Why did society lose interest in space and sci fi in the early 2010s?

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    Well, I think the interest a lot of people had in a great many things during that time period may well have been diluted by the explosion of available information, or rather, distractions, that occurred during those years. And, the information and/or distractions, (take your pick), only become more numerous each day. The bulk of of society who might, under different circumstances, have a robust interest in a space program, literally and figuratively have their heads down, faces buried in their cell phones a great part of their waking hours. Not to mention, a desperate need to catch-up, later, with all they might have missed while being asleep. I've often thought that in the past, especially in a worldwide calamity, say, World War II as an example, not knowing, or thinking that you know, what was taking place all around the World, was actually not a curse, but a blessing. Because of that, you would focus only on what was important, and only on the immediate task before you.

    My father once told me that when he was a child, a television would be brought into the classroom so that students could watch the launches and recoveries during the Mercury and Gemini programs if they occurred during school hours. (Having a television in the classroom was unheard of at that time.) Every student would be focused on the event. All the publicized details about the rockets and capsules, mission details and such would be topics of discussion both in and outside the classroom, and almost everyone could name every astronaut in either program. I won't claim to know for certain, but I rather doubt that degree of interest would be present in a children's classroom, today. Given the rather mundane nature of the World's various space programs which consist of, spying on someone, killing the spacecraft that are spying on someone, or making certain that someone can get five bars on their iPhone on Pitcairn Island, I can forgive the lack of interest.

    We've been to the Moon, and have had our various space-stations through the years, and, for the moment, that seems to be it. Returning to the Moon, for whatever purpose, seems to be viewed as being at least as challenging, if not more so, than it was, previously. Again, as I mentioned earlier, the more that is known, the more there is to worry about. The more reason not to try, and just be content with where we are. I don't expect to see Man reach Mars in my lifetime. At least, not for more than a brief visit. I hope I'm proven wrong.

    My grandfather would refer to the technicians and engineers of the early space programs as the "slide rule" scientists; not having the benefit of even the simplest pocket calculator. (The presence of the odd mainframe somewhere, notwithstanding.) Yet, it seems like they did good work. Very good work.

    It strikes me that, possibly, Humanity is a bit less ambitious, bold and courageous than it was, previously. Too introverted, and a little too much preoccupied with feelings and emotions. Hardly the proper mindset of pioneers.


    Battlestar Galactica was done and gone for several years prior to my seeing the pilot episode. I was aware of the series, but never had the opportunity to watch, previously. I think it took a few episodes for the cast to settle into their roles, and I'd never suggest that the series was without some flaws and shortcomings. It wandered at times and was a bit self-indulgent, but, overall, I rather liked it. And, I thought the ending was fine. I mean, what was everybody expecting to happen?
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    Destiny 2 rekindled my interest in sci-fi
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    Ancient Aliens = Science | Best show, there is just so much un-explained crap on our planet.

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