Windows 8.1 Update 1 reportedly set for March 11 release

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jan 25, 2014.

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    I have 2 Win 8.1 PCs.

    Main rig
    File server

    I have set up Wake On Lan for the File server which works fine however the server refuses to auto sleep after the sleep timeout on it's own (both systems have fresh installs on them) this thread here has 67 pages and no universal solution.

    I've wasted many hours trying to solve this. At the moment my situation is I've downgraded the File server to Windows 8 Pro (main rig still 8.1 Pro), changed the usual settings for sleep/WOL/magic packet/when sharing media allow the computer to sleep etc and sleep IS working.

    However as soon as I share a drive from server to main rig the server will not go to sleep. Not sure where to go from here :confused:
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    I am glad i picked up Windows 8 pro upgrade for only 30 euros when it was first released.
    When the 8.1 update got released while i was downloading it from the store,i copied the win 8.1 files that got stored on my pc and created an iso image.
    After that i took the risk of clean installing windows 8.1 after secure erasing my ssd,so there was no earlier versions of Windows detected as the upgrade requires.
    While installing the prompt for entering my Windows key came up,so i entered my Windows 8 upgrade key.
    I was surprised to see it accepting it and Windowsd 8.1 was activated once installation was finished.
    Since then i have clean installed Windows 8.1 over 10 times with no issues.
    So basically it's like i have bought the 8.1 retail version since it doesn't require a previous o.s.

    BTW for my everyday tasks that i use my PC for, Windows 8.1 is much faster.
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    So you had the same issue?
  4. lucidus

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    Boot to desktop rumoured to be enabled by default now.

    Frankly what bugs me the most about Windows 8 is the Control Panel/PC Settings and not the start menu's absence ... at least the latter can be easily rectified. I hope to see feature parity or at the very least the addition (and restoration) of settings in the CP by Update 2 at the latest. Needing to go to PC Settings to manage accounts or Recovery options is just weird when we have the Control Panel for the rest :-/ Still, I'm now cautiously optimistic about the team headed by Myerson instead of being pretty much hostile to anything with tiles on them lol.

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    Microsoft doesn't really know which way to go. 2 years ago that start screen, absence of start menu and full screen "useless" apps were the 'future' but now they are all rumoured to change again. Back to the old days then, classic start menu that everyone knows, cheesy aero ui, proper close,min,max button and so on. another 180 turn as it seems.
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    yep and I even tried playing the game in vmware along with some other games like some people suggested but it ran slower or had sound lag

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