Why does rivatuner mess up quake live?

Discussion in 'Rivatuner Generic Discussion forum' started by Pazsion, Feb 5, 2013.

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    5500 nvidia /quadro 600 unlocked?

    It looks like this, but more pixelated some textures don't load and without the stencils...

    Rivaruner and video issues

    When i load quakelive it's textures get all pixelated and multicolor includeing players,
    uninstalling and re-installing the video drivers fixes this.

    But when i try to apply my tried and true overclocks in rivatuner...it does it all over again. Undoing and going back to default doesn't fix it. I have to un-install and re-install the video drivers again!!...

    what could be doing this and why? How do i fix this?

    2 quadro 600 pci paired...win xp home and 2 gigs ram. driver 169.69

    Please ask for anything i could provide to help.
  2. boogieman

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    A) Rivatuner is no longer supported / developed.
    B) Your tried and true overclocks may now be history due to the age of the cards or some other factor.
    C) Remove Rivatuner and install MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision. Maybe one of those may help.

    I assume when you don't overclock the corruption is not there because uninstalling the drivers removes the overclock.
  3. Black_ice_Spain

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    Do not remove rivatuner, first test if those ones support your GPU (doubt it).
  4. Shadowdane

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    Yup if you reinstall the drivers it will revert back to stock clock speeds... sounds like an issue with either Riva Tuner or your overclocks are no longer stable.

    I know with pretty much every card I've owned my overclocks degrade a bit over time... I've had to lower my GTX680 overclocks about 30Mhz since I bought them to keep things stable.

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