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Win2k and Asus a7a266 problem

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by Veon Ake, Jun 29, 2001.

  1. Veon Ake

    Veon Ake Guest

    I just upgraded my old system to a 1.33 Tbird and Asus a7a mobo. I am tripple booting WinME, win2k and winXP. I finally after changing a couple bios settings and booting off an old 98 startup disk to run scandisk got my system to boot into ME. However whenever i try to boot to win2k it gets about 90% the progress bar then comes to a blue screen with a STOP error saying: Inaccassable_Boot_Device and then the standard meaningless numbers afterwards. I never have had this problem prior to installing this mobo. Here is my current system:<br>
    TBird 1.3GHz 266 FSB<br>
    Asus a7a266 DDR<br>
    Visiontek Geforce3 64MB<br>
    SB Live Plat 5.1<br>
    512MB PC133<br>
    quantum 20gig as master on primary channel<br>
    ibm 75GXP 46gig as slave on primary channel (yeah i know i should have my faster drive as master <IMG SRC="smileys/eek.gif"> )<br>
    pioneer DVD as master on secondary channel<br>
    sony spressa cdrw as slave on secondary channel<br>
    Thanks for the help in advance <IMG SRC="smileys/smile.gif">
  2. effenjee

    effenjee Master Guru

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    ATI Radeon 9800xt
    I had the same problem when I upgraded my winme to win2k and added sp2. I just formatted and reinstalled cuz i had nothing to lose. sdn't know a non-volotile way. sorry.
  3. Uh yeah the boot sector written in Win2K will not boot up with a new BIOS, you gotta reformat that part of your OS, not too sure about the rest of your setup but damn why you want 3 OS's?
  4. Aris

    Aris Master Guru

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    Prolink(Pixelview) Nvidia 5900
    Does "F8" works? If not then boot from cd and choose reapair(if you have a promice controller you are going to need the drivers)... Hope it works!

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