Which mobo: Abit KT7 RAID or Asus A7V??

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Guest, Jan 28, 2001.

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    I'm ugrading most of my comp, need suggestions on mobo... I'm buying a Thunderbird 1.2 Ghz, trying to decide between the Abit KT7 RAID or the Asus A7V.<P>I like the 6 PCI slots on the Abit, not to mention the RAID... but I'm curious about the AGP 4x Pro slot on the Asus. Any real advantages to the "Pro"?<P>I'm leaning towards the Abit RAID - whatcha think?
  2. AL_ACE

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    hey !!! i would do go with the KT7 RAID<BR> you know theres a new verion on that modo out the KT7A-RAID ! myself i would not think there will not be a big defferice in the agp 4x pro so i would just go with the abit KT7A-RAID ! hope this helps jsut go to abits site and cheack out the KT7A-RAID !! well i hope i help in any way heh
  3. Guest

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    Yeah, after numerous posts on various boards regarding "which mobo", I have decided on the Abit KT7A-RAID...<P>Everyone raves about it, especially with all the BIOS options/tweaks.
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    After biting my nails (bad for a guitarist) I had to jump on this! The KT7 is most excellent. All I can say is: duuuuuuude.<P>The AGP Pro was/is meant to give more juice to the video card and thereby solving the problem that early GeForce/3dFX cards had of not getting enough power. It's not really necessary now that .18 micron chips are being produced, however. But, we'll need Hilbert's expertise to really answer the Q.<P>BM

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