • OEM: Topower
      XF Xtreme Force PS-09WXF ~72A
      XF Xtreme Force PS-1KWXF ~75A
    ATNG http://www.atngpower.com.tw/
    • OEM: ATNG
      APE-580X(DX)(FA)(FB)(FC)(FBM)(FCM) (A/PFC) 430W ~30A
      APE-680X(DX)(FA)(FB)(FC)(FBM)(FCM) (A/PFC) 530W ~39A
      APE-780X(DX)(FA)(FB)(FC)(FBM)(FCM) (A/PFC) 630W ~47A
      APE-900FM ~NG
      APE-1000FM ~NG
      APE-1100FM ~NG
      APE-700X(F) 550W ~NG
      APE-800X(F) 650W ~NG
      APE-900X(F) 750W ~NG
      APE-1000X(F) 850W ~63A
      APE-1100X(F) 950W ~67A
      APL-580X(DX)(FA)(FB)(FC)(FBM)(FCM) 430W ~30A
      APL-680X(DX)(FB)(FC)(FBM)(FCM) 530W ~39A
      APL-780X(DX)(FA)(FB)(FC)(FBM)(FCM) 630W ~47A
      APED-950FC(M) 800W ~60A
      APED-1150FC(M) 1000W ~75A
      APED-1300FC(M) 1100W ~83A
    AXP http://www.axpertec.com
    • OEM: Unknown
      Simplepower AXP-400P12 ~NG
      Simplepower AXP-500P12P ~NG
      Simplepower AXP-630P12P ~NG
      Simplepower AXP-750P14A ~55A
    • OEM: Super Flower
      Supernova 600W ~38A
      Supernova AXP-800R14HE ~60A
      Supernova AXP-1000R14HE ~80A
    AZZA http://www.azzatek.com/
    • OEM: Super Flower
      Dynamo 500W ~31A
      Dynamo 650W ~38A
      Dynamo 850W ~60A
      Titan 850W ~68A
    Be Quiet! http://www.be-quiet.net/be-quiet.net/
    • OEM: Topower
      Blackline BQT P4-320W ~15A
      Blackline BQT P4-350-S1.3 ~18A
      Blackline BQT P4-370W ~16A
      Blackline BQT P4-400-S1.3 ~20A
      Blackline BQT P4-420W ~18A
      Blackline BQT P4-450-S1.3 ~22A
      Blackline BQT P4-470W ~28A
      Blackline BQT P4-500-S1.3 ~28A
      Blackline BQT P4-520W ~28A
      Blackline BQT P4-550-S1.3 ~28A
      Blackline BQT P5-370W-S1.3 ~25A
      Blackline BQT P5-420W-S1.3 ~27A
      Blackline BQT P5-470W S1.3 ~29A
      Blackline BQT P5-520W-S1.3 ~31A
      Blackline BQT P5-550W S1.3 ~33A
      Blackline BQT P5-600W S1.3 ~35A
      Dark-Power BQT P6-470W ~30A
      Dark-Power BQT P6-520W ~33A
      Dark-Power BQT P6-600W ~40A
      Dark-Power Pro BQT P6PRO-430W ~28A
      Dark-Power Pro BQT P6PRO-530W ~34A
      Dark-Power Pro BQT P6PRO-600W ~40A
      Dark-Power Pro BQT P6PRO-750w ~50A
      Dark-Power Pro BQT P6PRO-850w ~58A
      Dark-Power Pro BQT P6PRO-1000w ~75A
    • OEM: FSP Group
      Straight-Power BQT E5-350W ~18A
      Straight-Power BQT E5-400W ~18A
      Straight-Power BQT E5-450W ~30A
      Straight-Power BQT E5-500W ~34A
      Straight-Power BQT E5-550W ~41A
      Straight-Power BQT E5-600W ~48A
      Straight-Power BQT E5-650W ~52A
      Straight-Power BQT E5-700W ~56A
      Pure Power BQT L6-UA-300W ~21A
      Pure Power BQT L6-UA-350W ~25A
      Pure Power BQT L7-300W ~21A
      Pure Power BQT L7-350W ~25A
      Pure Power BQT L7-430W ~30A
      Pure Power BQT L7-530W ~35A
      Dark-Power Pro BQT P7PRO-450W ~35A
      Dark-Power Pro BQT P7PRO-550W ~44A
      Dark-Power Pro BQT P7PRO-650W ~52A
      Dark-Power Pro BQT P7PRO-750W ~60A
      Dark-Power Pro BQT P7PRO-850W ~68A
      Dark-Power Pro BQT P7PRO-1000W ~75A
      Dark-Power Pro BQT P7PRO-1200W ~85A
      Straight-Power CM BQT E7-480W ~35A
      Straight-Power CM BQT E7-580W ~38A
      Straight-Power CM BQT E7-680W ~52A
      Straight-Power BQT E7-400W ~30A
      Straight-Power BQT E7-450W ~35A
      Straight-Power BQT E7-500W ~36A
      Straight-Power BQT E7-550W ~40A
      Straight-Power BQT E7-600W ~45A
      Straight-Power BQT E7-700W ~52A
      Dark-Power Pro BQT P8PRO-750W ~60A
      Dark-Power Pro BQT P8PRO-900w ~72A
      Dark-Power Pro BQT P8PRO-1000w ~80A
      Dark-Power Pro BQT P8PRO-1200w ~96A
    BFG http://www.bfgtech.com/
    • OEM: Topower
      BFGR550WGSPSU ~36A
      BFGR650WGSPSU ~38A
      BFGR650PSU ~38A
      BFGR800WPSU ~54A
      BFGR1000WPSU ~75A
    • OEM: Enhance
      LS-450 ~29A
      LS-550 (New) ~42A
      LS-1000 ~80A
      LS-1200 ~93A
    • OEM: Fore Point
      LS-550 ~40A
      LS-680 ~51A
      MX-550 ~40A
      MX-680 ~51A
    • OEM: Andyson
      BFGR800WESPSU ~65A
      BFGR1200WEXPSU ~98A
    Bgears http://bgears.com/
    • OEM FSP Group
      Straight-Power BQT E5-600W ~48A
      Straight-Power BQT E5-700W ~56A
    • OEM: Andyson
      b-Tarantula-550W ~30A
      b-Tarantula-650W ~37A
    Casing Macron http://www.casing.com.tw/
    • OEM: Casing Macron
      MPT-251 ~13A
      MPT-251AP ~13A
      MPT-252 ~13A
      MPT-252P ~13A
      MPT-301 ~15A
      MPT-301AP ~15A
      MPT-301P ~15A
      MPT-302P ~15A
      MPT-302 ~15A
      MPT-350 ~15A
      MPT-400 ~15A
      MPT-350P ~15A
      MPT-400P ~15A
      MPT-460 ~30A
      MPT-460E ~30A
      MPT-460EP ~30A
      MPT-460GP ~30A
      MPT-460G ~30A
      MPT-460P ~30A
    Chieftec http://www.chieftec.com/
    • OEM: Enhance
      ATX-1136H ~18A
    • OEM: AcBel
      CFT-500W ~27A
      CFT-550W ~30A
    • OEM: Delta
      GPS-350EB-101A ~25A
      GPS-350FB-101A – 25A
      GPS-400AA-101A ~NG
      GPS-450AA-101A ~NG
      GPS-500AB A ~30A
      GPS-550AB A ~30A
      GPS-650AB A ~45A
      Super CFT-650A-12B ~45A
    • OEM: Sirtec
      APS-500C ~36A
      APS-550C ~37A
      APS-600C ~42A
      APS-650C ~46A
      APS-700C ~50A
      APS-750C ~54A
      APS-800C ~58A
      APS-850C ~62A
      APS-350S ~25A
      APS-400S ~30A
      APS-450S ~33A
      APS-500S ~36A
      APS-550S ~37A
      HPC-360-202DF ~17A
      HPC-420-302DF ~18A
      CFT-560A-12-C ~36A
      GPS-560AB-A-C ~36A
      GPS-620AB-A ~41A
      Green CTP-300-12G ~19A
      Green CTP-350-12G ~25A
      Green CTP-400-12G ~31A
      Green CTP-450-12G ~33A
      Green CTP-500-12G ~36A
      Green GFT-350-12S ~NG
      Green GFT-400-12S ~NG
      Green GFT-450-12S ~NG
      Green GFT-500-12S ~NG
      Super CFT-370-P12S ~21A
      Super CFT-430-P12S ~25A
      Super CFT-460-P12S ~31A
      Super CFT-500A-12S ~31A
      Super CFT-560A-12S ~36A
      Super CFT-620A-12S ~41A
      Super CFT-850G-DF ~66A
      Super CFT-1000G-DF ~75A
      Super CFT-1200-DF ~90A
      A-80 Series CTG-350-80P ~22A
      A-80 Series CTG-400-80P ~25A
      A-80 Series CTG-450-80P ~29A
      A-80 Series CTG-500-80P ~33A
    • OEM: Channel Well Tech
      Arena ANP-355A12 ~22A
      Arena ANP-405A12 ~35A
      Super CFT-600-14CS ~48A
      Super CFT-650-14CS ~52A
      Super CFT-700-14CS ~56A
      Super CFT-750-14CS ~60A
      Turbo CFT-600-14C ~48A
      Turbo CFT-650-14C ~52A
      Turbo CFT-700-14C ~56A
      Turbo CFT-750-14C ~60A
      Turbo CFT-850-14C ~62A
      Turbo CFT-1020-14C ~72A
      Nitro BPS-350S ~25A
      Nitro BPS-400S ~31A
      Nitro BPS-450S ~33A
      Nitro BPS-500S ~36A
      Nitro BPS-550C ~44A
      Nitro BPS-650C ~53A
      Nitro BPS-750C ~60A
      Nitro BPS-850C ~70A
      Nitro BPS-950C ~76A
      Nitro BPS-1200C ~100A
    Chill Innovation http://www.chill-innovation.com/
    • OEM: Shenzhen Chi Yuan
      CP-350A ~18A
      CP-400P ~22A
      CP-400P2 ~NG
      CP-400P3 ~NG
      CP-450A2 ~NG
      CP-450A3 ~NG
      CP-510A ~25A
      CP-520A2 ~NG
      CP-520A3 ~NG
    • OEM: Unknown
      CP-400P4 ~30A
      CP-450A4 ~32A
    • OEM: Kingnod
      CP-520A4 ~35A
    • OEM: Enhance
      CP-1000M ~70A
    Cleverpower http://www.cleverpower.com/
      SPS-300 ~18A
      SPS-400 ~20A
      SPS-500 ~25A
    Coba http://www.inter-tech.de/
      AP-400X-CMS ~29A
      CobaKing 420W ~25A
      CobaKing 550W ~30A
      SinanPower VP-430 ~29A
      SinanPower VP-530 ~30A
    • OEM: AcBel
      AP-400X ~18A
      AP-400DX-D80 ~18A
    • OEM: ATNG
      APE-1000F Plus ~63A
      APE-1100 ~67A
    • OEM: Channel Well Tech
      IT-8500VG ~40A
      IT-8650VG ~52A
      Nitrox IT-7500SG ~36A
      Nitrox IT-7600SG ~48A
      NitroX IT-8650VG ~52A
      NitroX IT-7750SG ~60A
      Ice Cube 550W ~40A
    Cooler Master http://www.coolermaster.com/
    • OEM: Hipro
      eXtreme Power RS-380-PMSR/PMSP ~10A
      eXtreme Power RS-430-PMSP ~14A
      eXtreme Power RS-430-PMSR/P ~19A
    • OEM: AcBel
      eXtreme Power RS-380-PCAR/PCAP ~25A
      eXtreme Power RS-380-PMAR/PMAP ~25A
      eXtreme Power RS-430-PCAR/PCAP ~29A
      eXtreme Power RS-430-PMAR/PMAP ~32A
      eXtreme Power Plus RS-390-PMSR/PMSP-A3 ~18A
      eXtreme Power Plus RS-400-PCAR/PCAP-A3 ~23A
      eXtreme Power Plus RS-460-PMSR/PMSP-A3 ~26A
      eXtreme Power Plus RS-460-PCAR/PCAP-A3 ~26A
      eXtreme Power Plus RS-500-PCAR/PCAP-A3 ~30A
      Real Power RS-450-ACLY ~22A
      Real Power RS-450-ACLX ~22A
      Real Power RS-550-ACLY ~30A
      Real Power Pro RS-550-ACAA-A1 ~36A
      Real Power Pro RS-650-ACAA-A1 ~45A
      Real Power Pro RS-750-ACAA-A1 ~54A
      Real Power M520 RS-520-ASAA-A1 ~34A
      Real Power M620 RS-620-ASAA-A1 ~43A
      Real Power M700 RS-700-ASAA-A1 ~52A
      iGreen Power RS-430-ASAA ~27A
      iGreen Power RS-500-ASAA ~33A
      iGreen Power RS-600-ASAA ~38A
      Ultimate RS-700-AAAA-A3 ~52A
      Ultimate RS-900-AAAA-A3 ~71A
      Ultimate RS-B00-AAAA-A3 ~83A
      Real Power ESA 1000W RS-A00-EFAM-A3 ~78A
    • OEM: Seventeam
      eXtreme Power RP-500-PCAR/PCAP ~NG
      eXtreme Power RP-550-PCAR/PCAP ~NG
      eXtreme Power RP-600-PCAR/PCAP ~NG
      eXtreme Power 600w 713001180 ~36A
      eXtreme Power RP-650-PCAR/PCAP ~NG
      eXtreme Power Plus RS-550-PCAR-E3 ~NG
      eXtreme Power Plus RS-600-PCAR-E3 ~NG
      eXtreme Power Plus RS-650-PCAR-E3 ~NG
      GX Series RS-550-ACAA-E3 ~44A
      GX Series RS-650-ACAA-E3 ~52A
      GX Series RS-750-ACAA-E3 ~60A
    • OEM: Enhance
      Real Power Pro RS-360-ASAA-D3 ~24A
      Real Power Pro RS-400-ASAA-D3 ~25A
      Real Power Pro RS-460-ASAA-D3 ~32A
      Real Power Pro RS-850-ESBA ~64A
      Real Power Pro RS-850-EMBA ~64A
      Real Power Pro 1000 RS-A00-EMBA ~80A
      Real Power Pro 1250W RS-C50-EMBA-D2 ~93A
      Real Power M1000 RS-A00-ESBA ~80A
      Silent Pro M500 RS-500-AMBA-D3 ~34A
      Silent Pro M600 RS-600-AMBA-D3 ~40A
      Silent Pro M700 RS-700-AMBA-D3 ~50A
      Silent Pro Gold RS-600-80GA-D3 ~48A
      Silent Pro Gold RS-700-80GA-D3 ~56A
      Silent Pro Gold RS-800-80GA-D3 ~65A
      Silent Pro Gold RS-900-80GA-D3 ~73A
      Silent Pro Gold RS-A00-80GA-D3 ~82A
      Silent Pro Gold RS-C00-80GA-D3 ~98A
    • OEM: FSP
      Elite RS-400-PSAR-J3 ~23A
      Elite RS-460-PSAR-J3 ~27A
      Silent Pro M850 RS-850-AMBA-J3 ~64A
      Silent Pro M1000 RSA00-AMBA-J3 ~80A
    CoolingWell http://www.coolingwell.com/
    • OEM: Super Flower
      Infinite Z14 CW450-R14 ATX12V ~28A
      Infinite Z14 CW500-R14 ATX12V ~31A
      Infinite Z14 CW550-R14 ATX12V ~35A
      Infinite Z14 CW600-R14 ATX12V ~38A
      Infinite Z14 CW550-R14 SSI EPS 12V ~38A
      Infinite Z14 CW600-R14 SSI EPS 12V ~42A
      Infinite Z14 CW650-R14 SSI EPS 12V ~46A
      Infinite Z14 CW700-R14 SSI EPS 12V ~50A
      Infinite Z14 CW750-R14 SSI EPS 12V ~55A
      Infinite Z14 CW800-R14 SSI EPS 12V ~60A
      V14 Vortex 800W ~60A
    Coolmax http://www.coolmaxusa.com/
    • OEM: Unknown
      ZP-380B ~30A
      ZP-480B ~36A
      RM-750B ~50A
      NW-450B ~29A
      NW-550B ~35A
      NW-650B ~45A
      V-600 ~37A
      CU-400B ~26A
      CU-500B ~33A
      CU-600B ~37A
      CTI-500B ~33A
      CTI-600B ~37A
      CTI-700B ~47A
    • OEM: ATNG
      CA-400 ~18A
      CA-450 ~22A
      V-400 ~29A
      V-500 ~32A
      CW-650T ~41A
      CX-300/B ~22A
      CX-350/B ~25A
      CX-400/B ~29A
      CX-450/B ~30A
      CX-500/B ~32A
      CX-550/B ~36A
      CXI-300B ~22A
      CXI-350B ~25A
      CXI-400B ~29A
      CXI-450B ~30A
      CXI-500B ~32A
      CXI-600B ~36A
      CR-400/B ~29A
      CR-450/B ~30A
      CR-500/B ~32A
      CR-550/B ~35A
      CT-250 ~16A
      CT-300 ~16A
      CT-400 ~25A
      CT-450 ~30A
      CT-470/B ~18A
      CT-550/B ~22A
      CTG-750 ~54A
      CTG-850 (115VAC) ~54A
      CTG-850 (230VAC) ~62A
      CTG-1000 ~70A
    • OEM: Sirtec
      CF-350/B ~15A
      CF-400/B ~20A
      CF-480/B ~23A
      CP-400T ~29A
      CP-500T ~33A
      CU-400T ~29A
      CU-500T ~31A
      CU-600T ~35A
      CUG-600B ~32A
      CUG-700B ~41A
      CUG-950B ~66A
      CUQ-1200B ~75A
      CUQ-1350B ~90A
      ZP-750B ~54A
      ZP-850B ~62A
      ZP-1000B ~83A
    Cooltek http://www.cooltek.de/
    • OEM: ATNG
      CT500 ~32A
      CT600 ~44A
    Corsair http://www.corsair.com/
    • OEM: Channel Well Tech
      VX550W ~41A
      CX600W ~40A
      GS600W ~48A
      TX750W ~60A
      HX750W ~62A
      TX850W ~70A
      HX850W ~70A
      TX950W ~78A
      HX1000W ~80A
    • OEM: Seasonic
      CX400W ~30A
      VX450W ~33A
      HX450W ~33A
      HX520W ~40A
      HX620W ~50A
      HX650W ~52A
      TX650W ~52A
      AX750 ~62A
      AX850 ~70A
    • OEM: Flextronics
      AX1200 ~100A
    Delta http://www.delta.com.tw/
    • OEM: Delta
      DPS-400RB A Rev:01F ~30A
      GPS-550AB A 550W ~30A
    Dynapower http://www.dynapowerusa.com/
    • OEM: Power Tech
      PS-600T472 ~38A
      DP-800PL ~60A
      DP-900PL ~64A
      DP-1000PL ~72A
    Elwin http://www.elwin.com.tw
    • OEM: Unknown
      EL-250WS ~20A
      EL-300WS ~24A
      EL-350WS ~24A
      EL-400WS ~30A
      EL-450WS ~30A
      EL-500WS ~30A
      EL-550WS ~30A
      EL-600WS ~34A
      EL-700WS ~34A
    Enermax http://www.enermax.com/
    • OEM: Enermax
      EG365 FMA ~26A
      EG465 FMA ~33A
      EG565 FMA ~34A
      EG375 FMAII ~27A
      EG465 FMAII DXX ~32A
      EG495 FMAII ~32A
      EG565 FMAII DXX ~34A
      EG325 Noisetaker ~23A
      EG375 Noisetaker ~27A
      EG425 Noisetaker ~29A
      EG475 Noisetaker ~31A
      EG495 Noisetaker ~29A
      EG425 Noisetaker II ~29A
      EG495 Noisetaker II DXX ~32A
      EG701 Noisetaker II DXX ~35A
      XPS 2 EG651P-VE FM(24P) ~36A
      Maximum Plus 550 EG651AX-VH ~35A
      Maximum Plus 660 EG851AX-VH(W) ~38A
      Liberty ELT400AWT ~30A
      Liberty ELT500AWT ~32A
      Liberty ELT620AWT ~36A
      Liberty Eco ELT400AWT-ECO ~30A
      Liberty Eco ELT500AWT-ECO ~38A
      Liberty Eco ELT620AWT-ECO ~48A
      Infiniti EIN650AWT ~52A
      Infiniti EIN720AWT ~56A
      Modu82+ EMD425AWT ~33a
      Modu82+ EMD525AWT ~40A
      Modu82+ EMD625AWT ~50A
      Pro82+ EPR385AWT ~30A
      Pro82+ EPR425AWT ~33A
      Pro82+ EPR525AWT ~40A
      Pro82+ EPR625AWT ~50A
      Modu87+ EMG500AWT ~41A
      Modu87+ EMG600AWT ~50A
      Modu87+ EMG700AWT ~58A
      Pro87+ EPG500AWT ~41A
      Pro87+ EPG600AWT ~50A
      Pro87+ EPG700AWT ~58A
      Galaxy EGA850EWL ~68A
      Galaxy EGA1000EWL ~75A
      Galaxy EGA1000EWL-DXX ~75A
      Tomahawk ETK405AST ~25A
      Revolution85+ ERV850EWT-01 ~70A
      Revolution85+ ERV950EWT-01 ~79A
      Revolution85+ ERV1050EWT-01 ~87A
      Revolution85+ ERV1250EGT-01 ~104A
      Galaxy Evo EGX850EWT ~70A
      Galaxy Evo EGX950EWT ~79A
      Galaxy Evo EGX1050EWT ~87A
      Galaxy Evo EGX1250EWT ~104A
      ECO80+ EES350AWT ~27A
      ECO80+ EES400AWT ~32A
      ECO80+ EES500AWT ~38A
      ECO80+ EES620AWT ~48A
    Enhance http://www.enhance.com.tw/
    • OEM: Enhance
      ATX-1125BTA R300 ~13A
      ATX-1130H ~18A
      ATX-1136H ~18A
      ATX-1140H ~18A
      ATX-1140G ~18A
      ATX-1146G ~18A
      ATX-2025F ~17A
      ATX-2030F ~18A
      ATX-2030G ~18A
      ATX-2030F ~18A
      ATX-2035F ~18A
      ATX-2035G ~18A
      ENP-2020H ~10A
      ENP-0730 ~15A
      ENP-0725H ~16A
      ENP-5140GH ~28A
      ENP-5150GH ~36A
      ENP-6770 ~54A
      ENH-0746HB ~NG
      ENH-0740HB ~NG
      ENH-0740GB ~33A
      ENS-0246 ~31A
      ENS-0252 ~31A
      ENS-0246B ~31A
      ENS-0555 ~38A
      ENS-0560G ~42A
      ENS-0565 ~42A
      ENS-0575 ~54A
      EPS-0685GA ~72A
      EPS-0610GA ~80A
      EPS-0612GA ~94A
    Enlight http://us.enlightcorp.com/
      ECP-750AAB A ~NG
    • OEM: Delta
      Sniper 350 GPS-350EN-102A ~NG
      Sniper 450 GPS-450AA-102A ~NG
      Sniper 650 ENP-650AAB ~45A
      Sniper 750 ECP-750AABA ~54A
    ePower http://epowertec.com/
    • OEM: Topower
      Xtrem EP-350XP ~15A
      Xtrem EP-400XP ~18A
      Lion EP-450P5-L1 ~28A
      EP-450XP ~28A
      Puma II EP-450XP-P2B ~28A
      Jaguar EP-450P5-E1 ~28A
      Cougar EP-470P4-T1 ~28A
      Cheetah EP-450XP ~28A
      Cheetah EP-520XP ~28A
      Zumax EP-ZU400W ~20A
      Zumax EP-ZU400W 12 ~NG
      Zumax ZU450W ~20A
      Zumax ZU500W ~38A
      Zumax ZU550W ~38A
      Zumax ZU600W ~38A
      Zumax ZU650W ~40A
      Zumax ZU750W(X4) ~50A
      Tiger EP-550P5-T1 ~35A
      Tiger EP-650P5-T1 ~45A
      Tiger EP-1000P10-T2 ~75A
      Tiger EP-1200P10-T2 ~85A
      Silent Green EP-750W SG ~50A
      Xscale EP-470MP ~28A
      Xscale EP-570MP ~32A
      Xscale EP-600MP ~32A
      Xscale EP-750P5 ~50A
      Xscale EP-900P10-T2 ~72A
      Xscale EP-1000P10-T2 ~75A
      Xscale EP-1100P10-T2 ~80A
      Xscale EP-1200P10-T2 ~84A
      Xscale EP-2000P10 T3 ~144A
      Thunder EP-500-TD2 ~30A
      Thunder EP-600-TD2 ~40A
      Thunder EP-550-TD1 ~35A
      Thunder EP-650-TD1 ~45A
    Etasis http://www.etasis.com.tw/
    • OEM: Etasis
      EFN-250 ~17A
      EFN-300 ~18A
      EFN-500 ~35A
      EFN-560 ~32A
      EPAP-300 ~18A
      EPAP-480 ~32A
      EPAP-550 ~32A
      EPAP-560 ~38A
      EPAP-600 ~32A
      EPAP-750 ~60A
      EPAP-850 ~70A
      EPAP-1200 ~95A
      ET-650 ~52A
      ET-750 ~60A
      ET-850 ~70A
    Fortrex http://www.fortrex.com.tw/
    • OEM: Fore Point
      FP-350W-14/12 ~22A
      FP-400W-14/12 ~26A
      FP-450W-14/12 ~29A
      FP-500W-14/12 ~32A
      FP-550W-14/12 ~35A
      FP-600W-14/12 ~38A
    Fortron http://www.fsp-group.com.tw/
    • OEM: FSP Group
      BoosterX 3 ~25A
      Saga+ 400R ~23A
      Saga+ 450R ~27A
      Saga AX400-PN ~25A
      Saga AX450-PN ~29A
      Saga AX500-PN ~30A
      Green FSP400-60GLN ~26A
      BlueStorm FSP350-60THN-R ~15A
      BlueStorm FSP400-60THN-R ~19A
      BlueStorm AX500-A ~31A
      BlueStorm II 400 ~29A
      BlueStorm II 500 ~34A
      Bluestorm Pro 500 ~36A
      ATX-300GTF ~18A
      ATX-300PNF ~22A
      ATX-300PAF ~24A
      ATX-350PAF ~25A
      ATX-400PNF ~29A
      FSP350-60PN (PF) ~18A
      FSP400-60PFN ~18A
      FSP300-60THN-P ~22A
      FSP400-60THN ~29A
      FSP460-60PFN ~31A
      EPS12V FSP550-80GLC-R ~40A
      EPS12V FSP550-60PLN-R ~31A
      FSP550-80GLC-R ~40A
      FSP550-80GHN(88) ~43A
      FSP600-80GLC ~42A
      FSP650-80GHN(88) ~53A
      FSP700-80GLC ~50A
      Epsilon FX-600GLN ~44A
      Epsilon FX-700GLN ~50A
      Epsilon FX-760E ~51A
      Epsilon FX-800GLN ~64A
      Epsilon 1010W ~75A
      Kingcraft 1000w ~70A
      Everest 80plus 500 ~38A
      Everest 80plus 600 ~46A
      Everest 80plus 700 ~55A
      Everest 800 ~66A
      Everest 900 ~70A
      Everest 1010 ~75A
      Everest Pro 1100 ~80A
      Everest Pro 1200 ~90A
      Everest Pro 1250 ~90A
      Nighthawk FSP350-60BN/60Bx ~15A
      Zen FSP300-60GNF-R ~22A
      Zen 400w ~NG
    Foxconn http://www.foxconn.com/
    • OEM: Channel Well Tech
      WinFast FA-550A ~36A
    Fractal Design http://www.fractal-design.com
    • OEM: ATNG
      FD-PSU-NEWT-500 ~33A
      FD-PSU-NEWT-650 ~50A
      FD-PSU-NEWT-1000 ~75A
      FD-PSU-INTEGRA-400 ~28A
      FD-PSU-INTEGRA-500 ~34A
      FD-PSU-TESLA-450 ~35A
      FD-PSU-TESLA-550 ~42A
      FD-PSU-TESLA-650 ~50A
    Gigabyte http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/
    • OEM: FSP Group
      Superb GE-R360V1 ~20A
      Superb GE-R460V1 ~29A
      Odin GE-C370N-C2 ~NG
      Odin GE-C370P-C2 ~NG
      Odin GE-P470A-C2 ~NG
      Odin GE-P585A-C2 ~NG
      Odin GE-P720A-C2 ~NG
    • OEM: AcBel
      Superb 550 GE-P450N-C2 ~30A
      Superb 550P GE-P450P-C2 ~30A
      Superb 720 GE-P610A-C2 ~42A
      Odin Plus GE-G500A-C1 ~38A
      Odin Plus GE-G600A-C1 ~45A
      Odin Plus GE-G700A-C1 ~52A
    • OEM: Channel Well Tech
      Odin Pro GE-M550A-D1 ~41A
      Odin Pro GE-M680A-D1 ~52A
      Odin Pro GE-M800A-D1 ~62A
      Odin Pro GE-MK20A-D1 ~99A
      Odin GT GE-S550A-D1 ~41A
      Odin GT GE-S680A-D1 ~52A
      Odin GT GE-S800A-D1 ~62A
      Odin GT GE-SK20A-D1 ~99A
    Glacial Power http://www.glacialpower.com/
    • OEM: Unknown
      GP-SL350C ~23A
      GP-AL350 ~NG
      GP-AL450 ~NG
      GP-AL550 ~NG
      GP-AL650 ~NG
      GP-AX850AP ~58A
      GP-AX1000AP ~66A
    • OEM: Glacial Power
      GP-PS350AP ~25A
      GP-PS450AP ~29A
      GP-PS550BP ~33A
    Globalwin http://www.globalwin.com.tw/
    • OEM: Wintech
      Sapphire SAF450 ~18A
      Sapphire SAF520 ~28A
    GrowUp Japan http://www.gup.co.jp
    • OEM: Enermax
      GUP-EG620J ~38A
    GTR/iCute http://www.gtr.com.hk/
      AL-3000P4 ~15A
      ATX-400W/P4 ~18A
      CWT-42012V ~18A
    • OEM: ATNG
      AP-480GX ~NG
      AP-500X ~NG
      AP-500AS ~30A
      AP-600AS ~40A
      AP-750AS ~NG
      AP-850AS ~NG
    HEC/Compucase http://www.hec-group.com.tw/
    • OEM: HEC
      HEC-335WR-TZ ~NG
      HEC-385WR-TZ ~NG
      PowerMaster 350PS ~NG
      PowerMaster 420PB ~NG
      PowerMaster 480PB ~NG
      HEC-350TE-2WX ~23A
      HEC-350AR-PTF ~18A
      HEC-400AR-PTF ~18A
      HEC-350TD-PTX ~25A
      HEC-385WA-PTS ~18A
      HEC-400WA-PTZ ~29A
      HEC-400TD-TF/TX ~29A
      HEC-420TW-ATX ~31A
      HEC-420TD-PTX ~31A
      HEC-450LR-AT ~17A
      HEC-450TD-TF/TX ~32A
      HEC-460DRAX ~29A
      HEC-460TW-ATX ~31A
      HEC-480TW-ATX ~33A
      HEC-480TD-PTX ~32A
      HEC-500TD-TF ~35A
      HEC-550AB-ATF ~35A
      HEC-550TW-ATF ~NG
      WIN 420UB ~NG
      WIN 480UB ~NG
      WIN 550UB ~NG
      HEC-550TD-ATX ~40A
      HEC-600DR-AT ~48A
      HEC-650DR-AT ~48A
      HEC-600DR-ATX ~48A
      HEC-650DR-ATX ~48A
      Raptor Power R350/R350P ~23A
      Raptor Power R400/4000P ~27A
      Raptor Power R450/R450P ~30A
      Raptor Power R500/R500P ~32A
      Cougar/Zephyr HEC-600DR-AT ~48A
      Cougar/Zephyr HEC-650DR-AT ~48A
      Cougar/Zephyr HEC-750DR-AT ~60A
      Cougar Power 350CM ~23A
      Cougar Power 400CM ~32A
      Cougar Power 450CM ~35A
      Cougar Power 500CM ~37A
      Cougar Power 550CM ~40A
      Cougar Power 650CM ~48A
      Cougar Power 750CM ~60A
      Cougar Power 1000CM ~80A
    High Power http://highpowersupply.com/
    • OEM: Sirtec/Sirfa/High Power
      FL-5000 ~14A
      HPC-250-202 ~10A
      HPC-250-102 ~13A
      HPC-250-101 ~10A
      HPC-300-202 ~13A
      HPC-300-102 ~13A
      HPS-300-101 ~13A
      HPC-300-102DF ~13A
      HPC-340-101 ~15A
      HPC-340-201 ~15A
      ATX-350-102DF ~16A
      HPX-350-102DF ~NG
      HPC-360-102 ~17A
      HPC-360-102DF ~17A
      HPC-360-202 ~17A
      HPC-360-202DF ~NG
      HPC-360-302DF **~17A
      HPC-370-N12S ~21A
      HPC-400-101 ~15A
      HPC-420-302DF ~18A
      HPC-420-102DF ~18A
      HPC-430-N12S ~25A
      HPC-430-P12S ~25A
      PW-480-102DF ~18A
      HPC-500-A12S ~31A
      HPC-560-A12C ~36A
      HPC-560-A12S ~36A
      HPC-560-A88S ~36A
      HPC-620-A88S ~41A
      HPC-620-A12C ~41A
      HP-400-G12S ~30A
      HP-450-G12S ~33A
      HP-500-G12S ~36A
      HPC-500-G12S ~36A
      HPC-750-G14C ~58A
      HPC-850-G14C ~NG
      HPC-1000-G14C ~75A
      HPC-1200-G14C ~90A
    Hiper http://www.hipergroup.com/
    • OEM: Andyson
      Type-S HPU-3S350 ~21A
      Type-S HPU-4S350 ~24A
      Type-S HPU-4S435 ~25A
      Type-M HPU-4M480 ~29A
      Type-M HPU-4M530 V2 ~30A
      Type-M HPU-4M530 V3 ~32A
      Type-M HPU-4M580 ~30A
      Type-M HPU-4M670 ~52A
      Type-M HPU-4M730 ~56A
      Type-R HPU-480 ~29A
      Type-R HPU-4K530 ~28A
      Type-R HPU-4B580 ~30A
      Type-R HPU-4K580 ~30A
      Type-R HPU-4R580 ~30A
      Type-R HPU-4S580 ~30A
      Type-R HPU-4S730 ~56A
      Type-M Mk II HPU-5M730 ~56A
      Type-R Mk II HPU-5S-770 ~60A
      Type-R Mk II HPU-5K-770 ~60A
      Type-R Mk II HPU-5B-770 ~60A
    • OEM: Channel Well Tech
      Type-M HPU-4M630 ~50A
      Type-M HPU-4M780 ~60A
      Type-M HPU-4M880 ~64A
      Type-R Mk II HPU-5B-680 ~52A
      Type-R Mk II HPU-5K-680 ~52A
      Type-R Mk II HPU-5B-880 ~64A
      Type-R Mk II HPU-5K-880 ~64A
    • OEM: Sirtec
      M1000 ~75A
    Hipro http://www.hipro.com.tw/
    • OEM: Hipro
      HP-W430PA3 ~19A
      HP-E4009FSWR ~29A
      HP-D4001EW ~29A
      HP-D4601EW ~34A
      HP-D5201AW ~34A
      HP-D5501EW ~43A
      HP-D5801AW ~43A
      HP-D6301AW ~43A
    • OEM: Topower
      HP-TOP500P5 ~29A
      HP-TOP600P5 ~35A
    Huntkey http://www.huntkey.com/
    • OEM: Huntkey
      CP-300 ~17A
      CP-350 ~19A
      HK350-13AP ~19A
      HK350-1BAP ~19A
      HK350-13CP ~19A
      LW-6400H ~15A
      LW-6400HP ~15A
      LW-6400 ~15A
      LW-6400P ~15A
      LW-6350H ~19A
      LW-6350HP ~19A
      LW-6350 ~19A
      LW-6350P ~19A
      LW-6300H ~18A
      LW-6300HP ~18A
      LW-6300 ~18A
      LW-6300P ~18A
      HK500-13BP ~NG
      Green Star LW-6450SG ~23A
      V-power 400 LW-6400HG ~22A
      V-power 400 LW-6400HGP ~22A
      V-power 450 LW-6450HG ~25A
      V-power 450 LW-6450HGP ~25A
      V-power 500 LW-6500/HG ~29A
      V-power 500 LW-6500HGP ~29A
      V-power 550 LW-6550SG ~33A
      Titan HK560-52PEP ~34A
      Titan HK650-52PEP ~41A
      Balance King 4500 450W ~NG
      Balance King 5000 500W ~30A
      Jumper 550 ~41A
    Ikonic http://www.ikonik.com/
    • OEM: Channel Well
      Gaia 300 ~NG
      Gaia 350 ~NG
      Gaia 400 ~NG
      Gaia 450 ~NG
      Gaia 500 ~NG
      Vulcan 650 ~52A
      Vulcan 850 ~62A
      Vulcan 1000 ~80A
      Vulcan 1200 ~99A
    Impervio http://www.impervio.com.tw/
    • OEM: Impervio
      ELD-750 ~NG
      IPS-P680TNM ~56A
      IPS-P680TNS ~56A
      IPS-P680RNM ~56A
      IPS-P780TNM ~NG
      IPS-P780TNS ~NG
      IPS-P1000TNM ~NG
      IPS-P1000TNS ~NG
    In Win/Powerman http://www.in-win.com.tw/
    • OEM: In Win
      IP-P410Q3-2 ~23A
      IP-P460Q3-2 ~26A
      IW-P600CQ3-2 600W ~48A
    • OEM: Channel Well
      COMMANDER IRP-COM1200 ~99A
      COMMANDER IRP-COM1500 ~120A
    I-Star http://www.tc-istar.com/
    • OEM: Seventeam
      580-PD3 ~46A
      620-PD3 ~48A
      TC-750PD2 ~60A
    • OEM: Casing Macron
      TC-350PD1 ~NG
      TC-400PD1 ~NG
      TC-500PD1 ~33A
    • OEM: Channel Well
      TC-750PD1 ~60A
      TC-850PD1 ~62A
      TC-1020PD1 ~72A
      TC-1200PD1 ~99A

    To view brand names J-Z scroll down to post#4 or click here
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    Geforce 560 ti
    this is a very good idea makalu, maybe try to get it a sticky or a link in the psu sticky?
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    inno3d 7300gt ddr3 256mb @560/1600
    niece thread ,informative,should be updated if kept sticky
  4. Makalu

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    EVGA 8800 Ultra
    Ratings Continued:

    Jeantech http://www.jeantech.com/
      JNP-400P ~NG
      JN120F-450AP ~22A
      JN1207-450-AP ~NG
      JNP-500-AP ~NG
      JN120F-600AP1 ~35A
      JN128F-1000CAP ~75A
    • OEM: ATNG
      JN-600-AP ~NG
    • OEM: Sirtec
      JN-700-A12C ~NG
    Jou Jye http://www.jj-computer.com/
    • OEM: Jou Jye
      JJ-480AUBA ~31A
      JJ-550AUSA ~35A
      SGE-550AUBA ~NG
      SGE-650AUBA ~51A
      JSP-1000AUBA ~NG
    Kingwin http://www.kingwin.com/
    • OEM: Unknown
      Kwi-420W ~18A
      Kwi-450W ~18A
      Kwi-480W ~18A
      AP-450 ~15A
      ABT-350MM ~22A
      ABT-520MM ~27A
      ABT-600MM ~NG
      ABT-700MM ~50A
      ABT-800MM ~60A
    • OEM: Super Flower
      ABT-450MM ~28A
      ABT-520CW ~27A
      ABT-520MA-1 ~27A
      ABT-600CW ~30A
      ABT-600MA-1 ~30A
      ABT-600MA-1-S ~31A
      ABT-650MA1S ~NG
      ABT-700MA1S ~56A
      ABT-730MM ~52A
      ABT-750MA1S ~NG
      ABT-800MA1S ~60A
      ABT-900MA1S ~72A
      ABT-1000MA1S ~80A
      ABT-1220MA1S ~90A
    Koolance http://www.koolance.com/
    • OEM: Channel Well Tech
      PSU-1200ATX-12S ~85A
      PSU-1300ATX-12N ~106A/~135A
    LC Power http://www.lc-power.com/
    • OEM: Unknown
      Green Power LC6459GP2 V2.2 ~19A
      Ozeanos LC8650 V2.2 ~39A
    • OEM: Great Wall
      Silent Giant LC6460GP3 V2.3 ~NG
    • OEM: Huntkey
      Super Silent LC6350 ~15A
      Super Silent LC6420 ~20A
      Super Silent LC6550 ~24A
      Super Silent LC6550 V2.2 ~NG
      Super Silent LC6600 V2.2 ~29A
      Silent Giant LC6420G ~NG
      Silent Giant LC6420GP ~NG
      Silent Giant LC6420GP V2.0 ~28A
      Silent Giant LC6550G ~NG
      Silent Giant LC6550GP ~31A
      Crown LC6550C ~19A
      Titan LC6560T ~NG
      LC6600GP ~29A
      Green Power LC6600GP2 V2.3 ~36A
    • OEM: Andyson
      Scorpio LC6480S ~NG
      Legion X2 LC1000 V2.3 ~83A
    • OEM: Channel Well Tech
      Hyperion LC8700 ~56A
      Arkangel LC8850 ~60A
      Legion LC1050 ~NG
      Monolith LC1200 ~NG
    Levicom http://www.levicom.de/
    • OEM: Youngyear
      X-Alien VP500R ~23A
      X-Alien VP500B ~34A
      Chrom Edition 430W ~20A
      M-Power 450W ~30A
      VisiblePower 450W ~30A
      PolarPower SPS-LV600W ~41A
      PolarPower (all others) ~NG
      BlackPower Rev. III 480W ~28A
      BlackPower Rev. III 420W ~22A
      BlackPower Rev. III 350W ~14A
    Lian-Li http://www.lian-li.com/
    • OEM: Sirtec
      HPC-500-A12C ~31A
      HPC-600-A12C ~36A
      Silent Force PS-S650GE ~46A
      Silent Force PS-S750GE ~54A
      Silent Force PS-S850GE ~62A
    • OEM: AcBel
      Maxima Force PS-A470GB ~34A
      Maxima Force PS-A650GB ~45A
      Maxima Force PS-A750GB ~54A
    Maddog Multimedia http://www.mdmm.com/
    • OEM: Super Flower
      MD-500SCPS ~30A
    Masscool http://www.masscool.com/
    • OEM: Seventeam
      Nextherm PS-PSU460 ~32A
    MaxInPower http://www.maxinpower.com/homepage.htm
    • OEM: Topower
      Premium 700W ~45A
      Premium 1000W ~78A
    MGE/XG http://xgbox.com/
    • OEM: Youngyear
      Vortec PSVO-500 ~34A
      Vortec PSVO-550 ~36A
      Vortec PSVO-600 ~37A
      Vigor 450 ~17A
      Vigor 500 ~19A
      Vigor 600 ~24A
    • OEM: Seventeam
      Magnum 500 ~30A
      Magnum PSMG-600EX ~40A
      Duro PSDR-900 ~64A
    Mushkin http://www.mushkin.com/
    • OEM: Topower
      550200 HP-550W ~28A
      550250 HP-580AP ~38A
      550100 XP-650W ~44A
      550150 XP-650AP ~44A
      XP-800AP ~64A
      XP-1000W ~75A
    Mutantmods http://www.startech.com/
    • OEM: ATNG
      Reactor AP-550DX ~26A
    MSI http://www.msi.com.tw/
    • OEM: Solytech
      TurboStream 600w MS-4600-010 ~40A
    NesteQ http://www.nesteq.de/
    • OEM: Seventeam
      Nova NV500 ~40A
      Nova NV600 ~48A
      ASM NA4501 ~35A
      ASM NA5201 ~40A
      ASM NA6201 ~48A
    • OEM: Enhance
      ECS4001 ~27A
      ECS4501 ~34A
      ECS5001 ~36A
      ECS6001 ~48A
      ECS7001 ~54A
    Nexus http://www.nexustechnologyusa.com
    • OEM: ATNG
      RX-5300 ~41A
      RX-6300 ~50A
      RX-8500 ~63A
      RX 1.1k ~83A
    • OEM: FSP Group
      Value 430 ~33A
      NX-3000 ~15A
      NX-3500 ~16A
      NX-3500 SE ~16A
      NX-4000 ~15A
      NX-4090 ~NG
      NX-5000 ~NG
      NX-5000 Rev3.0 ~41A
      NX-8040 ~29A
      NX-8050 ~34A
      NX-8060 ~44A
      NX-9003 ~NG
    Nipron http://www.nipron.co.jp/english/
    • OEM: Nipron
      eNSP3-450P-S20-H1V ~25A
      ePCSA-550P-E2S-MN ~35A
      ePCSA-650P-E2S-MN ~40A
    nMEDIAPC http://www.nmediapc.com/
    • OEM: Huntkey
      Mute Power MP-400 ~NG
      Mute Power MP-500 ~NG
    NorthQ http://www.northq.com/
    • OEM: Unknown
      Black Magic NQ-4775-650b-FLEX ~NG
      Silent NQ-4911-500 ~NG
      Pacific NQ-4300GP-FL ~NG
      Pacific II NQ-4350GP-FL ~27A
    • OEM: Huntkey
      NQ-4001S ~15A
      Basic NQ-4001AT ~18A
      Blue Titan NQ-4001AL ~18A
      NQ-4775-400BU ~NG
      NQ-4775-400BU2 ~NG
      NQ-4775-500BU ~NG
      NQ-4775-500BU2 ~NG
      Giant Basic NQ-4001EXT ~18A
      Giant Charger NQ-4001EXT-USB ~21A
      Silent Lightning NQ-4200GP-USB ~21A
      NQ-4775-400 ~NG
      NQ-4775-400-USB ~NG
      Giant Thunder NQ-4775-500S ~NG
      NQ-4800-400 ~17A
      NQ-4911-500S-USB ~25A
      Giant Remote NQ-4800-400-USB ~21A
      Giant Ghost NQ-4775-700 ~43A
    • OEM: Topower
      NQ-4100-PS-500PS KingKong Extreme ~28A
      NQ-4100-Module 520W ~30A
    • OEM: Kingnod
      Black Magic NQ-4775-850-FLEX ~NG
    • OEM: Enhance
      Giant Connector NQ-4775-850 ~56A
      Giant Reactor NQ-4775-1000 ~65A
    NOX Extreme http://www.nox-xtreme.com/
    • OEM: Super Flower
      Urano 450W ~NG
      Urano 500W ~NG
      Urano 600W AT-600A12P ~38A
      Urano 700W ~NG
      Pulsar 650W AT-650R14A ~46A
      Pulsar 750W AT-750R14A ~55A
      Apex 600W ~NG
      Apex 700W ~50A
      Apex 800W ~NG
      Krypton 800W ~64A
      Krypton 900W ~72A
      Krypton 1000W ~80A
      Urano II 630W ~38A
      Sonar 580W ~NG
      Sonar 680W ~NG
      Sonar 780W ~NG
    NZXT http://www.nzxt.com/
    • OEM: Unknown
      PP-500 ~33A
      PP-600 ~38A
    • OEM: Super Flower
      PP-800 ~60A
      Hale90-550-S ~45A
      Hale90-650-M ~54A
      Hale90-750-M ~62A
      Hale90-850-M ~70A
      Hale90-1000-M ~83A
    • OEM: Topower
      Precise PRC-550W-AP ~35A
      Precise PRC-650W-AP ~44A
      Precise PRC-850W-AP ~58A
      Precise PRC-1000W-AP ~75A
      Precise PRC-1200W-AP ~84A
    OCZ http://www.ocztechnology.com/
    • OEM Channel Well
      ModXStream Pro OCZ400MXSP ~31A
      StealthXStream OCZ400SXS ~31A
    • OEM: Topower
      Modstream OCZ45012U ~26A
      Modstream OCZ52012U ~28A
      Powerstream OCZ420ADJ ~30A
      Powerstream OCZ470ADJ ~33A
      Powerstream OCZ520ADJ ~33A
      Powerstream OCZ600ADJ ~NG
      Powerstream OCZ520ADJSLI ~33A
      Powerstream OCZ600ADJSLI ~35A
    • OEM: Sirfa/High Power
      Fatal1ty OCZ400FTY ~30A
      Fatal1ty OCZ550FTY ~37A
      ModXStream Pro OCZ500MXSP ~36A
      ModXStream Pro OCZ600MXSP ~42A
      ModXStream Pro OCZ700MXSP ~46A
      Z Series OCZZ850 ~71A
      Z Series OCZZ1000 ~83A
    • OEM: FSP Group
      ModXStream OCZ780MXS ~60A
      ModXStream OCZ900MXS ~70A
      StealthXStream OCZ500SXS ~34A
      StealthXStream OCZ600SXS ~44A
      StealthXStream OCZ700SXS ~50A
      GameXStream OCZ600GXSSLI ~44A
      GameXStream OCZ700GXSSLI ~50A
      GameXStream OCZ850GXSSLI ~64A
      GameXStream OCZ1010GXSSLI ~72A
      StealthXStream 2 OCZ400SXS2 ~32A
      StealthXStream 2 OCZ500SXS2 ~36A
      StealthXStream 2 OCZ600SXS2 ~50A
      StealthXStream 2 OCZ700SXS2 ~58A
      Z Series OCZZ550 ~44A
      Z Series OCZZ650 ~53A
    • OEM: 3Y Power
      EvoStream OCZ600EVOSLI ~40A
      EvoStream OCZ720EVOSLI ~50A
      ProXStream OCZ1000PXS ~70A
    • OEM: Impervio
      Fatal1ty OCZ700FTY ~56A
      EliteXStream OCZ800EXS ~62A
      EliteXStream OCZ1000EXS ~80A
    PC Power & Cooling http://www.pcpower.com
    • OEM: Seasonic
      Silencer 310 ~19A
      Silencer 360 ~21A
      Silencer 370 ~27A
      Silencer 420 ~27A
      Silencer 470 ~26A
      Silencer 500 ~35A
      Silencer 610 ~49A
      Silencer 750 ~60A
      Silencer 910 ~74A
    • OEM: Sirfa/High Power
      Silencer Mk II 500W ~36A
      Silencer Mk II 650W ~54A
      Silencer Mk II 750W ~62A
      Silencer Mk II 950W ~83A
    • OEM: Win-Tact
      Turbo-Cool 475 ~30A
      Turbo-Cool 510 (all versions) ~34A
      Turbo-Cool 850 SSI T85SSI SLI ~54A
      Turbo-Cool 860 PPCT860 ~64A
      Turbo-Cool 1KW-Quad SLI T1KW-4E ~66A
      Turbo-Cool 1KW-Quad SLI T1KW-SR ~72A
      Turbo-Cool 1200W ~90A
      Turbo-Cool PPCT1200ESA ~100A
    Point Of View http://www.pointofview-online.com
    • OEM: Casing Macron
      Black Diamond 500W ~NG
    • OEM: FSP Group
      Black Diamond 650W ~NG
    • OEM: Topower
      POV/Tagan 650W ~48A
      POV/Tagan 1100W ~NG
    PowerCooler http://www.powercooler.com.ar/
    • OEM: Topower
      PS-350SS ~22A
      PS-420SS ~24A
      PS-500SS ~28A
      PS-550SS ~30A
    • OEM: Andyson
      PS-550XP ~30A
      PS-550TR ~30A
      PS-850EM ~61A
      PS-1050EM ~76A
      PS-1200EM ~85A
    • OEM: Channel Well
      PS-850HE ~64A
    Powerex www.powerex-corp.com.tw
    • OEM: Sirtec
      Rex-450AS ~30A
      Rex-500AS ~33A
      Rex-750AS ~54A
      Rex-850AS ~62A
      Rex-1000AS ~75A
    Procase/Wamtek http://www.procase.nl/
    • OEM: Casing Macron
      MPT-460P PMC1039-ATX ~30A
      MPT-460EP PMC1039-EPS ~30A
      MPT-460GP PMC1039-GES ~30A
    • OEM: Channel Well
      PW10750A-812 ~66A
      PW10750A-88 ~66A
    Q-Technology http://qtechnology.net/
    • OEM: Enhance
      Semi-fanless QT-07400F ~NG
      QT-02350G ~18A
      QT-02300 ~18A
      QT-02350A ~18A
      Gold QT-03350G ~25A
      Gold QT-03400G ~29A
      Gold QT-03460G ~29A
      Dustproof QT-08560G ~36A
      Papst QT-03460G ~29A
      Papst QT-03400G ~25A
      Papst QT-03460G ~29A
      Papst QT-08560G ~36A
    Raidmax http://www.raidmax.com/
    • OEM: Sun Pro
      RX380K ~11A
      RX420K ~13A
      RX-450KW ~14A
    • OEM: Topower
      RX-470XPW ~15A
      RX-520XP ~18A
    • OEM: Andyson
      RX-450K ~ 26A
    • OEM: ATNG
      RX-530A ~28A
      RX-630A ~30A
    Raptoxx http://www.raptoxx.com/
    • OEM: Channel Well Tech
      RT-450W ~NG
      RT-550W ~NG
    • OEM: Sirtec
      RT-620EBAD ~41
    • OEM: Elwin Technologies
      RT-700EBAD ~40A
    Recom http://www.recom.nl
    • OEM: Unknown
      RC-PE450TC ~26A
      RC-PE550TC ~31A
      RC-PE0DB580 ~NG
    • OEM: Andyson
      Power Engine RC-450 ~26A
    • OEM: Sirtec
      RC-PE600CF ~36A
    Revoltec http://www.revoltec.de/index2.htm
    • OEM: Topower
      Chromus II RPS-400V2 ~25A
      Chromus II RPS-450V2 ~27A
      Chromus II RPS-500V2 ~29A
    Rocketfish http://www.rocketfishproducts.com/
    • OEM: Huntkey
      RF-700WPS ~41A
      RF-700WPS2 ~41A
      RF-900WPS ~72A
    Rosewill http://www.rosewill.com/
    • OEM: Youngyear
      RE501-BLK ~34A
      RE502-SLV ~34A
      RE502-BLK ~34A
    • OEM: Wintech
      RV380-2-FRB ~19A
      RV430-2-FRB ~22A
      RV430-2-FRB-S ~22A
      RV480-2-FRB ~26A
      RV480-2-FRB-S ~26A
      RT550-135-SL ~31A
      RT550-135-BK ~31A
    • OEM: Solytech
      RD550N-2SB-SL-BK ~35A
      RD600N-2DB-SL-BK ~40A
      RD600N-2SB-SL-BK ~40A
      RD550N-2DC-SL-SLV ~35A
    • OEM: ATNG
      RV350 ~15A
      RV400 ~18A
      RV400S ~18A
      RV450 ~22A
      RV450S ~22A
      RV450S-2 ~30A
      RV500S ~26A
      RV500S-2 ~31A
      RP500 ~26A
      RP550 ~35A
      RP550-2 ~35A
      RP550V2-S-SL ~ 35A
      RV400-2 ~29A
      RV400S-2 ~29A
      RV450-2 ~30A
      RP500-2 ~32A
      RP550V2-D-SL ~35A
      RP550S-2MK ~35A
      RP600v2-S-SL ~36A
      RX630-S-B ~50A
      RP650-2 ~50A
      RX750-D-B ~60A
      RX750-S-B ~60A
      RX850-D-B ~64A
      RX850-S-B ~64A
      RX950-D-B ~67A
      RX950-S-B ~67A
    Sansun http://www.sansun.de/
    • OEM: Andyson
      Arctic ~NG
    • OEM: Wintech
      Stealth Bomber ~NG
    Sapphire http://www.sapphiretech.com/index_1.php
    • OEM: Enermax
      FirePSU PSU625SR ~50A
      Pure PSU950 ~79A
      Pure PSU1050 ~87A
      Pure PSU1250 ~104A
    Scythe http://www.scythe-usa.com/
    • OEM: Unknown
      Beef Bowl SF-350PS ~15A
      Beef Bowl SF-400PS ~18A
    • OEM: Sirtec
      Stealth SCY-SP450A ~26A
    • OEM: Topower
      Kamariki KMRK-400A-2 ~22A
      Kamariki KMRK-450A-2 ~24A
      Kamariki KMRK-550A-2 ~31A
    • OEM: Enhance
      Stronger SPSN-050(P) ~30A
      Stronger SPSN-060(P) ~42A
      Stronger SPSN-070(P) ~50A
    • OEM: High Power
      Chouriki 2 SPCR2-650(P) ~54A
      Chouriki 2 SPCR2-750(P) ~62A
      Chouriki 2 SPCR2-850(P) ~70A
      Chouriki 2 SPCR2-1000(P) ~83A
    Seasonic http://www.seasonic.com/
    • OEM: Seasonic
      SS-300FS ~15A
      SS-350FS ~17A
      SS-300HS ~22A
      SS-350HS ~25A
      SS-400HS ~29A
      SS-460HS ~32A
      SS-301HT ~22A
      SS-351HT ~25A
      SS-401HT ~29A
      Super Tornado SS-300FB ~18A
      Super Tornado SS-350FB ~19A
      Super Tornado SS-400FB ~22A
      Super Silencer SS-200FS ~10A
      Super Silencer SS-250FS ~13A
      Super Silencer SS-300FS ~15A
      Super Silencer SS-350FS ~17A
      Super Silencer SS-400FS ~18A
      Super Silencer SS-300AGX ~18A
      Super Silences SS-350AGX ~19A
      Super Silencer SS-400AGX ~22A
      Super Silencer SS-460AGX ~25A
      SS-300ET/ES ~24A
      SS-350ET/ES ~27A
      SS-400ET/ES ~30A
      SS-500ET/ES ~34A
      SS-550JS/JT ~42A
      SS-650JS/JT ~52A
      S12 SS-330HB ~22A
      S12 SS-380HB ~25A
      S12 SS-430HB ~29A
      S12 SS-500HT ~33A
      S12 SS-600HT ~36A
      S12II-330GB ~24A
      S12II-380GB ~27A
      S12II-430GB ~30A
      S12II-500GB ~34A
      Eco Power SS-300SFD ~22A
      M12II SS-430GM ~30A
      M12II SS-500GM ~35A
      S12 Energy Plus SS-550HT ~41A
      S12 Energy Plus SS-650HT ~52A
      S12E-650 ~52A
      M12 SS-500HM ~38A
      M12 SS-600HM ~48A
      M12 SS-700HM ~56A
      X900 SS-900HP ~72A
      M12D SS-750EM ~62A
      M12D SS-850EM ~70A
      S12D SS-750HT ~62A
      S12D SS-850HT ~70A
      S12II SS-520GB ~40A
      S12II SS-620GB ~48A
      M12II SS-520GM ~40A
      M12II SS-620GM ~48A
      X-Series SS-650KM ~54A
      X-Series SS-750KM ~62A
    Seventeam http://www.seventeam.com.tw/product_index.php
    • OEM: Seventeam
      ST-250BLV ~13A
      ST-250BLP ~15A
      ST-250GL ~10A
      ST-251HR ~12A
      ST-275GL ~12A
      ST-300BKV ~22A
      ST-300BLV ~15A
      ST-300HLP ~15A
      ST-300BL ~10A
      ST-300BLP ~15A
      ST-300SD ~16A
      ST-300WAP ~18A
      ST-300HR ~14A
      ST-300P-AE ~18A
      ST-300BKP ~22A
      ST-301HL ~14A
      ST-301HR ~14A
      ST-302HLP ~15A
      ST-350HLP ~18A
      ST-350WAE ~18A
      ST-350WAP ~18A
      ST-350P-AE ~20A
      ST-350BKV ~25A
      ST-350BKP ~25A
      ST-352HLP ~18A
      ST-400EAF ~30A
      ST-400EAG ~30A
      ST-400GL ~12A
      ST-400HLP ~18A
      ST-400P-AZ ~25A
      ST-400P-AD ~25A
      ST-400WAE ~18A
      ST-400WAP ~22A
      ST-402HLP ~18A
      ST-420BKV ~26A
      ST-420BKP ~26A
      ST-420SLP ~20A
      ST-450P-AG ~25A
      ST-450BKV ~30A
      ST-450WAE ~22A
      ST-450P-AM ~25A
      ST-450P-BG ~30A
      ST-450P-CG ~30A
      ST-450P-FG ~30A
      ST-450P-HG ~30A
      ST-450-ZNF ~30A
      ST-450-ZPF ~30A
      ST-450BKP ~30A
      ST-450P-AF ~35A
      ST-460P-AD ~27A
      ST-460E-AG ~32A
      ST-460EAF ~32A
      ST-460EAD ~32A
      ST-500BKV ~30A
      ST-500P-BG ~30A
      ST-500P-CG ~30A
      ST-500P-FG ~30A
      ST-500P-HG ~30A
      ST-500BKP ~30A
      ST-500-ZNF ~30A
      ST-500-ZPF ~30A
      ST-500-EAZ ~38A
      ST-520P-AF ~40A
      ST-520Z-AM ~40A
      ST-522HLP ~22A
      ST-550P-AD ~32A
      ST-550P-AG ~32A
      ST-550EAG ~36A
      ST-550EAJ ~36A
      ST-550P-AM ~40A
      ST-580P-AF ~46A
      ST-600-EAZ ~38A
      ST-600EAD ~48A
      ST-620P-AF ~48A
      ST-650P-AF ~50A
      ST-650Z-AF ~50A
      ST-650EAD ~52A
      ST-700EAD-05G ~56A
      ST-750P-AF ~60A
      ST-750EAD ~60A
      ST-750EAJ ~60A
      ST-750Z-AF ~60A
      ST-850P-AF ~65A
      ST-850Z-AF ~65A
      ST-850-EAZ ~70A
      ST-850E-AD ~70A
      ST-1000-EAZ ~80A
      ST-1000E-AD ~80A
      ST-1200E-AF ~90A
      ST-1200Z-AF ~90A
    SFC/Super Flower http://www.super-flower.com.tw/
    • OEM: Super Flower
      SF-550P12 ~30A
      SF-650A12 ~30A
    Sharkoon http://www.sharkoon.com/
    • OEM: FSP Group
      SHA350-8P ~27A
      SHA370-9A ~27A
      SHA480-9A ~32A
      SHA535-9A ~34A
      SHA620-9A ~36A
      120 SHA500-12A ~40A
      120 SHA600-12A ~48A
      120 SHA700-12A ~56A
    • OEM: Unknown
      SilentStorm CM SHA460-135A ~33A
      SilentStorm CM SHA560-135A ~41A
      SilentStorm CM SHA660-135A ~50A
    • OEM: Enhance
      Rush SHA-R400M/R400MC ~25A
      Rush SHA-R500M/R500MC ~30A
      Rush SHA-R600M/R600MC ~41A
    Sigma http://www.sigmaproduct.com/home.htm
    • OEM: Andyson
      Shark SP-585 ~NG
      Shark SP-635 ~NG
    • OEM: Unknown
      SP-535 ~NG
      SP-900/1000 ~NG
    • OEM: FSP Group
      SP-700 ~50A
    Silentmaxx/Alphacool http://www.silentmaxx.com/
    • OEM: FSP Group
      proSilence PCS-350W ~13A
      Fanless 400W ~29A
    • OEM: Sirtec
      semi-Fanless 450W ~20A
    • OEM: Super Flower
      Ecosilent 450W ~34A
      Ecosilent 550W ~43A
      Ecosilent 650W ~52A
      Ecosilent 750W ~60A
      Ecosilent 1100W ~85A
      IC-Tech Pro 500W ~27A
      IC-Tech Pro 600W ~30A
    SilenX http://silenx.com/index.asp
    • OEM: FSP Group
      iXtrema Pro IX-3514PB ~16A
      iXtrema Pro IX-4014PB ~16A
      iXtrema Pro IX-4514PB ~18A
      iXtrema Pro IX-5214AB ~28A
      iXtrema Pro IX-6014AB ~36A
      iXtrema Plus IX-3514A ~16A
      iXtrema Plus IX-3514P ~16A
      iXtrema Plus IX-4014A ~16A
      iXtrema Plus IX-4014P ~18A
      iXtrema Plus IX-4514A ~18A
      iXtrema Plus IX-5214A ~28A
      iXtrema Plus IX-6014A ~36A
    Silver Power http://maxpoint.de
    • OEM: Unknown
      SP-400P2C ~26A
      SP-S850 ~68A
    • OEM: Solytech
      SP-600A2C ~36A
    • OEM: Seasonic
      SP-SS400 ~30A
      SP-SS500 ~34A
      SP-SS650 ~52A
    • OEM: Enhance
      GuardianX SP-1000E ~80A
    Silverstone http://silverstonetek.com/
    • OEM: FSP Group
      NightJar ST30NF ~18A
      NightJar ST40NF ~27A
      NightJar ST45NF ~32A
      Strider ST35F ~25A
      Strider ST350 ~25A
      Strider ST-400 ~29A
      Strider ST-50F ~36A
    • OEM: Enhance
      Element ST40EF ~30A
      Element ST50EF ~35A
      Element ST50EF-Plus SC ~36A
      Element ST50EF-Plus ~36A
      Element ST60EF ~48A
      Strider SST-ST360 ATX-1136G ~18A
      Strider SST-ST400 ATX-1140G ~18A
      Strider SST-ST35-G02 ENH-0135G XA ~18A
      Strider ST46F ENH-0746GB ~NG
      Strider ST365 ~25A
      Strider ST40F ~29A
      Strider ST405 ~29A
      Strider ST56F ~36A
      Strider ST56F v3.0 ~40A
      Strider ST60F ~42A
      Strider ST70F ~50A
      Strider ST75F ~54A
      Strider ST750F-P ~66A
      Strider ST85F ~64A
      Strider ST850F-P ~72A
      Strider ST1000-NV ~70A
      Strider ST1000-P ~80A
      Strider ST1200 ~94A
      Strider Plus ST60F-P ~42A
      Strider Plus ST75F-P ~60A
      Strider Plus ST85F-P ~67A
      Strider Plus ST1000-P ~80A
      Zeus ST52F ~31A
      Zeus ST65ZF ~42A
    • OEM: Etasis
      Zeus ST56ZF ~38A
      Zeus ST75ZF ~60A
      Zeus ST85ZF ~70A
    • OEM: Seventeam
      Element ST65EF ~50A
      Element ST75EF ~60A
      Element ST85EF ~65A
      Decathlon DA1200 ~90A
      Olympia OP1000 ~80A
      Olympia OP1200 ~90A
    • OEM: Impervio
      Decathlon DA650 ~54A
      Decathlon DA700 ~58A
      Decathlon DA750 ~60A
      Decathlon DA800 ~66A
      Decathlon DA850 ~70A
      Decathlon DA1000 ~80A
      Olympia OP650 ~54A
      Olympia OP750 ~60A
      Olympia OP800 ~66A
      Olympia OP850 ~70A
      Olympia OP1000-E ~80A
      Olympia OP1000-P ~80A
      Zeus ZU1200M ~95A
      Zeus ZM1200M ~95A
    Sintek http://sintekcorp.com/
      400 DLS ~15A
      450 DLS ~22A
      500 DLS ~22A
    • OEM: Wintech
      500 XPS ~34A
      550 XPS ~34A
      600 XPS ~34A
      650 XFIRE ~42A
      700 XFIRE ~46A
      800 XFIRE ~54A
      1000 XFIRE ~70A
    Sirtec http://www.sirtec.com.tw/
    • OEM: Sirtec/Sirfa/High Power
      ATX-410-212-2A ~18A
      HPC-420-302DF ~18A
      HPC-430-P12S ~25A
      HPC-500-A12S ~31A
      HPC-560-A12C ~36A
      HPC-620-A88S ~41A
      HPC-620-A12S ~41A
      HPC-550-G14S ~37A
      HPC-650-G14C ~46A
      HPC-750-G14C ~54A
      HPC-850-G14C ~62A
      HPC-1000-G14C ~75A
      HPC-1200-G14C ~90A
    Skydigital http://www.skydigital.co.kr/en/
    • OEM: Unknown
      Silver Sky-325 ~20A
    • OEM: Channel Well
      Dual Sky-350 ~16A
      Dual Sky-400 ~29A
      PS2-M300NF5 ~22A
    • OEM: Casing Macron
      PS2-350NF2/NF4 ~25A
      PS2-400NF2/NF4 ~29A
      PS2-450NF2/NF4 ~31A
      PS2-500NF2/NF4 ~33A
    Sparkle Computer http://www.sparkle-usa.com/
    • OEM: Great Wall
      Gold Class GW-EPS1000DA ~NG
      Gold Class GW-EPS1250DA ~NG
    Sparkle Power http://www.sparklepower.com/
    • OEM: FSP Group
      ATX-400PA ~29A
      ATX-400PN ~29A
      FSP550PLG-SLI ~36A
      FSP600-80GLC ~NG
      FSP650-80GLC ~45A
      Action SPI600-GLN ~NG
      Action SPI700-GLN ~50A
      Magna R-SPI900GCM ~70A
      Magna R-SPI1000GCM ~75A
    Spec-Research http://www.spec-research.com/
    • OEM: Fore Point
      X-Gene 02650 ~42A
      X-Gene 02750 ~50A
      X-Gene 02850 ~58A
    Speeze http://speeze.com/
    • OEM: Topower
      RockeTeer EE-ATX-600W ~38A
    Spire http://spirecoolers.com/
    • OEM: Seventeam
      Jewel SP-ATX-350WT-PFC ~13A
      Jewel SP-ATX-400WT-PFC ~15A
      Jewel SP-ATX-420WTN-PFC ~15A
      Jewel Black SP-ATX-420WTB-PFC-1 ~15A
      Jewel Black SP-ATX-550WTB-PFC-1 ~30A
      Jewel Black SP-ATX-650WTB-PFC-1 ~35A
      Jewel Black SP-ATX-750WTB-PFC-1 ~40A
      Blackmoon SP-ATX-450WTB-PFC ~18A
      Blackmoon SP-ATX-550WTB-PFC ~30A
      Blackmoon SP-ATX-650WTB-PFC ~35A
      BlackMoon SP-ATX-750WTB-PFC ~40A
      Blackmoon XP SP-ATX-600WDB-PFC ~35A
      BlackMoon XP SP-ATX-700WDB-PFC ~40A
      RockIT II SP-ATX-1200WTB-PFC ~80A
    • OEM: Topower
      Zeno SP-ATX-Z500W ~22A
      Zeno SP-ATX-Z600W ~34A
      Zeno SP-ATX-Z650W ~38A
      Rocketeer SP-ATX-300WB&P4 ~NG
      Rocketeer SP-ATX-300W ~NG
      RockeTeer II SP-ATX-400W ~26A
      Rocketeer III SP-ATX-500W ~32A
      Rocketeer IV SP-ATX-600w ~38A
      Rocketeer V SP-500W ~28A
      Rocketeer VI-SLI SP-600W ~36A
      RocKIT SP-1000W ~75A
    Startech http://www.startech.com/?
    • OEM: ATNG
      EPSPOW650PRO ~NG
      EPSPOW750PRO ~60A
      EPSPOW850PRO ~63A
    Sunbeam Tech http://www.sunbeamtech.com/
    • OEM: Unknown
      PSU-HUSH680 ~NG
    • OEM: Andyson
      RGPS-450W ~20A
      CGAC450-UVAL ~14A
      CGMI450 ~14A
      BKS580 ~25A
      NUUO SUNNU450 ~26A
      NUUO SUNNU550 ~30A
    Super Flower/TTGI http://super-flower.com.tw/
    • OEM: Super Flower
      PNP-450-3FPC ~20A
      PNP-550-14PC ~30A
      MD-500SCPS ~30A
      TT-600K04 ~30A
      SF500-K14A ~35A
      Aurora SF-550R14A ~38A
      Aurora SF-600R14A ~42A
      Aurora SF-650R14A ~46A
      Aurora SF-700R14A ~50A
      Aurora SF-750R14A ~55A
      Aurora SF-800R14A ~60A
      Aurora SF-650R14HE ~52A
      Aurora SF-850R14HE ~68A
      Aurora SF-900R14HE ~72A
      Aurora SF-1000R14HE ~80A
      Aurora SF-1100R14HE ~85A
      Aurora SF-1200R14HE ~90A
      Amptac Pyramid Amp-850R14HE ~68A
      Amptac Pyramid Amp-1000R14HE ~80A
    Super Talent http://www.supertalent.com
    • OEM: FSP
      Atomic Juice PS-600 ~44A
      Atomic Juice PS-700 ~50A
    Sytrin http://www.sytrin.com/
    • OEM: Seventeam
      Nextherm ICS 8200 PSU460 ~32A
    Tacens http://www.tacens.com/
    • OEM: Andyson
      Radix 410 ~16A
      Valeo 460 ~18A
      Aeris 680 ~NG
    • OEM: FSP
      Supero 600 ~NG
      Supero 700 ~NG
      Supero 1000 ~75A
    Tagan http://www.maxpoint.de/
    • OEM: Topower
      Black TG330-U1 ~18A
      Black TG380-U1 ~22A
      Black TG420-U01 ~22A
      Black TG480-U01 ~28A
      i-Xeye TG420-U02 ~22A
      i-Xeye TG500-U26 ~36A
      i-Xeye TG600-U26 ~48A
      i-Xeye TG700-U26 ~56A
      i-Xeye TG800-U26 ~64A
      2 Force TG430-U22 ~28A
      2 Force TG480-U22 ~30A
      2 Force TG530-U22 ~32A
      2 Force TG580-U22 ~32A
      2 Force TG400-U33 ~28A
      2 Force TG500-U33 ~36A
      2 Force TG600-U33 ~48A
      Dual Engine TG500-U25 ~36A
      Dual Engine TG600-U25 ~48A
      Dual Engine TG700-U25 ~56A
      Dual Engine TG800-U25 ~64A
      EasyCon TG430-U15 ~26A
      EasyCon TG480-U15 ~30A
      EasyCon TG530-U15 ~33A
      EasyCon TG580-U15 ~35A
      EasyCon XL TG500-U35 ~36A
      EasyCon XL TG600-U35 ~48A
      EasyCon XL TG700-U35 ~56A
      TurboJet TG900-U95 ~72A
      TurboJet TG900-U96 ~72A
      TurboJet TG1100-U95 ~80A
      TurboJet TG1100-U96 ~80A
      TurboJet Plus TG1100-U6 ~80A
      TG700-U33 ITZ ~56A
      TG800-U33 ITZ ~64A
      TG900-U33 ITZ ~70A
      TG1100-U33 ITZ ~80A
      TG1300-U33 ITZ ~92A
      TG500-U88 BZ ~36A
      TG600-U88 BZ ~48A
      TG700-U88 BZ ~56A
      TG800-U88 BZ ~64A
      TG900-U88 BZ ~70A
      TG1100-U88 BZ ~80A
      TG1300-U88 BZ ~92A
      TG1100-U88 BZ ESA ~80A
      TG1300-U88 BZ ESA ~92A
    • OEM: Enhance
      SuperRock TG400-U33II ~25A
      SuperRock TG500-U33II ~30A
      SuperRock TG600-U33II ~48A
    • OEM: Impervio
      SuperRock TG680-U33II ~56A
      SuperRock TG780-U33II ~62A
      SuperRock TG880-U33II ~72A
      SuperRock TG1000-U33II ~80A
    Task http://www.task.com.tw/
    • OEM: UNKNOWN, some known to be Andyson
      TK-936TX-MF ~22A
      TK-942TX-MF ~24A
      TK-958TX-MF ~30A
      TK-935TX-DF ~20A
      TK-945TX-DF ~24A
      TK-955TX-DF ~26A
      TK-930TX-JB ~20A
      TK-935TX-JB ~22A
      TK-940TX-JB ~24A
      TK-936TX-TF ~22A
      TK-942TX-TF ~24A
      TK-948TX-TF ~28A
      TK-958TX-TF ~30A
    Techsolo http://www.techsolo.com/
      TP-550W ~20A
      NCP-580W ~20A
    Thermaltake http://www.thermaltake.com/
    • OEM: HEC
      TR2 430w W0069/W0070 ~18A
      Purepower 460W W0063/W0064 ~30A
      Purepower 460W W0067/W0068 ~30A
      Purepower 520W W0073/W0074 ~30A
      Purepower 600W W0318 ~42A
      Purepower 700W W0317 ~53A
      TR2 500W W0379 ~35A
      TR2 700W TR-700P ~55A
      TR2 800W TR-800P ~60A
      TR2 RX 650W TRX-650M ~44A
      TR2 RX 750W TRX-750M ~56A
      TR2 RX 1000W TRX-1000M ~75A
      TR2 RX 1200W TRX-1200M ~90A
    • OEM: Seventeam
      Purepower 560W W0023 ~22A
    • OEM: Delta
      Litepower 400W PP/NP W0161/W0162 ~19A
      Litepower 350W W0363/W0367 ~20A
      Litepower 450W W0361/W0362 ~25A
    • OEM: Sirtec
      Purepower GPU power 250W W0099 ~21A
      Purepower GPU power 250W W0130 ~21A
      Purepower Fanless 350W W0029 ~14A
      Purepower Butterfly W0010/W0011 ~15A
      Purepower 300W W0002/W0003 ~13A
      Purepower 350W W0118 ~15A
      Purepower 360W W0015 ~17A
      Polo12 410W W0030 ~18A
      Purepower 400W W0119 ~16A
      Purepower 420W W0008/W0009 ~18A
      Purepower TVW480 W0043/W0044 ~18A
      Purepower 480W W0013/W0014 ~18A
      Purepower 480W W0019/W0020 ~18A
      Purepower 480W W0021/W0022 ~18A
      Purepower 500W W0057 ~36A
      Purepower 500W W0057-01 ~31A
      Purepower 600W W0083 ~48A
      Purepower 680W W0049 ~52A
    • OEM: FSP Group
      Litepower LP-350AH2NF W0292 ~28A
      Litepower LP-450AH2NF W0293 ~34A
      Litepower LP-500AH2NF W0294 ~36A
      TR2 1000W W0176 ~75A
    • OEM: Channel Well Tech
      Purepower Express 450W W0157 ~37A
      Purepower Express 650W W0158 ~54A
      Purepower Semi-fanless 520W W0107/W0108 ~33A
      TR2 420W W0061/W0062 ~25A
      TR2 470W W0089/W0090 ~29A
      TR2 500W W0093/W0094 ~29A
      TR2 550W W0101/W0102 ~29A
      Purepower 500W W0100 ~29A
      Purepower 500W W0120 ~29A
      Purepower 600W W0121 ~29A
      Purepower 600W W0129 ~38A
      TR2 RX 450W W0146 ~NG
      TR2 RX 500W W0136 ~NG
      TR2 RX 550W W0134 ~NG
      TR2 RX 850W W0319 ~60A
      TR2 QFan 300AP W0190 ~NG
      TR2 QFan 350AP W0191 ~NG
      TR2 QFan 400AP W0192 ~NG
      TR2 QFan 450AP W0193 ~NG
      TR2 QFan 500AP W0194 ~NG
      Purepower RX 450w W0141 ~30A
      Purepower RX 500w W0142 ~36A
      Purepower RX 550w W0143 ~41A
      Purepower RX 600w W0144 ~48A
      ToughPower 550w W0097 ~38A
      ToughPower 600w W0103 ~48A
      ToughPower 650w W0104 ~52A
      ToughPower 650w W0128 ~52A
      ToughPower 700w W0105 ~56A
      ToughPower 700w W0106 ~56A
      Toughpower 700W W0295 ~65A
      ToughPower 750w W0117 ~60A
      ToughPower 750w W0116 ~60A
      Toughpower 800W W0296 ~68A
      ToughPower 850w W0131 ~62A
      ToughPower 850w W0172 ~62A
      Toughpower 850W W0224 ~62A
      ToughPower ESA 850w W0178 ~62A
      ToughPower 1000w W0217 ~82A
      ToughPower 1000w W0132 ~82A
      ToughPower 1000w W0155 ~82A
      ToughPower 1200w W0216 ~99A
      ToughPower 1200w W0133 ~99A
      ToughPower 1200w W0156 ~99A
      Toughpower 1500w W0171/W0218 ~120A
      Toughpower Q-Fan 500w W0151 ~36A
      Toughpower Q-Fan 650w W0163 ~52A
      Toughpower XT 650W W0221 ~52A
      Toughpower XT 650W W0227 ~52A
      Toughpower XT 750W W0223 ~60A
      Toughpower XT 750W W0229 ~60A
      Toughpower XT 850W W0224 ~62A
      Toughpower XT 850W W0230 ~62A
      Toughpower XT 850W W0315 ~62A
      Toughpower XT 575W TPX-575M ~48A
      Toughpower XT 675W TPX-675M ~56A
      Toughpower XT 775W TPX-775M ~64A
      Toughpower XT 875W TPX-875M ~72A
      Toughpower Grand TPG-650M ~52A
      Toughpower Grand TPG-750M ~60A
      EVO_Blue 550W W0306 ~36A
      EVO_Blue 650W W0307 ~48A
      EVO_Blue 750W W0308 ~56A
    Thortech http://www.thortechpower.com
    • OEM: Unknown
      Thunderbolt 650W ~52A
      Thunderbolt 850W ~70A
      Thunderbolt 1000W ~80A
      Thunderbolt 1200W ~100A
      Thunderbolt Plus 800W ~65A
      Thunderbolt Plus 1000W ~80A
      Thunderbolt Plus 1200W ~100A
    Topower http://www.topower.com.tw/
    • OEM: Topower
      P3 TOP-400-P3 ~27A
      P3 TOP-430-P3 ~29A
      P3 TOP-450-P3 ~31A
      P3 TOP-480-P3 ~33A
      P3 TOP-500-P3 ~33A
      P3 TOP-530-P3 ~34A
      P3 TOP-550-P3 ~36A
      P3 TOP-580-P3 ~38A
      P3 TOP-600-P3 ~40A
      P3 TOP-630-P3 ~42A
      P3 TOP-650-P3 ~43A
      P3 TOP-680-P3 ~44A
      P3 TOP-700-P3 ~46A
      P3 TOP-730-P3 ~48A
      P3 TOP-750-P3 ~50A
      P5 TOP-350P5 ~22A
      P5 TOP-400P5 ~25A
      P5 TOP-450P5 ~27A
      P5 TOP-500P5 ~30A
      P5 TOP-550P5 ~35A
      P5 TOP-600P5 ~40A
      P7 TOP-400P7 ~30A
      P7 TOP-450P7 ~33A
      P7 TOP-500P7 ~35A
      P7 TOP-550P7 ~38A
      P7 TOP-600P7 ~40A
      P7 TOP-650P7 ~45A
      P7 TOP-700P7 ~50A
      P7 TOP-750P7 ~55A
      P9 TOP-700P9 ~56A
      P9 TOP-800P9 ~64A
      P9 TOP-900P9 ~72A
      P9 TOP-1000P9 ~76A
      P9 TOP-1100P9 ~80A
      SilentCool TOP-500SC ~30A
      SilentGreen TOP-600W SG ~32A
      SilentGreen TOP-850W SG ~50A
      PowerTrain TOP-1000P10 ~75A
      PowerBird 900 ~70A
      PowerBird 1100 ~81A
      PowerESA 850 ~67A
    • OEM: Channel Well
      CWT-380ADP ~18A
    • OEM: Topower
      TOP-350P5 ~22A
      TOP-450P5 ~22A
      TOP-520P5 ~28A
    Tuniq http://www.tuniq.com.tw/Home/home.htm
    • OEM: ATNG
      Miniplant MIN-950-BK ~67A
    • OEM: Sirtec
      Ensemble ENS-1000W-BK ~75A
      Ensemble ENS-1200W-BK ~90A
      Potency PSU-POT550 ~37A
      Potency PSU-POT650 ~46A
      Potency PSU-POT750 ~54A
      Ripper PSU-RIP850 ~62A
      Ripper PSU-RIP1000W ~75A
    Ultra http://www.ultraproducts.com/
    • OEM: Unknown
      Lifetime LS350 ~18A
      Lifetime LS400 ~20A
      Lifetime LS500 ~28A
      Lifetime LS600 ~32A
      Lifetime Pro LSP450 ~24A
      Lifetime Pro LSP550 ~30A
      Lifetime Pro LSP650 ~38A
    • OEM: Youngyear
      X-Connect (X2) 550w ULT31851 ~34A
      X-Connect (X2) 550w ULT31852 ~34A
    • OEM: Wintech
      V-Series 350w ULT31839 ~18A
      V-Series 400w ULT31840 ~20A
      V-Series 500w ULT31841 ~28A
      V-Series 600w ULT33133 ~35A
      X-Connect 400w(all models) ~16A
      X-Connect 500w(all models) ~34A
      X-Connect (X2) 750w ULT40121 ~50A
      X-Connect (X2) 750w ULT40122 ~50A
      X-Connect (XVS) 400w ULT33134 ~20A
      X-Connect (XVS) 500w ULT33135 ~28A
      X-Connect (XVS) 600w ULT33136 ~35A
      X-Connect (XVS) 700w ULT33183 ~40A
      X-Finity ULT31842 ~20A
      X-Finity 500w(all models) ~32A
      X-Finity 600w(all models except 2G and EE) ~35A
      X-Finity 2G 600w ULT33120 ~37A
    • OEM: Andyson
      Lifetime Pro LSP750 ~45A
      X-Finity EE 600w ULT40006 ~36A
      X-Finity 800w ULT33184 ~55A
      X-Pro 650w ULT40053 ~36A
      X-Pro 800w ULT33185 ~55A
      X-3 600w ULT40073 ~36A
      X-3 800w ULT40071 ~55A
      X-3 1000w ULT40064 ~70A
      X-3 1600w ULT40070 ~117A
      X-4 500W ULT40364 ~32A
      X-4 600W U12-40505 ~37A
      X-4 850W U12-40503 ~60A
      X-4 1050W U12-40502 ~76A
      X-4 1600W U12-40500 ~117A
    • OEM: Seventeam
      X-Pro 750w ULT40029 ~50A
    Vantec http://www.vantecusa.com/
    • OEM: Topower
      VAN-420 ~18A
      VAN-470 ~28A
      VAN-520 ~28A
      ION VAN-350N ~15A
      ION VAN-460N ~20A
      ION2 VAN-460N ~30A
    • OEM: Unknown
      ION2+ VAN-520C ~32C
      ION2+ VAN-620C ~37A
      ION2+ VAN-550AS ~34A
      ION2+ VAN-600AS ~36A
      ION2+ VAN-700AS ~51A
    • OEM: Andyson
      ION2+ VAN-450N ~30A
      ION2+ VAN-500N ~30A
      ION2+ VAN-550N ~34A
      ION2+ VAN-700A ~56A
      ION2+ VAN-800A ~64A
      ION2+ VAN-1000A ~82A
    Verudium http://www.verudium.com/
    • OEM: Seventeam
      Proxima VPX-430EPA ~28A
      Proxima VPX-480EPA ~30A
      Proxima VPX-540EPA ~33A
      VortexV-370VP ~23A
      VortexV-430VP ~25A
      VortexV-500VP ~28A
      Vortex-HE V-430VA-HE ~25A
      Vortex-HE V-500VA-HE ~30A
      Vortex-HE V-600VA-HE ~35A
    Xclio http://www.xclio.com/
    • OEM: Channel Well Tech
      450BL NG
      Goodpower 500W ~NG
      Greatpower X14S4P3 500W ~NG
      Greatpower X14S4P3 550W ~NG
      Greatpower X14S4P3 600W ~NG
      Greatpower X14S4P4 650W ~NG
      Greatpower X14S4P4 700W ~NG
      Greatpower X14S4P4 750W ~NG
      Greatpower X14S4P4 850W ~NG
      Greatpower X14S4P4 1000W ~82A
    • OEM: Enhance
      Stablepower 460/500W ~NG
      Stablepower 850/1000W ~70A
    • OEM: Impervio
      Diamondpower 680W ~54A
      Diamondpower 880W ~72A
      Diamondpower 1080W ~85
    X-Factor www.x-factor.com.tw
    • OEM: ATNG
      XF-600AMC ~NG
      XF-750AMC ~NG
      XF-850AMC ~NG
    • OEM: Sirtec
      XF-1000AMC ~NG
    XFX www.xfxforce.com
    • OEM: Seasonic
      P1-650X-CAG9 ~52A
      P1-750B-CAG9 ~62A
      XPS-850W-BES ~70A
    Xigmatek http://www.xigmatek.com/
    • OEM: Unknown
      NRP-VC403 ~NG
      NRP-VC503 ~NG
      NRP-MC702 ~NG
      NRP-MC802 ~NG
    • OEM: HEC
      NRP-PC402 ~32A
      NRP-PC501 ~36A
      NRP-PC502 ~37A
      NRP-PC602 ~42A
      NRP-PC702 ~54A
      NRP-MC1002 ~NG
    • OEM: Channel Well Tech
      NRP-MC651 ~52A
      NRP-MC751 ~60A
      NRP-MC851 ~62A
      NRP-MC1021 ~72A
      NRP-HC1001 ~82A
      NRP-HC1201 ~99A
      NRP-HC1501 ~120A
    Xilence http://www.xilence-power.com/
    • OEM: Enhance
      460W ENP-5146GH ~NG
    • OEM: Casing Macron
      XP600(12) ~31A
      XP700.(135)R ~46A
    XION http://www.xionusa.com/
    • OEM: Super Flower
      XON-500F8X2-201 ~30A
      XON-600F14R-201 ~38A
      XON-700P14N ~50A
      XON-800R14N ~60A
      XON-1000R14HE ~80A
    X-Spice http://www.x-spice.com/
    • OEM: ATNG
      RedRanger 600W ~37A
      Kira CS 430W ~33A
      Kira CS 530W ~41A
      Kira CS 630W ~50A
      Croon BF550 ~41A
      Croon BF650 ~51A
      Croon BF750 ~60A
      Croon BF850 ~63A
    Yesico http://yesico.de/
    • OEM: Sirtek
      SC420-AB88 ~18A
      SC430-PS12 ~25A
      SC500-AS12 ~31A
      SC560-AS12CF ~36A
    Zalman http://zalman.com/
    • OEM: Unknown
      ZM400-ST ~32A
      ZM500-HP Plus ~NG
      ZM600-HP Plus ~NG
    • OEM: Seventeam
      ST-300BLP ~15A
    • OEM: FSP Group
      ZM300A-APF ~15A
      ZM300B-APS ~18A
      ZM360B-APS ~26A
      ZM400A-APF ~15A
      ZM400B-APS ~18A
      ZM460-APS ~30A
      ZM460B-APS ~34A
      ZM500-HP ~34A
      ZM600-HP ~42A
      ZM750-HP ~60A
      ZM500-RS ~36A
      ZM600-RS ~48A
    • OEM: Enhance
      ZM-660HT ~53A
      ZM-770HT ~60A
      ZM850-HP ~60A
      ZM1000-HP ~80A
      ZM500-ST ~NG
      ZM600-ST ~41A
    Zippy/Emacs http://www.zippy.com.tw/
    • OEM: Zippy Technology
      HG2-6400P ~30A
      HP2-6460P ~32A
      HP2-6500PE ~36A
      GSM-6550P ~40A
      GSM-6600P ~40A
      PSL-6600P ~32A
      PSL-6701P ~45A
      PSL-6720P ~52A
      PSL-6800P ~60A
      PSL-6850P ~60A
      GP2-5500V ~38A
      GP2-5600V ~45A
      HU2-5560V ~40A
      HU2-5660V ~50A
      HU2-5760V ~55A

    To view brand names A-I click here

    12V Combined Ratings Methodology:

    To find the maximum combined 12v rating the first place to search is the label on the power supply itself. There is a standard for labeling but not everyone follows it. The standard label will display a table of figures and the fourth line down in the table is the Maximum Combined Wattage ratings. Where some people go wrong is they look at the line above that which lists the maximum current for the individual rails and then add the rails together (two 12v rails with a current limit of 18amps each added together for 36amps total), but this is rarely the case. The maximum combined rating is usually a bit less than the number you get this way.

    Anyway, you want to look for a figure that has all the 12v rails combined in one box and that figure will usually be written in watts. Divide by 12 for the amperage.

    Another fairly common but non-standard way they will publish the rating on the label is under the table there may be a line of text that reads something like this:

    12v1 + 12v2 combined load 480 watts

    So again we simply divide 480 watts by 12 to find the amperage.

    Some units will have labels that say something like this:

    3.3v + 5v combined load 200w
    3.3 + 5v + 12v1 + 12v2 combined load 560 watts

    In this case we can subtract 200 from 560 and divide by 12 to get 30amps. However, all we can say for sure is that the amperage is at least 30...it may be more but they aren't saying.

    If the label has none of the above type of listings then the next best place to look is at the brands website or at the website of the manufacturer who makes them. Sometimes you'll find one of the formats listed on the products page and sometimes you can find it by downloading the product specifications sheet. Sometimes it's simply not given and you'll need to contact a representative.
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  5. WildStyle

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    MSI GTX 970
    I think including how you worked it out would be a nice addition. There are a lot of inquiring minds here, and it would be useful to know for when looking at a PSU that's not listed here. People can work things out for themselves then.
  6. Makalu

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    you know I had a feeling I was going to wind up doing that anyway lol...OK i've added a short description to the bottom of the list. I think it requires pictures to really do it right...and links to websites...because I didn't even touch on the subject of differences in the terminology used and some other variations.
  7. bigpipe

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    Congrats on the effort! I know it is hard to tell exactly the true 12vdc out put sometimes. Sometimes it will also depend on the actual load on the 3.3 and 5 vdc outputs. PM'ed you.
  8. Makalu

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    EVGA 8800 Ultra
    Recent Additions: I've completed the BeQuiet line-up. Mannerheim has provided the specs for the Enermax EG365AX-VE(G)FM and Bigpipe has volunteered to tackle some of the other missing units and is currently working on the Tagans and those should be up in a few days.
  9. kwak

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    if you want some more models done makalu, you can allways pm me with which ones.
  10. eclap

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    This is a very nice guide m8! And hopefully will eradicate the common perception that 2x +12v rails rated @ 18A equals a 36A psu.

    Oh, and thank you for including be quiet! psus!:look:

  11. Copey

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    good guide mate , now the newbs will not get confused about how many amps there psu has
  12. Makalu

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    Probably not but you can't say we didn't try lol That's a nice unit you have there...30 connectors wow!
  13. AlecRyben

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    Excellent thread and a great effort by the author! :thumbup:
  14. eclap

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    Thanks, I love it too!
  15. morbias

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    Nice list, very handy!

  16. Makalu

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    my pleasure...or is it my obsession I forget ;)

    Courtesy of Bigpipe we now have units from Acbel, BFG, Hipro, JustPC, Kingwin, Raidmax and Tagan. And I added Spire.
  17. Makalu

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    More Updates:

    I just added these from Bigpipe:

    ePower Cheetah EP-450XP-c1B 28amps
    ePower Cheetah EP-520XP-C1B 28amps
    ePower Zumax ZU450W 20amp
    ePower Zumax ZU500W 38amps
    ePower Zumax ZU550W 38amps
    ePower Zumax ZU600W 38amps
    ePower Zumax ZU650W 40amps
    ePower Xscale EP-900P10-T2 72amps
    ePower Xscale EP-1000P10-T2 75amps

    In Win/Powerman IP-P410Q3-2 24amps
    In Win/Powerman IP-P460Q3-2 27amps

    Sunbeamtech RGPS-450W 20amps
    Sunbeamtech CGAC450-UVAL 14amps
    Sunbeamtech CGMI450 14amps
    Sunbeamtech BKS580 25amps
    Sunbeamtech NUUO SUNNU450 26amps
    Sunbeamtech NUUO SUNNU550 30amps

    Scythe Kamariki KMRK-400A-2 22amps
    Scythe Kamariki KMRK-450A-2 24amps
    Scythe Kamariki KMRK-550A-2 31amps
    Scythe Stealth SCY-SP450A 26amps

    Sparkle Power ATX-400PA 29amps
    Sparkle Power ATX-400PN 29amps
    Sparkle Power FSP550PLG-SLI 36amps
    Sparkle Power FSP650-80GLC 45amps

    and these from me:

    Alphacool/Silentmaxx proSilence PCS-350W 13amps
    AOpen AO350-12ALN 25amps
    AOpen AO700-12ALN 50amps
    BeQuiet Dark-Power Pro BQT P6Pro-850w 54amps
    Coba AP-400X 29amps
    Enermax Infiniti EIN720AWT 56amps
    HEC Windmill HEC-400WA-PTZ 29amps
    HEC WinPower HEC-550TW-ATF NG
    Levicom X-Alien VP500R 23amps
    Levicom Xilence XP480W 31amps
    Levicom PolarPower SPS-LV600W 41amps
    NesteQ NA5201 40amps
    NesteQ NV500 38amps
    Nitrox IT-7500SG 36amps
    Nitrox IT-7750SG 60amps
    Revoltec Chromus II RPS-400V2 25amps
    Revoltec Chromus II RPS-450V2 27amps
    Revoltec Chromus II RPS-500V2 29amps
    Seventeam ST-420BKV 26amps
    Silverpower SP-400P2C 26amps
    Sinan VP-430W 29amps
    Sinan VP-530W 30amps
    Tagan Black TG420-U01 22amps
    Tagan Black TG480-U01 28amps
    Tagan EasyCon TG480-U15 30amps
    Tagan i-Xeye TG420-U02 22amps
    TSP TOP-350P5 22amps
    TSP TOP-450P5 22amps
    TSP TOP-520P5 28amps

    and Kwak is working on finding the specs for the remaining official SLI and Crossfire certified units.
  18. WildStyle

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    Much appreciated all.

  19. w1w

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    You can call me a newb!

    I have an Enermax FMA 535w job (not sure whether it's FMA or FMA II) of which has two 12v rails with both rated at 18A.
    The manual that comes with it says the combined output is 34A, would this be correct or merely a marketing ploy?
  20. kwak

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    the 34A is the true rating. the marketing ploy is making people think it has 36A(18*2).

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