Win 8.1 Eyefinity 3 Monitor Comments

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    I took the plunge from Win7 to 8.1 about 6 weeks ago...and truthfully have to say with my 3 monitor and multi GPU setup, that its the biggest pile of DooDoo I have ever used....jebus...I'm ready to use M$ BOB instead of this OS.

    I cant stand the stoopid UI, and how the apps take over ALL my 3 screens is grounds for murder, I cant get the hang of how to minimize or make things work like good old Win7.

    Anyone had success using Eyefinity and Win 8.1? I only went to it because of the perceived improvement with BF4, but I have yet to really see a difference.

    I'm hoping that with the introduction of Mantle that I can revert back to Win7 and still make use of this until Win8.1 is somehow more friendly with multi monitor setup.

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    I would try startisback. I did and this way windows 8.1 is usuable.
    If it weren't for the performance problems of windows 7 in BF4 i would have never even considered to downgrade to 8.1.

    But oh well. You can uninstall/remove all the metro apps and after you are done and configured it a bit you will never have to see that awfull interface again.
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    What I do is use the windows key + P to switch between Eyefinity and extended desktop. Once you switch to Extended mode you may need to arrange your monitors once but after that it will keep your arrangement. To switch back to eyefinity just use windows key + p and select duplicate. Once you are in extended mode windows 8 has pretty good multi window support.
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    Can't say I've had success, but my biggest annoyance is how Start Screen tiles go right under the bezel (when using bezel compensation)...

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