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    Heya... I'm trying to write data using this:

    RivaTuner.exe /wi<I2C_bus>,<I2C_device>,<reg>,<data> - write <data> to <reg> register of <I2C_device> on <I2C_bus>

    However, I am not getting any confirmation of the write, and when I use a read command /ri it does not show anything has changed (same value as original before trying to change). What am I doing wrong?

    As an example, I am using (NOTE: EXAMPLE, not an actual command, do not use on your card!) rivatuner.exe /wi7,21,0x0b,78 to try to write the hex data "78" to the register, but upon reading it, the original value still shows.
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    You can be affected by 2 potential issues:

    1) Some registers of some I2C devices are read only or write protected (e.g. require setting some bits of some other register to allow writing to it). Which register of which I2C device are you trying to write to?
    2) In your example (rivatuner.exe /wi7,21,0x0b,78) you're mixing decimal and hexadecimal values. It is not allowed, all values are treated as hex and additional prefixes like "0x" or postfixes like "h" are not allowed.

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