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Windows 10 [19H1] Build 18356

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by Extraordinary, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Extraordinary

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    GTX980 SLI
    Other Updates for Insiders
    Take your phone’s screen to the big screen
    We are excited to provide an early preview into the newest feature for the Your Phone app – phone screen. You can now mirror your Android phone’s screen directly on your PC without having to dig for your phone.


    The new phone screen feature gives you easy access to your phone apps on your PC. Whether scheduling a ride to the airport or checking your social updates, do it with ease from the comfort of your PC without having to take your phone out of your bag or go back and forth between devices. Go ahead, give your thumbs a break, and get things done faster with your keyboard and mouse.


    This feature will gradually roll out to Insiders on 19H1 builds. It may take a few days for this feature to show up inside the Your Phone app (version 1.0.20701.0 and above).

    You can use the Your Phone app on any Windows 10 PC running Windows builds 1803 (RS4) or newer and any Android phone running Android version 7.0 or newer. But the new phone screen feature is initially only compatible with a limited set of devices. Surface Go will be the first device in the Surface lineup to preview this feature. We will continue to expand the list of devices over time for both the PC and phone.

    We look forward to your feedback as we continue to test, learn, and improve the overall experience.

    Phone screen requirements:

    • Select Android phones* running Android 7.0 or greater (*Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/S9/S9+).
    • Windows 10 PC with a Bluetooth radio that supports low energy peripheral role. How to check if your PC supports this.
    • Latest 19H1 preview build (18335+ recommended).
    • Android phone must be on, within Bluetooth range of the PC, and connected to the same network as the PC.
    Known issues:

    • Touch input doesn’t work yet
    • Always on display will not be shown on the phone screen displayed on the PC
    • Blue light preferences will not be applied on the phone screen displayed on the PC
    • Audio will play out of the phone speakers, not the PC
    • Double clicking may bring down notification center
    • Some games and apps do not support mouse interactions (e.g. Pokémon Go, Merge Dragons, Feedly)
    • If you turn on the setting to hide soft keyboard when a physical keyboard is present your soft keyboard will disappear whenever you’re within Bluetooth range of your PC regardless of the state of the Your Phone app or phone screen session
    General changes, improvements, and fixes for PC
    • We fixed a Microsoft Edge crash encountered when interacting with combo boxes in PDF forms.
    • We fixed an issue that could result in night light being on after an upgrade, even though all the settings showed that night light should be off.
    • We fixed an issue where using the slider to adjust the night light strength could result in night light getting stuck on.
    • We fixed an issue where night light was skipping the fade transition when it was turned off (manually or scheduled).
    • We fixed an issue resulting in increased battery drain while the screen was on in recent builds.
    • We fixed an issue resulting in the “…” menu contents being clipped for certain apps like Voice Recorder and Alarms and Clock when the app was full screen.
    • We fixed an issue resulting in some Insiders experiencing bugcheck green screens citing a KERNEL_SECURITY_VIOLATION error.
    Known issues
    • Launching games that use anti-cheat software may trigger a bugcheck (GSOD).
    • Creative X-Fi sound cards are not functioning properly. We are partnering with Creative to resolve this issue.
    • Some Realtek SD card readers are not functioning properly. We are investigating the issue.
    • We’re investigating an issue preventing VMware from being able to install or update Windows Insider Preview builds. Hyper-V is a viable alternative if available to you.

  2. Guru01

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    When does the RTM for this version come out, at the end of this month or next?
  3. lucidus

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  4. Darren Hodgson

    Darren Hodgson Ancient Guru

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    EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2
    Worriyng that the bugcheck error remains unfixed in a near-final build of 19H1. It's the only thing stopping me from installing this version now the watermark is gone. I really want to install the new build to fix the issue on v1809 with truncated FLAC filenames (something Microsoft never bothered to fix on v1809 but broke with that update as it was working fine on v1803... oh Microsoft, you incompetent <insert word here>!!!).

  5. Darren Hodgson

    Darren Hodgson Ancient Guru

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    EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2
    Seems BattlEye is one of the anti-cheat software that can trigger a GSOD and this is used in games like The Crew 2 so I guess I'll hold off installing this build for now. I don't play games competitively online but I do play games like The Crew 2 and others that use BattlEye so I suspect I will definitely come across this issue.

    Why is it taking Microsoft so long to fix this damn bug?!?

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