Which Heatsink/Fan?

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Which heatsink/fan should I buy?

  1. Vigor Monsoon III LT Dual 120mm Fan CPU Cooler

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  2. Thermaltake SpinQ

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  3. Other

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  1. ElementalDragon

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    well yea.... they look "finished" because they decided to nickel plate everything. If you ask me.... you're probably paying extra just for that..... when the only thing it helps with is to extend the life of the cooler by lessening, or eliminating the chances of the copper tarnishing, which as we all know doesn't happen remotely quickly. And if one buy's a Zalman.... well... you're paying for both the looks, as well as the name.

    Honestly i'd rather have a cooler that performs great yet looks decent and less costly than have a cooler that performs possibly a bit worse yet looks a bit better and possibly costs a bit more. After having a Zalman CNPS9500AM2 for my old AMD X2 6000+... and now using a Core Contact Freezer for my Q9450.... i've learned that looks are the last thing you really want to aim for.
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    Got an OCZ Vendetta2.....fookin` love it, although its bigger than what i thought, damn...oh well, needed an excuse to get a new case anyway!!!....huge temp differences compared to stock!!

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