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Windows: little PowerShell script to create folder with shortcuts to Control Panel items

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by mbk1969, Mar 12, 2019.

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    Script asks for input - where to create new folder (in Desktop or in Documents), creates subfolder 'ControlPanelItems', then enumerates top level Control Panel items and creates shortcut for each.

    The name of subfolder can be changed right in the script:
    # set the name for the folder with shortcuts
    $folderName = "ControlPanelItems"
    After the folder with shortcuts is created you can add it as a toolbar to the taskbar, or you can use it directly from File Explorer, or you can pin individual shortcuts to Start menu or Quick access.

    PS I put a requirement of PowerShell v3 into the script, but may be it will work with PowerShell v2 deployed with Win7 by default. But I would recommend to update PowerShell in Win7 at least to v3.

    PPS I have not tested script on Win8 and Win7.
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