Why is 1080p 60fps phone recording smoother then on PC?

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    You have to try this for yourself. Set the recording on your phone to 1080P or 1440p 60 frames per second. Then do a simple video recording using your phone.

    Then do the same thing on your PC. Does it really matter what app you use. It's extremely better smooth on your phone recording then on PC.

    Any particular reason why that is? I mean if I set it to 30 frames per second n the phone it reminds me of recording on PC.

    It doesn't have to be video recorded could just be recording a gaming session.
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    If you excuse YT screwing IQ, 60 fps makes clear difference. (What they did to IQ on 720p is really bad.)
    30fps can be seen on 480p where IQ is not that much worse than 720p, but lack of frames is clearly noticeable.

    Maybe they'll recode it later for higher IQ, but now, it is nowhere near original recording which was h265 via AMD VCE to put extra load on GPU.
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    for the best quality youtube uploads you want to stream or upload in VP9 with a decent bitrate and framerate.

    sending anything else to them will get converted poorly.
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