Which nVIDIA Drivers Are For Your Video Card?

Discussion in 'Links' started by MastA, Jun 17, 2004.

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    61.77 from nvidia site.
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    LOL NICE little animation there!
    How do u put them in & most of all How do u put the N-Force 2 logo flashing like a little B***H?

    Oh ya... & be happy : )

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  6. Honestly , the 66.81 WHQL are the best for my system, i used to have the 61.77 from nvidia site and this new drivers sent image quality to the roof, the MIPMAPPING quality improved 10 folds and performance is awesome (i don't use 3Dmark @ all, but my doom-3 went from 64 fps to 70.5 fps just by changing to them). :)

    i dont use Beta's , never tried one, i keep hearing 65.xx are the best , but who knows @ what cost in image quality or something.

    66.81 WHQL = best for me.
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    still cant see how I do the animations or moving LOGO's?
    Even "DirectXorcist" can do it : - (
    I naver said anything about the 61.77 the 61.11 is the one i said is the best trust me I've tested them all cos i'm on the light side : - D
    By the way "JustDave" I have a 6800 GT ULTRA GPU now [it FINALLY got delivered] & the v61.11 out performs anything I've tested yet by alot only tryed the 6 Drivers on my HDD will test the others which are on a BACK-UP DVD Disc I have tomorrow.
    Will post the results but I thyink the v61.11 will be the best yet again...
    Not promissing the v61.11 will be the best for the 6800GPU's but will test on the 6800GT ULTRA GPU will post the results tomoz.

    : - D
  8. i'm Electrified....lol :D (check avatar)
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    get real!!!!

    geezz i dont know how old u r age wise however, to speak of someones mother in that disrespect honors none if you have a problem with me keep it in PM not in the forms this is not a fighting form

    thank you

    PS: the "DirectXorcist" iz VERY FUNNY :heh:

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    Sorry but I thought you had a sense of humor.
    I don't have a problem with any1 anywaere cos I'm tooo happy to have problems sorry you thought I was disrespectful It was intended as a joke.
    by the way "DirectXorcist" that pic looks REALLY fermilliour but can't think where i've seen it?
    Was in a film somewhere?

    OH YA... & I'M NOW SAD :' (
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    yes but the how can you compare an xt to an ultra the 5700 ultra does NOT wipe the floor against the 5600 ultra.
    In benchmarks the 5700 gets about 104 more [differes each time by 3-6]
    But the 5700 U when clocked to a high core [no the mem] it tends to glitch & you get polygons doting about the screen.

    Anyway the 5700U is still a good card but why get 1 when u can get a 5900XT which is less then £80 or the Gainward Golden Sampler for £81 [that's $150.271 USD for you people that are in the states].
    The 1 thing I will say thet the 5700U is REALLY bad when you play fast games like RalliSport Challenge & even a perthetic 800x600 Res!

    Anyway Don't try & tell me about cards cos you use a ABIT 5700U which was upgraded from a xt!
    Cos the chips are not very good @ all
    [to say the least]
    You don't get a good overclock on the 5700U enless you flash the BIOS or use liquid cooling.
    If you use Fan cooling then your either talking S***E or you have a Flashed 5600 256 [cos they run good for a budget card]
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    I have a elsa fx732 U(5600 U),used 44.03 and changed to fx1000,is best drive.
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  15. LukeDukem291

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    you want to know whats the best or you trying to tell me whats best for the 5600 U???

  16. phorts

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    I too was riddled with the matter of choosing the right driver for my card. I have reformatted windows 2 times and have yet to return to the slick n smooth gaming i once enjoyed in CS and other games, AND plain old windows operations of the old days.

    Leadtek GeForce4ti4200 128MB

    After reformatting i kept trying the latest WHQL Drivers from Nvidia's website. Last drivers i had installed were the 66.17 and 66.93. I even tried the 52.14, 53.03 and 56.72 from my first reformat to no avail.

    After much research and deliberation, I chose the 44.03 drivers to sve me from the horrors of laggy gaming and windows.

    Praise the Guru, I'm Back BABY!!!

    HL2 and CS Source run pretty much the same, so i still need a new vid card. But atleast i'm back to how this card should be running.

    Other Specs:

    AMD XP 2000+
    Epox 8k3a+
    512MB Corsair XMS
    Audigy 2 ZS
    WD 120GB JB SE
    WinXP Pro SP2

    Happy Driver Hunting :|
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    My Maxsun 5600 Golden Edition used Nvidia Driver is 66.77 for Winxp MCE 2005 Driver.
  18. LukeDukem291

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    first off to "phorts" how can anyone play games on a 4200 i'll never know!
    If you want to maximise your game experience then I'd advise using the v61.11 Driver. I've never tryed a Ti4200 the lowest spec card I have ever tested was a Ti4800 Gainward Golden Sampler 128MB.
    If you want a good all round budget card then go for @ LEAST a 5900 Pro [£98 $182.280 USD]
    You can do a good upgrade to a 5900XT for £81 [ that's $150.66 USD] that'll pretty much sort you out for a while if you don't mind running games on med - hi detail with NO AA or AF???
    If you like playing the games in the way I do then buy a 6800 GT ULTRA like I just did!
    [LIKE JUMPING FROM A 5600 U TO A 5950 U]
    AWSOME cards!

    Second of ALL this goes to "jumio" try using the slightly older v61.11 your'll be ammazed by the upgrade using a 5600!
    The 3DMark03 will be slightly less but you'll notice the better performance in games!
    I did when I tested the 5600XT/5600/5600 ULTRA all of course 256MB!

    Oh ya... & be happy : - D
  19. phorts

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    Well, Luke. I guess some people have to make their computers stretch out for a little longer than others. Unlike you, my mommy doesnt pay for my computer parts.

    Annnyways, If you havent tested a driver on a specific card, then you shouldnt be recommending them.

    Also, why on god's green earth would you recommend the nvidia 5900fx series? Man.

    FYI I think i'm going to stick w/ NVidia and not cross over into the dark side quite yet. But, in all honesty, it will all come down to what card i can find at a better price.

    X800 or the 6800GT. I've heard the debates for performance, you can save your breath. But truth is, even though my windows and Gaming is back to where it used to be, it's still not up to spec at where i would LIKE to be, which is what our friend Lukey was trying to say.

    So, that said, i'm stickin with the best Dets i've ever tried which are the 44.03's, atleast until Luke's mom gives me my allowance.
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    Dual eVGA 8800 GTS 640mb / SLI
    6800 Ultra PCIE here. Runnin Stock 66.93 WHQL Certified*

    Hooked M

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