Why does scanline sync seem to affect performance based on what line is used?

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    So i've had cases where I can't get SS to reliably hide the tear line unless I a line beyond the resolution of the screen. (IE: 1124 on a 1080p monitor)
    In other cases I can get away with 768 or so or 1006.

    Today while testing Grandia II HD Edition (The crappy HD update) which removed FSE from the previous release. I threw in Scanline Sync on line 1124 and it works fine in the 30FPS sections of the game. But as soon as battles start and switch to 60FPS the performance tanks.

    Strangely if I set the SS to line 1079 it works at 60FPS fine (With some stuttering though) but any line higher than 1080 and the performance drops massively.

    Here's some screenshots
    SS line 1079 http://u.cubeupload.com/MrBonk/grandia2202003260231.png
    SS line 1080 http://u.cubeupload.com/MrBonk/8c0grandia2202003260231.png
    It's a port of a 20 year old DreamCast game so not exactly CPU/GPU intensive.

    I've had something similar happen in other games before but never realized this could influence behavior of performance.
    Am I missing something here or something i'm doing wrong?

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