Why would my temps be lower with a mild overclock?

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    Hi ,Happy New Year
    I have the PNY 6800 using Riva Tuner 15.3 it's running great 16 6 on the pipes and OC to 365 core 789 mem with this config it idles and cruise the net at 50c When I go back to stock clocking 325 core700 mem the temps go up about 9 or 10c
    Just curious but theoretically shouldn't they go up when overclocking?? The Riva Tuner is a great gift from Unwinder..I have been playing with it from time to time and I'm more impressed with the program the more I play with it...

    $ffffffffff NVIDIA specific display adapter information
    $ffffffffff ---------------------------------------------------
    $0100000000 Graphics core : NV40 revision A1 (16x1,6vp)
    $0100000001 Hardwired ID : 0041 (ROM strapped to 0041)
    $0100000002 Memory bus : 256-bit
    $0100000003 Memory type : DDR (RAM configuration 06)
    $0100000004 Memory amount : 131072KB
    $0100000005 Core clock : 364.500MHz
    $0100000006 Memory clock : 394.875MHz (789.750MHz effective)
    $0100000007 Reference clock : 27.000MHz
    $010000000b HW masked units : pixel 0010b, vertex 001000b
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