WinXP-SP1 contains detonator drivers !?!?!?!?!

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Section' started by Verliezer, Jan 20, 2003.

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    ATI 9800 pro 128MB
    Strange thing I noticed, picture this.

    Format all drives. installed a fresh slipstreamed XP-sp1 PRO version. All hardware correctly installed (incl. my Leadtek Winfast TI500).

    Well lets install the 41.09 det drivers. Oops warning, previous det version already present on system.

    How is this possible? Does WinXP contains det drivers voor Nvidia based cards?

    Second I run into, was the fact that the DetDestroyer tool didn't recocnize the installed drivers!

    Now I installed the 41.09 drivers but I have the problem that 3D games are choking each 5 minutes.

    Is it true that XP conatins det drivers?
    Might they be the cause for some lock up probs?
  2. eL PuSHeR

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    Yes. WinXP includes driver support for nVIDIA cards, but only supports D3D. OpenGL is not supported. That's why it's better to install nVIDIA's drivers.
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    Are you supposed to run Detonator Destroyer on Windows XP when upgrading drivers?

    I tried to just uninstall them (the drivers that come in windows xp sp1) in the control panel, but when I went to install the 41.09's, the program still said, "other nvidia drivers detected, you should uninstall these first" or something like that. But I couldn't get that message to go away, so I just installed them. I think performance may be worse now than it was when I had Win2k and 30.72's.

    Should I have used Detonator Destroyer? Or did I install these drivers correctly?

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