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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18898 (20H1)

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by warlord, May 15, 2019.

  1. warlord

    warlord Ancient Guru

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    Hello Windows Insiders, today we are releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18898 (20H1) to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring.

    IMPORTANT: As is normal with builds early in the development cycle, these builds may contain bugs that might be painful for some. If you take this flight, you won’t be able to switch Slow or Release Preview rings without doing a clean-install on your PC. If you wish to remain on 19H1, please change your ring settings via Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program *before* taking this flight. See this blog post for details.

    If you are looking for a complete look at what build is in which Insider ring – head on over to Flight Hub. You can also check out the rest of our documentation here including a complete list of new features and updates that have gone out as part of Insider flights for the current development cycle.

    What’s new in Build 18898
    Disk type now visible in Task Manager Performance tab
    A small, but perhaps convenient change — you’ll now be able to see the disk type (e.g. SSD) for each disk listed in Task Manager’s performance tab. This is particularly helpful in cases where you have multiple disks listed, so you can differentiate between them.


    General changes, improvements, and fixes for PC
    • We fixed an issue resulting in a high hitting DWM crash in recent builds.
    • We fixed a pcshell.dll issue in recent builds resulting in a high hitting explorer.exe crash.
    • We fixed an issue where updated Japanese IME settings would be never applied in certain desktop bridge apps, which could result in prediction candidates being shown even after they’d been disabled in the IME settings. For those who’ve already been impacted by this, you’ll need to reset the app Settings > Apps > <select the app> > Advanced Options > Reset before you see the results of this fix.
    Known Issues
    • There has been an issue with older versions of anti-cheat software used with games where after updating to the latest 19H1 Insider Preview builds may cause PCs to experience crashes. We are working with partners on getting their software updated with a fix, and most games have released patches to prevent PCs from experiencing this issue. To minimize the chance of running into this issue, please make sure you are running the latest version of your games before attempting to update the operating system. We are also working with anti-cheat and game developers to resolve similar issues that may arise with the 20H1 Insider Preview builds and will work to minimize the likelihood of these issues in the future.
    • Some Realtek SD card readers are not functioning properly. We are investigating the issue.
    • If you use remote desktop to connect to an enhanced session VM, taskbar search results will not be visible (just a dark area) until you restart searchui.exe.
    • We’re investigating reports that on certain devices, if fast startup is enabled, night light doesn’t turn on until after a restart. (Note: The problem will occur on a “cold” reboot or power off / power on. To work around if night light doesn’t turn on, use Start > Power > Restart.)
    • There’s a noticeable lag when dragging the emoji and dictation panels.
    • Tamper Protection may be turned off in Windows Security after updating to this build. You can turn it back on.
    • Some features on Start Menu and in All apps are not localized in languages such as FR-FR, RU-RU, and ZH-CN.
    • In the Ease of Access settings, selecting a color filter may not take effect right away unless color filters option is turned off and back on again.
    • The IME candidate window for East Asian IMEs (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and the Japanese IME) may not open sometimes. We are investigating the issue. In the meantime, going to Task Manager and ending the “WindowsInternal.ComposableShell.Experiences.TextInput.InputApp.exe” task from the from the Details tab should unblock you if you experience this issue.
    • We are aware of an issue with the Bopomofo IME where the character width is suddenly changed to Full width from Half width and are investigating.
    Known issues for Developers
    • If you install builds from the Fast ring and switch to either the Slow ring or the Release Preview ring, optional content such as enabling developer mode will fail. You will have to remain in the Fast ring to add/install/enable optional content. This is because optional content will only install on builds approved for specific rings.
    DirectX 12 boosts performance of HITMAN 2
    Windows 10 continues to power the world’s best PC gaming experiences, and we are continuously in awe of how our game development partners creatively use our technology to deliver vibrant and immersive worlds. Recently, our partners at IO Interactive, the developers of the award-winning HITMAN franchise, added DirectX 12 support to HITMAN 2, with impressive results. IO Interactive was so excited that they wanted to share a bit about how their innovative use of DirectX 12 benefits HITMAN gamers everywhere. Head over to the DirectX 12 blog to learn how DirectX 12 is, in the words of HITMAN gamers, “an absolute game changer.”

    Join the Bing Insider Program
    Learn American Sign Language with Bing! Practice the alphabet, learn numbers, and watch how to sign commonly used words and phrases. After you’ve practiced, test your knowledge with an ASL quiz.

    If you want to be among the first to learn about these Bing features, join our Bing Insider Program.

    Are you ready to #InsiderUp?
    We believe that everyone in the world who wants to should have the chance to learn to code. The Windows Insider community has (of course) raised their hands to help make this mission happen.

    Learn more about the amazing people and tools we’ve been working with to get started, sign up to help one of these communities, or sign up to be a local #InsiderUp community leader.

    Get started with #InsiderUp today.
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  2. Astyanax

    Astyanax Ancient Guru

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    GTX 1080ti
    one of these days they will stop adding useless crap to task manager and make it retain the column, size and positioning between windows builds.
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  3. JonasBeckman

    JonasBeckman Ancient Guru

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    Sapphire 5700XT P.
    Hah well maybe one day, doesn't sync document preferences either for the media types and the multiple times you open 'My Computer' where it retains the view two - three times and then defaults to some set position for whatever reason. :D
    Minor stuff but eh that's the recurring things and becomes pet peeves and issues that have existed since the OS came out if not the OS's prior to it even.
  4. Stormyandcold

    Stormyandcold Ancient Guru

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    MSI GTX1070 GamingX
    Took me last 2 days to get this build to install. The previous build/s would also not upgrade from 18362, so I've been stuck on 18362 for a while. (Moans about unsupported driver and not needing to do anything).

    Anyway, 2 things had to be uninstalled for this upgrade to work on my PC;

    1) iLok software, specifically relating to TPkd.sys Would page fault and revert.
    2) Battleye/PUBG causes same problem. Just uninstalled it.

    Problems so far;

    1) Failed upgrade, then undoing changes seems to mess-up comodo's main program screen, which now no longer shows connection data, however, the widget does show in and out data. Comodo isn't fixed even after successful upgrade.

    2) First boot into 18898 complains about missing user profile. 2nd boot; desktop looks like a new install (don't mess with anything!). Restarting immediately brings up W10 updates screens telling you it's making changes. This 3rd boot restores desktop back to normal.

    Finally, as always, soundcard and graphics drivers need re-installing. More testing needed as I've only just got this upgrade done less than an hour ago.

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