Windows 7 bug when renaming icons on the desktop

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by Darren Hodgson, Mar 31, 2010.

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    Has anyone else come across this weird bug where if you rename an icon on the desktop it seems to disappear, forcing you to hit F5 to refresh the display and make it reappear?

    Also I've noticed that folders with periods in their name sometimes appear curtailed, e.g. Paint.NET in the Program Files folder sometimes just reads Paint so there appears to be two folders with identical names (the other being Microsoft's own Paint). I've also seen folders name Orbit Downloader v1.8.3 read as Orbit Downloader v1.8. It's almost like Windows 7 is treated the period and the bit after it as an extension.

    Anyone else come across these? Admittedly they're minor issues at worst but I never came across them in Vista or XP.
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    I haven't had to refresh after a rename on the desktop, but I did for libraries (on the RC, don't use them any more though). Epic thread on Windows forum about this here.

    There was a similar post about the folder names on Steam forums here. No solution unfortunately. I've never seen this issue on my install.

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