Windows 10 [19H1] Build 18351

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by Extraordinary, Mar 5, 2019.

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    They'll probably make 19H2 a pure bugfix release meaning that they'll try to fix whatever will be broken in 19H1 instead of adding anything new -- all new stuff is going into 20H1 already.
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    Dat optimism :p
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    Certainly how it felt like with Redstone though particularly the botched launches for both Redstone 4 and Redstone 5 though I do like how the latest cumulative updates are now backporting some features, guessing the performance concerns were too big to ignore with how the OS mitigated the Spectre and Meltdown problems and who knows what issues 19H1 / 1903 will be struggling with for a few months after launch as cumulative updates start resolving whatever is left after it hits RTM.
    (That Creative problem needs to be fixed in some way and the anti-cheat stuff is also quite important if it can BSOD the system.)

    EDIT: Well what I am reading is a bit mixed regarding Retpoline, seems most systems see a fairly minor performance increase whereas I expected older less supported but still actively used hardware to have better gains due to little or no hardware mitigation for these or bios support but it looks like the newer hardware particularly for Intel sees the bigger gains so I guess it's something with Skylake and newer or some Intel specific tech found in newer hardware that had the biggest performance decline from these software mitigations?

    Well there's several other fixes and such too for the cumulative patches, Release Preview ring is getting quite some use too now going to .349 and some additional fixes from .346 and .348 for the general release version of the latest cumulative patch.

    But this is 20H1 isn't it, Microsoft focusing on what initially looked like the sandbox functionality and perhaps more pipelining for XBox on PC or what that's going on with though some of this will probably hit 19H1 already and then more in 19H2 I suppose. :)

    Interesting to see such a jump though, worrying too if they're ditching 19H2 for a feature update and cramming it with bug fixes and other updates instead at least far as 19H1 is concerned though there is a chance whatever the longer term updates for 20H1 will be could just require more time. We'll see.

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