will a RX 7700 XT be a noticeable upgrade over Vega 64?

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by potatochobit, Sep 25, 2022.

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    R9 290X
    I have not upgraded a video card in quite a while
    never really had a need to
    but I do have a valve index VR set, it runs fine with my ryzen and vega
    but I plan to get the new AM5 chipset so will it be worthwhile to get a new graphic card?
    should I see a noticeable improvement with this model? Don't want to spend over 499$ on a graphic card

    I also need a used or new crappy graphic card for under 30$
    want to turn an old computer into a backup server for windows but it has no onboard graphics
    was looking at a used 5570 or 6670 or if anyone has a suggestion, must have hdmi
  2. Agonist

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    Hell, a 6600xt is a nice upgrade over a Vega 64. I went from a modded Vega 56, to a 5700xt, to a 6800xt. You could use a $15 8400GS from ebay. I have one that has HDMI too that I bought in 2012 for $20 but now use a free GT 1030 I got when I bought my threadripper.

    You will see better cpu bound results going AM5 yes, but you will be so GPU bottlenecked that you would really see the benefit in gaming once on AM5. Got to have the system balanced.
  3. Undying

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    It sure will. 6700xt is also a great upgrade over Vega64 and price went down quite bit.
  4. Mt441PL

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    6700XT AIB
    For the part w/a really cheap card, not recommending, but for me worked a 2014-ish (a very low end) GT640 2GB DDR3.. Its single slot, uses PCI-E x16 3.0 and runs off PCIe power, has HDMI 1.4a, There is a security-update final driver 473.81 for Windows 10 and 11 (i tested on 21H2) which includes the newer driver features Idk if you can get the card itself, but thats what i have. Tried some Source games with not so bad experience. My 21:9 1080p ran at 60hz on HDMI, but Could easily set it via OC to 75Hz without changing timings, since HDMI1.4a port can go further.
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  5. Valken

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    Wait for reviews. It really depends because you might end up seeing a 6900XTX cheaper and performing better.

    Wait for reviews, don't preorder anything. The crypto market is dead so tons of GPUs now.

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