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Windows 64-Bit needs found here

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by darknight909, Jun 21, 2005.

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    haha awesome find :D
  2. TwL

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    Remaining a bit sceptic I wonder, if the whole idea of x64 architecture is worth it at all. Wonder, if the whole idea of going 64-bit was originally incredible bad idea and tech. news just needed something to boost the news up.

    I mean:

    * You run double amount of code.
    * Your system have double amount of data.
    * System optimizing should be done to 500MB in the first place no where near 2GB as what we see currently.
    * There's no application in this planet requiring more than 1-3GB of RAM, if so their design sucks and they should develop better streaming.

    So, what exactly is use of entire x64/64-bit architecture I wonder. Admit that it is useful for 50-200 core servers, but not even highest end 20 core Intels will utilize crap from 64-bit architecture. Since we are still forcing software companies to build 32-bit operating systems heck I'd say force them upon better system comes along that doesn't need side by side configuration of data.
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