Windows 10 will automatically uninstall updates that cause problems

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Mar 13, 2019.

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    Long time ago I managed to edit the file autoexec.bat in Windows 95 only with mouse and with the help of standard application charmap.exe (Character Map - it is still present in Windows).

    PS And nowadays when Windows runs on tablets, who needs keyboard anyway.
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    That's just great! Now i'll never get any work done. You can forget about gaming too!
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    then you've suffered catastrophic disk failure and were never getting back into windows anyway.
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    if it was catastrophic disk failure windows and startup repair would not start to load and fail to do there thing , it wouldnt even start if the disc had catastrophic failure, issue came from windows update it was doing update you know the % screen you get on update before you actual get in widnows that failed and after it failed windows no longer loading into windows and windows startup repair failed too that usual run when that happen infirst place even that failed And i have seen startup repair fail to find the issue cause me to have do clean isntall quite a few times. Windows updates have been pulled for similar reasons recent so you cant say it not windows issue.

    None the less the issue was not the hdd on the pc it was windows update. I told him to take the hdd out and send it with my dad when he come down. I got it few days ago, the disc is fine no error no smart error nothing Windows install is just destroyed to point it would not load anymore, formatting the drive and install windows and drive is fine. So something in the updated that was trying to install went horrible wrong.
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    I got a friend bought an Acer lap top, this very thing happen, can't recover cant do anything even with a windows 10 disc. I told him id be back with a new hard drive and just left, he called asking whats up I told him your SOL..................
  6. This is a neat idea in principle, but i do fear for the execution of it.

    Also, LTSB can be obtained. Getting Volume license software can be a pain sometimes, but it has gotten easier. If you have an organization or company with more than 50 seats, it is a pretty viable option, and is not much more expensive. Order new systems from OEM's with no OS, and make yourself an image with everything you want in there. It is a bit of work to start, but i can tell you i have a client that has 114 seats and everything is running smoothly on Windows enterprise ltsb 1607 (which is still the current version). We still have important apps that will not work with 1803 or higher (CDK Drive mostly). Anyway, just wanted to offer encouragement for anyone unsure of making the switch.
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    I'm on 1803 and the February update has consistently failed to update, result in a rollback and 4 reboots each time I've tried letting it install.

    I've been been pushing feature updates a year (on the slowest channel) and quality updates a week to avoid most issues, as well as letting Windows inform me about updates but not install automatically.

    At this point I'm pretty much "screw it, I'll update the next time I reinstall the computer" though. I should probably just disable updates completely and maybe research the state of things when I feel I have too much time on my hands.

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