Windows and Programs on Separate Partitions, What About System Folders?

Discussion in 'SSD and HDD storage' started by Mulsiphix, Mar 11, 2021.

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    I plan to reinstall Windows on my M2 drive for the first time and keep Windows and installed Programs on separate partitions. The primary goal of doing so is that regular backups of the Windows partition will be smaller, allowing me to backup more frequently and keep a larger number of disk images at one time.

    Another question related to this topic has popped up in my head. A question for those of you with experience doing this; how do you handle the existing programs and apps that come installed with Windows 10 that you plan to keep around? Do you go the extra step of moving the Users, Program Files, Program Files (x86), ProgramData folders, and Windows Apps to your programs partition, or do you keep that stuff on the Windows partition?

    I'm not sure how much space I will save moving these folders to the programs partition. I've read about a few ways to transfer that stuff to another drive and have Windows still work, but I've also read it can be a real pain and prone to some major hiccups when a Windows update comes through. I'm not sure how important this step would be. Do you guys do this?
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    I keep programdata, program files, %userprofile% all on the windows partition.

    However I do move the temp folder, documents, pictures on to another drive, I also have a symlink moving some steam stuff onto another drive as well.

    You can do incremental or differential backups to allow more frequent backups without using lots of space.
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    I would only install huge programs on their own partition and hesistate from moving all those system folders.
    My Windows install and all smaller programs uses around 62GB, full system disk backup takes around 24GB.
    My documents, videos and pictures got their own disk plus using cloud backup, games and their launchers (Steam, EA, Ubi and so on) on another disk and 1 program which takes 247GB

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